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Education is the most important instrument for any society, it is the way to aware someone

Pakistan was established in 1947, it is more than 68 years of independence but it seems it is still not respected in the world community. Pakistan got independence with lots of difficulties. A very crucial time had passed by the great leaders during independence. At that time when there was nothing, all the things were pointless but Quaid-e-Azam was hopeful, he never lost his hope at that time. He knew the art of leading the nation, he knew how to guide the dishearten people, to keep hand in hand he told us the art of living life. The man with great power stood us as the Pakistani nation in the map of the world.

But now after independence,we do all those things which are wrong, we do wrong in our basic necessities too. Education is one of our basic necessity of life. In Pakistan, we always complain regarding our education system. More than 40% of population is illiterate. Karachi is the biggest city of Pakistan, although there are so many schools in karachi. One can easily find a school at the corner of every street.The students who are studying in government schools,they don’t know how to write & read.I usually see these type of students daily in my life. The person who earns 17000/- per month,he is not able to send his child to private school ultimately he sends them to government schools. The duty of parent is to send their children to school either government or private.

It’s a common saying in English, “Education is the most powerful weapon, which you can use to change the world.”

The duty of teachers start then. The duty is to teach the student in a way so that he starts thinking intensively and critically but unfortunately it doesn’t happen in reality.I called such schools ‘ghoost schools’ because they are not providing basic education. The female teachers usually talk about their homes, gossiping, talk about someone else if they attend the school. If she is not teaching to the best of her ability and is not putting in the requisite effort, she is also not being honest with her commitments,her profession and with herself.

It is a duty of every individual Pakistani to educate themselves and their child too but providing the education based on thinking deeply. ‘Education For Everyone’ it is a slogan of every government but they are not sincere about it. We have to solve the issues regarding our education system,we have to do something against all those issues. First starts with individual. PAKISTAN ZINDABAD

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Being alive in a broad sense means you are happy and contended with your life

If one wants an explanation of life it’s a huge debate. Life is all about having faith,a faith which remains at it’s place despite of facing so many cruel waves. Yes I know how it feels when things go wrong, I know how it feels when hope seems to be your worst enemy and disappointment comes to meet you without knocking your door, I know how it feels when you can”t find peace without bursting into tears and your soul like a slave caught under the toe like a thunderstorm, I know how it feels when heart wrenching darkness capture you and throw you out into the thorny garden, in short so many bad things happen to you that you start losing faith.

a31376abb82b6ccae6db8e9041f1f498On the other hand I also know times of pure joy and happiness and keeping my mind set on those I can make through all of the hard times because faith is a way beyond imagination,a shadow beneath an old wrinkled tree,a shinning star residing somewhere in our hearts,a magical spark that invade your inner being with grope for hope,a firm belief on the existence of supreme authority,a sea with faithful nature despite of having so many cruel waves.All we need to do is to kill sharp cravings of life at the edge where our strength bows down with sparkling faith and live a happy and contended life.

imagesLet faith be the killer of all the painful sorrows and deep grieves that eats you up.As Martin Luther King said and i quote “Take the first step in faith,you don’t have to see the whole staircase,just take the first step!” Crave a tunnel of hope through the dark mountain of disappointment. Start accepting the things with a belief that you are not alone on the way to life.If the world weakens you with harsh words move on believing that creator is with you.Those who appreciate you are always there for you and those who demoralize continuously adopt measures to disgrace you so kill them with your kindness and reach your destiny.Hey there you are alive.! The world is just a temporary land where we all are just wanderers , what we need to learn is to struggle hard in a nutshell without any aim of show off. Believe me if you do this you are on top to the sky.Lets live our life and crave a remarkable story in the history which could left a deep mark of inspiration for the future generations.

Asia’s first Smartphone Film Festival was held in Karachi

Pakistan secured 8th position in Asia’s first ever Smartphone Film Festival, which was held yesterday evening here at the Pak American Cultural Centre (PACC) in Karachi. Organized in Pakistan by the iSmart Films, the Festival was the world’s 9th pocket cinema film festival, which featured only those films and movies which were produced by young filmmakers from all over the world using their mobile phone devices only.

A total of 1058 films were submitted from over 110 countries, where in Hassan Zaidi from Lahore, Pakistan got an 8th position for his documentary film titled “Colors of death,” which is about the ‘coloured chickens’ sold after dyeing in the pet market in Lahore.

