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HIREONIC is an innovative online platform to serve the job market needs for computer science talent by creating a pool of highly qualified candidates, pre-tested for their qualifications and certifications

Fouzia is an HR manager and her daily routine revolves around flipping through resumes to match the candidates to the right vacancies. Ahmed is a final year coputer sciences student who is struggling to find his dream job.

A year ago, three final year students of FAST – NUCES, Talha Yasin, Umair Khatri and Usama Noman saw these two pain points and could relate to the problem on both sides of the table. As young entrepreneurs, they knew the problems the recruiter faced quite well, and as recent graduates themselves, they understood the troubles their batchmates had to go through to find appropriate jobs. This led the trio to transform their final year project into a business venture, thereby giving life to HIREONIC

The start up is currently incubated at The Nest i/o, P@SHA’s tech incubator in partnership with Google for Entrepreneurs and Samsung, with a supporting grant from the US State Department. The Nest i/o proves to be a buzzing playground for the technology startups, providing them access to a network of entrepreneurs, established partners, angel investors, thought leaders, and industry stalwarts.

The venture’s mission is to streamline the job search and hiring process by connecting professionals and graduates to employers, acting as a key catalyst in driving Pakistan’s best computer science talent to leading software houses and corporations. The website functions as a series of qualification and logical tests culminating into interviews that candidates can register for free of cost. The prospective employers will then be able to see the pool of successful candidates prescreened for their aptitude and qualifications, and eventually find the right match

The founders of Hireonic feel that the venture makes a substantial difference to the ever-changing employment landscape. “Our innovative model reduces delays in hiring, creates transparency, and is available to the candidates free of charge. We are currently in talks with major software houses and corporations such as Systems Limited, TCS, Streebo, and Wavetec to take them on board.”
It has never been easier to get noticed and hired. All you have to do to get your dream job is to get registered on, appear for a series of tests to gauge your potential in the technology industry, and wait for the best opportunity to knock on your door

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Turkey, the world's 6th most popular tourist destination attracting 40 million visitors, now aims to take an active role in global health tourism by participating in this growing phenomenon

Turkish Airlines will provide support to Turkey’s public and private sector organizations that provide important components in the health tourism sector. It is a market that has shown significant growth and will become a significant contributor to the nation’s GDP.

With one of the most comprehensive route networks, Turkish Airlines has the ability to bring passengers from numerous points around the World to Turkey for medical and health reasons in order to support the promotion of health tourism in Turkey.

In this context, the passengers visiting Turkey for treatment who travel on Turkish Airlines will be eligible for a 50% transportation rebate following submission of required documents* to the local Turkish Airlines Office in their city of origin.

Thanks to this program, guests who choose Turkey for health tourism purposes will have the opportunity to benefit from not only the internationally accredited medical facilities and staff but will also have the beauty and tranquility of Turkey as a site for recuperation.

*International patient’s passport sample, Electronic ticket of international patient, Entry registration example of the health institution and Treatment bill’ sample.

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The leading online retailer in Asian frontier markets Daraz, has secured EUR 50m (USD ~55m) in its first major financing round. The investment comes from the CDC Group – the UK Government’s Development Finance Institution (DFI) focused on supporting and developing businesses in Africa and South Asia – as well as Daraz’s existing investor Asia Pacific Internet Group (APACIG)

Daraz is already the leading e-commerce platform in Pakistan (, Bangladesh ( and Myanmar ( The company started in Pakistan in 2012 as an online fashion business, but since then has expanded its business model to a general marketplace for quality brands within electronics, home appliances, fashion and many other categories. The funding will be used to continue to grow the business in existing markets and for expansion into other frontier markets in Asia.

“Taking the e-commerce business model into these exciting markets is a fascinating journey. Although internet penetration is still relatively low, the market is developing fast and its potential is immense,” says Bjarke Mikkelsen, CEO of Daraz. “By making Daraz a success, we are not only building a great business, but also creating jobs and infrastructure in the countries we operate in – that’s what makes it so exciting”.
Daraz is part of the Asia Pacific Internet Group (APACIG), one of the fastest growing internet platforms in the Asia-Pacific region, currently uniting 14 e-commerce companies in 15 countries.

CDC is the UK government-owned development finance institution that uses its own balance sheet to invest in the developing countries of Africa and South Asia. CDC’s mission is to support the building of businesses throughout Africa and South Asia that create jobs and make a lasting difference to people’s lives in some of the world’s poorest places

Hanno Stegmann, CEO of APACIG, explains that Daraz is one of the most promising companies in their portfolio. “The markets where Daraz is active are inspiring for entrepreneurs. We are looking forward to supporting Daraz in its ambition to become the No. 1 shopping destination in Asian frontier markets”.

