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Disability refers to a corporal or psychical condition that limits a person's movement,faculty or activities

WAY TO DISABLED ONE’s: Disability is not a lifetime pain nor it’s a prison to suffer with rather it’s something that torn you inside and make you frail day by day but the thing that answers disability well is one’ s perspective or stance towards it or you can say a being’s willpower is a brick behind the wall. There are two ways to disabled one’s either they shut the world and prefer solitude so that no one is going to kill them with harsh words lacking hoping or a way full of lights no one could ever dream off. The later one is a to be followed by intelligent one’s.Why not making your weakness your strength ? Yes the genuine strength lies in imperfection.It’s something that initiates a desire to fight on to move on and to show world that your willpower is your key spirit.

a well known name , a lady who knows how to respond and how to confront the subject.She believes in playing with coruscating colors and unblemished portrayal of true emotions.She takes the agony of spinal cord injury and is hell determined to express her strength through artwork.Now she is entitled as a goodwill ambassador for UN Women Pakistan.She always used to say this “WHERE THERE IS A WHEEL THERE’S A WAY” Let’s learn the power of motivation from this honored lady and live your dreams before you leave the world.This is the time to tell our son’s that strength has no gender.Emotions have no gender, even humanity has no gender.We all are created from a clot of blood.


nick-vujicicNICOLAS JAMES: An Australian Motivational Speaker born with pho
comelia, a disability characterized with absence of all four limbs.After asking for God to grow arms and legs he realize that his accomplishments were inspirational to many and began to thank God for being alive.Once his mother showed him a newspaper article about a man dealing with severe disability that led him to realize that he is not the only one. He showed his strength with his golden words as he said ” God has given me the grace,strength and comfort through my disability and you can have victory,peace and joy in your life even through your circumstances”.Fear is the biggest disability of all and will paralyze you more than being in a wheel chair.He motivated the readers to hold onto hope so that it can not disappear,learn to laugh be thankful to God and be willing to serve others before yourself is the key.

maxresdefaultMARLA RUNYAN:
At the age of nine Runyan developed Stargardt’s disease which is a form of macular degeneration that left her legally blind but she never put her blindness to be an obstacle on her way and achieve what she wants ,she is now a three time national champion in a woman’s 5000 meters.She won four gold medals in 1992 summer Paralympics.In 2001 she co-wrote and published her autobiography “NO FINISH LINE : MY LIFE AS I SEE IT”.She sets a great example of hope,she proves that if you are determined that you can achieve if you are determined than you can conquer.Let’s face disability with a powerful sword of heroism.

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If you educate a man, you educate a man, if you educate a woman you educate a generation

Education for women is very important, it is not just because it will be better for progress and benefits for society as a whole. An educated woman has the skills that she needs to be a better parent, teacher and citizen. I don’t know why people deny the advantages of education to women. It is argued that women have their domestic duties to perform and if they become educated they will not perform or will not focus on household life.This perception is wrong regarding education for women.

Being educated, she can increase our literacy rate. In Pakistan, we have very less literacy rate from women-side. It is really shameful for us.Being educated, she can decrease the concept of early marriages that has raised in last few years.It is alarming situation for us, as it happens before a girl reaching the age of 18. Being educated, she can do a job and definitely increases the income and reduces the poverty.

Education is a tool to aware someone.It is a tool to realize someone about their duties and responsibilities towards citizenship.

It is rightly said, There are two powers in the world, one is the sword and the other is the pen. There is a great competition and rivalry between the two.There is a third power stronger than both,that of the women.

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Fat girls representing themselves as confident, smart and resourceful is key. If we wait for print and electronic media to do this for us we are going to be waiting a very long time so why not do it ourself

Being fat doesn’t mean I can’t look fabulous was something I told myself after realizing the fact that my Chubby features still make me look “ideally beautiful”. The idea of being beautified wearing brands, from our so called elite Pakistani society is purely fake and just the snobbish part of these brainless creams of the crop. When we especially talk about clothing brands and big brands, the question that pops up my mind is “What’s in these branded stores are made for big beauties?” Marketing outfits on skinny girls is a regular routine and the product on stores for these prestigious brands are for the similar physique as advertised on.

If we look at the prevailing society, we will find and increasing rate of “Fat Women” but let me get it her that “Fat is not Ugly”. As the song by Macy Gray, “There is beauty in the world. Always beauty in the world. So much beauty in the world.” We (considering myself as an essential part of this society) are part of that “Beauty”. We come in all shapes and sizes. And yes we are beautiful. The point we can be so accepting that beauty come in all shapes and sizes as well as in the natural world, in animals, plants, trees and shrubs. But oh, how difficult it is for us to accept that our bodies – women bodies comes in all shapes and sizes and are beautiful.

I know this is so hard. I know this is such a challenge in such a society where being “FAT” is a brutal crime. But we can stop comparing ourselves to other women. Can we stop fantasizing that their lives are better, happier than ours because their thighs are thinner or abs are flatter? Let’s put a focus where they belong for each one of us – on creating a life worth living, and in that life we are strong, healthy and creative and wonderful women. We take as good care of ourselves as we do to others in our live and because of that we are beautiful.

Now coming to our Pakistani extreme price labeled brands one tagline that I keep hearing almost all the time is “Sorry Madam your size is not available” so in other words I would rather say that these so called high profiled brands think that bulk is not beautiful. So again the question arises “Why should I purchase your brand as in your store has nothing in store for me”.

Going through one of the blogs I read about a 35 year old big beauty who is an associate director and editor of an increasingly popular online movement that celebrates fashion for larger women – without a tent dressing or body camouflaging cardigan in sight. The author with blog names like “Fat Girls like nice clothes too”, “Manolo for big girls”, “Curves to Kill”, and “Thicker than your average girls”, seek to send and empowering message to their plus-sized sisters.

“We’re here, We’re Fat, We look just Fabulous – and you too can”

“FAT” is a loaded word, often wielded as a weapon but I hope to lessen its power to wound. Learning to use the word ‘fat’ as a basic description, stripping it of its negative baggage, was a huge part of my self acceptance process. Some women never get comfortable with it and I understand that for some, its been  used as a weapon for long anything positive to be salvaged. But I love the word fat precisely because my candid and positive use of if often shocks people … it means everyone who hears the word “Fat” from me is having to take a moment to think about what I mean by it, and to resisit the knee-jerk assumption, that I must mean something bad. With my writing I just want to body a positive message for women I feel are not represented as beautiful and desirable in mainstream media. Growing up I dint have may famous examples of positive fat ladies representation. I mean there was “Roseanne” I loved her not because she was beautiful but I loved her because she was smart, tough and didn’t take a crap from anyone.

Famous designers Angela Zampell and Kane & Zee” notice the inequity in the market place to expand their popular clothing line to as stylish women from XXS – XXXL

I think the key is not to forget that larger girls still have a shape and it isn’t square. When designers like Zampell, Kane and Dee can work tremendously in helping other women realize their beauty potential, but it has not been without risk. It is, after all, the internet, and with that the inevitable rain of anonymous hostility from people offended than a larger woman would dare to find herself attractive. The people who get angriest about fat girls looking good and feeling hot are the people who are the most strongly invested in the idea that a person has to be skinny in order to be healthy, happy and loved.

At the end of the day, it’s just your outer shell – there’s a whole personality underneath that’s just waiting to shine: And even if you don’t realize how beautiful you are, someone else out there who thinks you are the most beautiful person in the world. Even if it’s a stranger looking at you through a screen.



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