Among the top five winning films of the Festival were ‘Oven Glove’ from Ireland, ‘CHASM’ and ‘How to rob the house’ from the United States, ‘Sector Zero 4’ from Spain, and ‘Gloomy boy’ from France

Launched in Jun this year, the last date of film submission was December 5, while the entries were judged by a panel of filming experts, including Shahzad Nawaz, Jami Mehmood, Furqan T. Siddiqui, Adil Murad, Yousuf Bashir Qureshi, and others. Awards were conferred to the top 10 films selected. Among the media partners of the Smartphone Film Festival were the Jang Media Group, GEO TV, FM91, FM107 and

The submitted films were screened at nine different venues, including the Karachi Youth Support Network (KYSN), DotZero, DCTO Academy, Nazeer Hussain University (NHU), the Pak American Cultural Centre (PACC), and the Arena Multimedia, Karachi.

The Smartphone Film Festival was hosted by the iSmart Films in collaboration with seven international festivals from the United States, Spain, New Zealand, France, Macedonia, etc. In the festival, the ‘School of Smartphone Film Production’ was also inaugurated, followed by the launching of a ‘Web TV’. The iSmart Films unveiled its ‘Video Resume Portal’ in the event, including the launching of different portals for videos, news, and online shopping.

The iSmart Films has recently introduced ‘Mobile Journalism’ in Pakistan, an emerging form of filmmaking and new media storytelling where pocket-sized communication devices with network connectivity are used to capture, gather, edit and distribute shots and visuals.

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Release comes as the french star signs major deal with the pan-asian film & music awards academy PAIFMA

The immensely anticipated music video for French pop-star Abbas Hasan’s latest single Sweet Girl is out and delivers on its promise of glamour. From the skyscrapers of Europe to elegant red carpets, the video boasts of some lavish locations. Abbas and his co-star Armeena Rana Khan have been styled by international stylist Prangsta, both looking chic.

Helmed by esteemed Persian video director Amir Taherian, Sweet Girl begins with Armeena Rana Khan seeing Abbas on-screen with another girl (cameo appear-ance by Humaima Malick from a scene of Away’s video). Thus starts a dark journey of obsession and black magic, in which Armeena plays a double-role, both trying to seduce Abbas.

Speaking about the video of Sweet Girl, Abbas says “It was so much fun filming Sweet Girl with Armeena. We’ve known each other well through modeling, and I knew Armeena would be perfect at playing the innocent angel as well as the dark any mysterious vampish beauty.”

In true Abbas style, Sweet Girl is in Urdu-English and starts out with some vocals in French. It has been produced with Rishi Rich’s protégé Naamless, and the highly en-joyable pop song has some hints of Arabic music in it. The official radio partner in Pakistan for this release is FM91. The music video can be viewed here:

After a major coup in signing a deal with the Pan-Asian Film and Music Awards academy (PAIFMA) and being recognised as one of the top Asian artists in the UK, Abbas Ha-san has had quite a month. He signed as the new face for international fashion brand Mastrioni’s latest campaign and now we get to see Sweet Girl release across the world!

0 660 is introducing the biggest sale of the year in Pakistan with discounts up to 70% and an additional up to 25% off from its partner Easypay

Leading e-commerce platform announces the launch of Black Friday, the biggest sale event around the globe, on November 27 at

The Black Friday concept has been incredibly popular around the world with massive discounts and unbelievable deals, making it the shopping event of the year. And now, in partnership with Easypay, Ponds, PTCL, InnJoo & Mediatek, is introducing the concept in Pakistan with discounts up to 70% across categories for the fastest fingers. This is the first time Pakistani shoppers will enjoy a sale of such a scale – it will be a 24-hour marathon of incredible deals and crazy discounts on original and genuine products giving shoppers the best experience they can imagine.

“As Pakistan’s largest e-commerce platform, is uniquely positioned to bring Black Friday to Pakistan with the best possible shopping experience for our customers. Black Friday is the biggest shopping day around the world, and it is our responsibility that the event in Pakistan lives up to its legacy. We have moved mountains over the last three months to set the bar high for years to come, and to make sure we deliver an unparalleled experience to delight our customers”, said Bjarke Mikkelsen, Co-CEO

The e-commerce giant plans on revealing all the deals on the big day itself, however, to create buzz and have customers at the edge of their seats starting midnight, has leaked some hero deals, giving customers a sneak peek into the ultimate shopping bonanza. From category discounts as high as 63% on smartphones, 50% on computing and 70% on fashion and accessories, customers should be all set for a shopping frenzy. Can you imagine getting a brand new iPhone S6 at Rs. 62,279 anywhere else?

With the Easypay payment option, customers will enjoy discounts up to 25% off on their favourite brands and products – in addition to the up to 70% off Black Friday deals. For a total order value below PKR 15,000, customers will get 20% additional discount on their purchase, and for a total order value above PKR 15,000, customers will get 10% additional discount (subject to a maximum discount of Rs 10,000 per item).