David Osborne, CDC’s Investment Director, reassures the choice of investing in the company. “Daraz is rapidly building an online trading infrastructure across a number of South Asia’s most challenging frontier markets. CDC’s investment will enable the company to continue its impressive growth. We expect our investment to help Daraz create several thousand direct and indirect jobs over the next 5 years, and play an important role in the professionalization and development of local retail sectors, logistics networks and technology industries”.

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Along with the TV commercials, the campaign also comprises a plethora of radio spots on various popular English and Urdu channels., Pakistan’s premier property website, has launched a full-blown TV campaign on all major television networks featuring two highly engaging 40-second commercials that highlight the online buying and renting processes. This campaign marks the first time that a Pakistani property portal has expanded its marketing strategy to such an extent.

The entertaining ads, developed in collaboration with some of the top advertisers in the country, visually depict functional elements of the website that facilitate the property search process for new users.

“Although is already Pakistan’s most popular property portal, this campaign will allow us to reach out to a vast number of new users around the country, expand our reach, and build our brand further,” Co-CEO Imran Ali Khan said. “Simultaneously, it will work to educate Pakistan’s relatively young market about the infinite range of possibilities available in the online space, broadening the spectrum and introducing new opportunities.” was recently in the news for securing a $9 million investment from three top international funds, as well as welcoming on board global property portal authorities Simon Baker, Roland Tripard and Per Brilioth. It currently boasts over 2.1 million monthly visits and more than 1.5 million property listings.

No stone has been left unturned to provide viewers the most appealing, high-quality copy. In this manner, the campaign aims to introduce its brand to a countrywide audience of property hunters.
“With a smart buying strategy that is pervasive yet economical, we’ve made sure that the ads are featured on key channels and in the right time slots so we can reach as much of our target audience as possible,” Khan added.

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Pakistan’s largest property website has raised $9 million from three renowned international funds in its latest venture round

The investment has gone into’s parent company Zamzama Property Group, which also owns UAE’s leading property portal The group chose not to disclose the current valuation of either portal, but said the Ali Khan brothers collectively retain controlling interest.

The news of the investment comes at the heels of a recent announcement that has welcomed top names from the global property portal industry into its team, including:

  • Simon Baker, the former CEO of REA Group, the former Chairman of the iProperty Group, and now Chairman of the recently listed Mitula Group; and
  • Roland Tripard, the CEO of

Per Brilioth, the Managing Director of Vostok New Ventures, one of the funds that was part of the venture round, will also join the Board of Directors. was founded in Pakistan by the Ali Khan brothers in 2006. The startup grew in size and scope over the next few years and received an angel investment from French property portal authority Gilles Blanchard in 2012, followed by a successful Series A round in 2014. The portal has exhibited meteoric growth over the last year, expanding its team from 90 employees at the start of 2014 to well over 300 people across Pakistan currently. It also reached the 2 million monthly visits mark in August 2015. CEO Zeeshan Ali Khan said the portal would remain a quintessentially Pakistani company despite the sizeable foreign investment. “The fact that is locally owned and locally managed has played a very central role in the portal’s immense popularity, and over the years we have made sure not to compromise on the innate Pakistani-ness that makes one of the country’s most beloved and successful tech enterprises,” he said.

“We have been at the helm of a digital revolution in the country that has seen millions of Pakistanis come online for the first time. This is a company run by Pakistanis for Pakistanis, and it will always be,” Zeeshan added.’s Chairman Gilles Blanchard said the portal was well-funded and led by the top names in the industry. “With ample resources and a team that has virtually seen and done it all, we are ideally placed to continue leading the wave of digital awareness in Pakistan. It’s a very exciting time.”

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Children become what they see. If they are violent or if they are replying back with harsh words it’s because you provoked them to do so!

Teenagers these days seems frustrated and angry, nobody recognizes the noise behind them. Do you know why each of them is called fanatics? Does anyone care why they are so rebellious? Why do they lock themselves up in the room?

It’s my due request to all parents; don’t give a birth to kid unless you’re not ready to give him a proper brought up. Gen Y is totally different from the generation born 20 years ago, they won’t take your shut up call, they will test their freedom and will show you what worse they can do. It starts from childhood, a mother is always concerned about what her child would eat, what he would study, but she would not see how he feels. Children are forever the reflection of their childhood and teenage phase; it’s hence important to tell them what is right and wrong and must list out all reasons why one should not go for wrong options and why truth is more beautiful.

