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While in Pakistan, Government is yet to officially launch an investment fund for startups which was announced last year

PM Narendra Modi on Saturday unveiled the ambitious ‘Startup India’ initiative to boost startup businesses and digital entrepreneurship in India. A few significant features of the plan are as follows:

Tax Exemption for Startups: Profit of startups set up after 1st April, 2016 will be exempted from income tax for a period of three years. Investment of one’s own wealth will also be exempted from Capital Gains tax.

Fund for Startups: The Government will set up a fund with a corpus of Rs. 2500 crore to support growth of startups. The fund will have a total corpus of Rs 10,000 crore over four years.

Self-certification based compliance: Startups will be allowed to self-certify compliance with labour and environmental laws. There will be no inspection during the first three years of launch of a venture.

Startup India Hub: A single point of contact for interactions with the government.

Mobile App: A mobile app will be launched on 1st April to simplify the process of registration. It will contain a small application form which can be filled up for registering a startup in one day.

Faster Patents: Filing patents and intellectual property claims takes months. This process will be simplified through a fast-track mechanism for startups. Patent fee will be reduced by 80% and cost of legal facilitators for startups will be borne by the government.

Easier Exits: The government is trying to make faster exits for startups in case of failure. A bill will be introduced in the Parliament to facilitate exits in 90 days.

Relaxed Norms for Public Procurement: Startups will be exempted from the criteria of prior experience in order to help them compete with experienced companies in public procurement. Quality, however, will not be compromised.

Credit Guarantee: A credit guarantee scheme of Rs. 500 crore per year will be launched to patronise entrepreneurship for the next four years.

Atal Innovation Mission: The mission aims at promoting research and development. It includes 500 tinkering labs, 35 public-private sector incubators, 31 innovation centres at national institutes, 7 new research parks, 5 new bio-clusters.

Women Participation: The government will try to increase participation of women in startups.

Innovation Programmes: Core innovation programmes will be organized in 5 lakh schools to encourage innovation. Startup festivals will be organized to increase visibility.

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The Encubator’s vision is to maximize the success rate of the young entrepreneurs by empowering them with state‐of‐the art technology innovation capabilities as well as experiential business wisdom

For busy entrepreneurs, task overload is the new norm. With a barrage of emails, texts, calls, clients and employees constantly bombarding you, but with all this you need to be geared towards speeding up the growth of your business. Here we have got you covered from a fresh budding entrepreneur to a successful business executor.

  • Incubation:Attract high quality entrepreneurs / ventures for incubation through engaging events like workshops, contests and seminars
  • Productivity: Open up the access to eco‐system network of support partners, prospective customers as well as potential investors on a continuous basis

The Encubator believe that with the right education, mentoring, networking opportunities, business support services, and a collaborative learning/working environment, entrepreneurs are able to develop, accelerate their ideas, and execute their business startups successfully and efficiently, The Encubator is

  • Serving exposure to professional working enviroment which will push entrepreneurs to execute their fantasy of a successful bussiness
  • Launching a medium to work in, which will hatch in to revealing skills, expertise and commanding the art of competence
  • Along with the guidance of ‘How to meet industry demands’ we provide incubation program which foster their startups and support intentive entrepreneurs who fall back developing right connections
  • Seeking for conditions that encourage new ideas, providing access to resources, supporting trial errror and failure and multi disciplinary teamwork
  • Channeling new technoligies and practices. It will make them learn to take their products to maturity and will attain potential to absorb technology transfer

The facility will contain open areas, informal meeting areas, collaboration stations, offices, and conference room for when privacy is needed for strategic planning and/or telephone/video conferencing.

It’s flexible, It’s affordable, It’s fun!

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Youth is valuable asset for the nations youngsters play key role in the progress of their country. progress

of nation can be estimated by presence of productive skill full and healthy youngsters. But most nations

can not progress even containing population. Why? What is the reason?? Youth is like a boat in the sea

for the progress of the nations. undoubtedly progress of nations dependent upon youth. But youth is

also facing some problems. If there problems are not resolved youth can bring the country on the brink

of destruction instead of being symbol of progress. youth is facing problems in many regions of world.

due to these problems unable to be part of country progress. these problems are handcuffs for youth.

youth backs are bent under the weight of these problems like an old man holding a stick. Which deprive

youth for being a healthy and productive individual of society.

We hear about the selling of narcotics in bar and drugs bases out but this curse now easily available in

educational institute which is a huge problem destroying the youth. These narcotics are easily available

in different educational institute world wide gangs are working to supply narcotics in educational

institute. Their gang members take an admition in these institute and then make them addicted to these

narcotics like chars, affiem, bear are supplied to students. Usage of these drugs are causing disease

in students. Developed countries are also not free from clutches in these gang. European countries

youngster are using these drugs due to family and relationships problems. In Asian countries youngster

are using narcotics due to unemployment. Issues cause by usage of drugs is not limited to their personal

life but also destroying the whole society when youngster become addicted of narcotics they become

restless. Money is necessary for acquisition of drugs. Youngsters steal money and also involved In other

crime to get the money. They become unable to get further education and due to criminal offences

they try to escape from police. It is said that if you want to destroy any nation destroy their youth. And

it is may be a key reason in the destruction of youth world wide. Now a days trend of sheesha is also

becoming popular in youngsters. Youth is using sheesha (flavored hukkah) for enjoyment or as a fashion

or a status symbol. Parents and other family members play an essential role in the character building of

their child. If they take interest and keep a strict eye on their children’s daily activities and their friends

circle. Religious education can also be help full. Parents should also focus on the development of moral

value in their children. They should be friendly with their children. So the children especially youngster

will discus their problems with them and they do not find a buddy out side the home. Government

should take step to control these evil force who are destroying our youth by providing narcotics. Policies

should be make against them and properly implemented so can focus their study and keep them self

away from such activities. And take part in the progress of their country.




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