InnJoo will be launching three news phones Halo, Max 2 and Fire Plus on during Black Friday, and Infinix will be launching Hot 2 (1 GB) and offering a plethora of other exciting deals and freebies

Speaking on this occasion, Omar Moeen Malik, Head of Strategy and Payments at Easypaisa said, “We are extremely happy to partner up with the leading e-commerce player in Pakistan and to provide them with Pakistan’s first comprehensive online payment solution. We are confident that customers at will find Easypay payments to be convenient and secure and that they will prefer to use Easypay in the future as well.”

E-commerce is growing fast in Pakistan and Daraz Black Friday will be nothing short of a game-changer for the e-commerce landscape. The event will be an enthralling experience for all bargain hunters out there. Be it on desktop or mobile app, the fastest fingers will avail discounts up to 70% off on their favourite brands and products during the 24-hour shopping marathon.

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The awards are organized annually to give recognition to noteworthy Pakistanis and celebrate their accomplishments which have highlighted the country in a positive light globally

Pakistani superstar Humayun Saeed was awarded ‘Best Actor 2015’ at the Pakistan Achievement Awards UK & Europe held in London on 14th November’15. Humayun looked dapper in a formal white suit, with a crisp brown shirt and a striped tie. He was seen having a good time alongside his Jawani Phir Nahin Ani co-star Javed Sheikh. Other invitees included individuals born in or with direct origin from Pakistan, from different walks of life – from business and the arts – who have achieved great success in their respective professions.

It wouldn’t be wrong to call 2015 a milestone year in Humayun’s impressive career, as he made an extremely successful comeback in films with two international blockbusters Bin Roye and Jawani Phir Nahin Ani. He is currently busy prepping for his much awaited tele-vision comeback with the Six Sigma Plus produced serial ‘Dillagi’, which will be airing in 2016.

Speaking about receiving this prestigious award, Humayun said “I feel very humbled and thankful. It is always an honor to be recognized at such international platforms and to inter-act with South Asians who are based abroad as they have helped put Pakistan’s entertainment industry on the global map. There is such amazing talent in Pakistan, and I am pleased to have represented it at this great platform”., Pakistan’s largest property portal, concluded its two-day Property Expo on Sunday.

The annual event, arguably the biggest and most anticipated realty affair of the year, drew more than 45,000 people and saw developers, agents, buyers, sellers and prospective investors converge at the Expo Centre in Lahore for a productive weekend of information exchange, beneficial deals, and family fun. On the first day, the chief guest, Pakistan’s top architect Nayyar Ali Dada, cut the ribbon along with Federal Minister for Railways Khawaja Saad Rafique and CEO Zeeshan Ali Khan to officially open the event. Both honourable guests were given commemorative shields as tokens of appreciation.

Enem Estates Real Estate Consultant, Urban Developers, Royal Residencia, and Paragon City were among the prominent exhibitors at the show and Huawei served as the official mobile partner. The impressive line-up of over 60 exhibitors did not just consist of developers and agents but also established home management businesses including interior designers, architects, furniture retailers, energy solution providers, and many others.

The wildly popular ‘Wheel of Fortune’ continued to spin throughout, offering attendees an endless stream of appealing giveaways. Other exciting features, such as the photo booths, persistently attracted huge crowds and amped up the visitor experience. The final activity was a lucky draw, sponsored by Huawei. Winners took home amazing smartphones, power banks and Bluetooth speakers. All exhibitors were also called on stage to accept souvenirs.

An extensive marketing campaign, including ad campaigns on national television, radio commercials, billboards and streamers across the city, was skilfully orchestrated by the team to ensure that anyone with even the slightest interest of interest in real estate converged at the Expo during the weekend. As the event drew to a close, a great deal of invaluable information had been shared and more than 100 deals finalised.

“We are so proud to have put up a property event of this magnitude,” said CEO Zeeshan Ali Khan. “After the raging success of Property Expo 2014, we were confident that this year, too, would be great. However, this incredible turnout has surpassed even our expectations. As Pakistan’s most trusted and loved property portal, we promise to keep hosting realty events of this calibre in the future.”

The selected films and movies from all over the world will be shown in a 2-day film carnival, which will help Pakistan enter the international filmmaking arena

The Asia’s first smartphone film festival, organized by the iSmart Films, is set to begin on December 19 & 20. Being held this year in Karachi, it will also be the world’s 9th pocket cinema film festival of its kinds, featuring such films, movies and documentaries that are produced by using a pocket-sized mobile phone in place of conventional movie cameras and other filmmaking equipment.