Children counselingJob description of parents is something to watch out, the world has evolved technology, teenagers have different lifestyle, and they have got different activities to engage themselves, they have different thoughts about different issues. Most of the time children are neglected by their parents because of continuous comparisons, it is really frustrating for a teenager who thinks that his dignity is all based on his grades he scores, and the way her parents compare him from his cousins makes him hate his cousins even more. Have you ever realized it why it is so hard for a teenager to cope up in a mundane routine? That’s because one lacks self identity and worth! Have you ever told your daughter that she is the prettiest girl she ever saw? Or have you told her that she is brave enough to fight with everything? Have you ever been her support? Picking up a toddler from the floor after he gets tripped is not what we call support, giving them confidence to cope up with emotional downfall is what one could define support. It’s sad to see girls being quite about child abuse; up to 90% of the children doesn’t share these complications with their parents.

True parent live with their children’s dreams, they support them, they are like their best friends, have you ever noticed why do they prefer smoking and drugs? That’s because they lack social acceptance, they don’t have any identity, and they find recognition among friends by doing odd things. Our teenagers are confused as hell! They have no passion points at all, that’s because they lack options and chances to explore the world, we give them limited options to look after, and parents also choose the level of freedom for their children on their own? What horrible life one could live if his or her freedom is decided by third party?

Girls here are stopped to go out for a walk; they are not allowed to attend weddings of their friends or any other hangout, why? Because, it’s not suitable for a girl who belongs to a respectful family to go out this much frequently? But it is completely okay for a boy to step out of home without seeking permission and he can stay out all night smoke joint and you will never know about it, seriously? Mind slavery is reaching at its peak; we are still living under the fear of “log kya kahaingay?” We blame our kids for their genders; we discriminate them and divide roles and reward them accordingly. Why don’t we stop believing that living with restriction is the right way to live, why can’t we just live in the moment with our kids and form a friendly bond with them so that they could tell you about their fears and agony, it is not easy for a teenager to manage his physical and mental changes, he gets exposure towards different things, which gives them some harsh reality checks about ugly truth existing in our society. Break ups and betrayal by friends shatters them the most, nothing else in the world seems much more depressing than this one. It is the time when parent should sit with them as a friend and listen to them, because basic problem with teenagers is nobody understands them truly, thus t is the time to break the mirror, and one should move and take initiative and go beyond one word answers. Don’t make them hate you, make them love you so that they never leave you again. Speaking about being friendly and open minded I truly do not mean that parent should be liberal enough to give extra ordinary freedom to their children, it’s just that one should tell them about morality and fine line between right and wrong, and why one should always choose the right option.

Namrah Sikander, Age 22
from IoBM(Institute of Business Management).
Wants to discover advertising and NGOs as a passion point

It is high time to create proper institute which could teach parents how to deal with their children. One should know how to fill the communication gap. These teenagers are far more advanced than our elders, they know much more about the world, let them speak, let them have a chance to show their own potential, just take off all layers of permission from girls and gave some trust on them and let them step out of their home and follow their dreams, they will surely not disappoint you for being a girl.
By Namrah Sikander

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Usually we don’t go with actions instead of a talk guns!

On this auspicious day here is a piece I thought I should share with my people.

As we all know we celebrates 14 august with passion and dedication. When August comes we charge ourselves for an independence day. We talk about how we got Pakistan how our grandparents fought for our mother land and etc etc.

But… I’ve been observing still we only speaks instead of doing or act something original ……!!!

We talk on Electronic media:

On 1st august till 14th on every channels everywhere we see patriotism. National songs, flags, headlines, patriotic news, patriotic programs and etc…

We talk via print media:

On 1st august till 14th in every newspaper we see patriotic pictures, quotes, headlines, news, interviews, short columns or stories about our national heroes and etc…

We talk on social media:

On 1st august till 14th on every Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and everywhere we actively taking apart by postings, quoting, sharing national songs, hashtags and etc.

Likely more ways we celebrates this auspicious day but here are my few questions:

  • Do we really celebrates this day or it’s just a trend to celebrate like other occasions?
  • ·         Are we really united under this flag?
  • ·         Do we follows those points on which we got independence?
  • ·         Do we really think we are playing our part in this so called united country?

And with these basic questions I’ve more to ask but I won’t as I get same cliché replies as we used to.

Because! Usually we don’t go with actions instead of a talk guns!

Yes we celebrates this independence by hanging out and partying all day and night and I’m sure we only take it as a “shugal” week.