Commenced on June 14, 2015, a total of 1017 films from more than 110 countries, including Pakistan, have been submitted by young filmmakers for the festival, while the last date of submission is December 5, 2015. The jury consists of such leading filming experts as Shahzad Nawaz, Jami Mehmood, Furqan T. Siddiqui, Adil Murad, Yousuf Bashir Qureshi, and others, Along with a market leader in Advertising Brand Logic has also signed MOU for Activation Campaigns.

The iSmart Films has recently signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with the Visionary Foundation Pakistan to introduce ‘Mobile Journalism’ in the social development sector, which is an emerging form of filmmaking and new media storytelling where pocket-sized communication devices with network connectivity capture, gather, edit and distribute shots and visuals.

“A new industry is emerging in Pakistan which will create thousands of employment opportunities for the local youth, who can now prove their mettle internationally simply by using their mobile phones,” Abid Beli, Founder iSmart Films, said

The iSmart Films has been already conducting free workshops and training programs in different colleges and universities to teach modern filmmaking and reporting techniques via smartphones. A curriculum is also being designed by international experts to teach mobile journalism in Pakistan. Based in Karachi, Pakistan, the iSmart Films has also acquired the distribution rights of five Smartphone filming tools companies for the Asian region.

The Smartphone Film Festival is being hosted in Pakistan in collaboration with seven international festivals from the United States, Spain, New Zealand, France, Macedonia, etc. In the festival, the ‘School of Smartphone Film Production’ will be also inaugurated, followed by the launching of a ‘Web TV.’ The iSmart Films will also unveil its ‘News Portal,’ including a range of web portals for videos, video resumes, and online shopping.
Contact: / 03219204942

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Beaconhouse celebrated its 40th anniversary on October 4, 2015 marking four decades of delivering educational excellence the world over

Beaconhouse believes that productive and meaningful education is every child’s right. In addition to its primary commitment to teaching and learning, it maintains a holistic approach to education by emphasising teacher education as well as curriculum development. Beaconhouse has always remained conscious of its role as a socially aware organisation and has supported the community and contributed generously in times of national crisis.

Beaconhouse will hold an educational and cultural festival on the 28th of November in Karachi. The event will be graced by some of the most recognised names in Pakistan and from around the globe

The 40th anniversary of Beaconhouse was celebrated amidst great fanfare at the Head Office as well as at schools in all the regions. The Beaconhouse Head Office was adorned with beautiful decorations and special handmade cards from the students congratulating Beaconhouse on its 40th birthday and thanking its Chairperson Mrs Nasreen Mahmud Kasuri for her significant contributions to the field of education.

Mrs Kasuri as well as Directors from the regional offices gave inspirational messages on the occasion and promised to take Beaconhouse to even greater heights in its mission of providing quality education of international standards. There was also a cake-cutting ceremony in the presence of all the Beaconhouse employees followed by a wonderful musical programme by Beaconhouse students. The day ended with refreshments and an amazing lantern display which was appreciated by all.

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Infinix Mobility (a member of Transsion group) has announced the launch of its most affordable smartphone, Infinix Hot 2 at

In an exclusive partnership with e-commerce giant, leading phone manufacturer Infinix Mobility has announced the launch of its most affordable smartphone, Infinix Hot 2 x510, in Pakistan at

Designed in Paris and Shanghai, the Infinix Hot 2 x510 is expected to take the smartphone industry by storm, following the impressive acceptance and patronage of other Infinix devices introduced on, earlier this year. The latest smartphone which will not make you feel a dent on your wallet is an ode to today’s technologically advanced era – making the concept of affordability coupled with functionality a cemented reality.

The online-only approach, formed in alliance with, has been hugely successful for Infinix in Pakistan. Thousands of handsets were sold in the first month of collaboration. With this approach, the phones are being shipped directly from the manufacturer to the consumer, saving the customers more than 45 per cent of the price and becoming the pivotal factor behind the evolution of Pakistan’s expansive smartphone industry

This phone is a complete game changer. In a price as low as Rs 9,999, the phone comes with an amazing 5.00-inch 720×1280 display, offering an amazing HD experience. Infinix has integrated this incredibly affordable device with a 1.3 GHz quad-core processor, ensuring speedy functionality and smooth operations. The phone which runs on Lollipop 5.1 operating system has a slimmed down interface free of all bloat ware. It comes with 1 GB RAM – which can be bumped up to 2GB by spending another Rs 1,400 –, internal memory of 16 GB and offers you an SD card expansion slot; ensuring you never feel lack of space on your phone. It comes with an 8 mega-pixel rear camera and a 2 mega-pixel front camera for selfies and video calling. The phone is powered by a 2,200mAh internal battery, which should last a day and a half of optimum use, epitomizing style, cachet and function in one lean package



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