I’ve a right to do “Shikwa” to my people that why we have been divided from each other by following different routes for fame? Just because of we see lots of fame there? Why we avoid to do such actions and fulfil that causes behind the creation of this land.

Have you read Iqbal? Here are just 2 quotes in thousands I thought I should share.

He says:

“Rise, for a new age dawns; your era begins in East and West”

He was quoting about new era in which we are suffering the same differences we had before the separation. How can we fulfil his dreams? By following these so called ridiculous trends?

One more quote from Sir, Iqbal:

“Whatever the eye is seeing cannot be described by the lips, I am lost in amazement as to what the world will become! The night will eventually disappear by sun’s appearance! This garden will be filled with Light of Tauhid (Oneness of God)”

When I was reading these lines and thinking that Mr. Iqbal was quoting Islam and predicting about our current scenario. But unfortunately we couldn’t reach his dreams yet! And acting as a joker by celebrating this auspicious day with trending and avoiding to do such acts Pakistan formed for.

Please be original!! Let the time begin… Play your to part to make this land original. Don’t just celebrate or ridicule these precious days with your fun but celebrate every day as an independence day and do something original for this mother land. Our grandparents fought for this land not for our fun. Please live and let the others live with originality.

If we want our Jinnah’s Pakistan so, only we have to be united by being original instead of dividing in different groups.

Last but not the least feel that patriotism like those people who fought for this land.

Please for God sake!

In the end A Very Happy Independence Day to all J

Pakistan Zindabad !

South Asian rock band Mizmaar, currently riding high on the success of their comeback single Jee Loonga, recently organized a singing competition for their fans who aspire to be musicians. The #BeMizmaar competition, which was held on the band’s official Facebook page, opened to a great response from Mizmaar’s virtual followers. Entries, in the form of covers of Jee Loonga, were sent from all over the world, making it a tough competition for finalists. Since it was a close call between the final two entries, one of them being an instrumental, the band had to call it a tie and award two winners, Abdul Ahad Shahzad and Ali Raza.Mizmaar and winner Abdul Ahad Shahzad [2]
Both winners received exclusive Mizmaar merchandise and their entries were uploaded on the official Mizmaar social media pages, for everyone to see, hear and leave their comments.
One of the winners, namely Abdul Ahad Shahzad, who used a simple combination of an acoustic guitar and vocals in his cover, won a chance to visit Mizmaar’spersonal studio for a one-on-one interaction and some live jamming. The video of that session can be seen heremizmaar logo

Overjoyed by the experience, Abdul commented on Facebook “Thank you so very much for such a great and wonderful time Mizmaar (Mashhad, Kashan Admani and Alfred Dmello). You people are amazing. I will never ever forget the great evening at Dream Station Productions. Thank you so very much for your hospitality. Mizmaar and the crew rocks! It feels amazing when such great feedback comes from such a great band of Pakistan. All the best for your album!”
Jee Loonga by Mizmaar
Abdul Ahad Shahzad’s winning acoustic cover of Jee Loonga can be heard here:
Ali Raza’s winning instrumental cover of Jee Loonga can be heard here:

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Jahanzeb Qayum Khan, Vice President and General Manager, Pepsi-Cola International, Pakistan & Afghanistan and Mr. Irafn Mustafa Chairman KFC Pakistan (Franchisee of Gray Mackenzie Restaurants International Limited) signed an exclusive agreement for supply of carbonated and non-carbonated beverages to KFC in Pakistan. The ceremony was attended by senior leadership teams from both organizations as well as media representatives.

DSC_4094 Pepsi-Cola Pakistan is the leading beverage company in Pakistan. Pepsi-Cola offers a wide range of refreshing beveragesincluding Pepsi, Mountain Dew, 7-UP, Mirinda, Sting, Slice and Aquafina. The company enjoys a leading position in the liquid refreshment category and also has a very strong complementing snack business with brands like Lays, Kurkure and Cheetos in Pakistan.
KFC opened its door in Pakistan in the summer of 1997 in Karachi and has now expanded to a total of 59 outlets nationwide. Ever since its inception, KFC has been a household favorite amongst the masses and is known best for its fried chicken and Zinger burger.

DSC_4104 “Pepsi and KFC have a long standing partnership of over 15 years in Pakistan” quoted Romana Aziz Khan the Director Key Accounts and Capability for Pepsi-Cola Pakistan. According to Ms. Khan,“As the leading beverage company in Pakistan, Pepsi is proud to renew its long standing relationship with KFC which is one of the top international fast food chains in Pakistan – together we aim to continue providingour consumers with the perfect combo – a chilled Pepsi beverage with every KFC meal.”
According to, Raza Pirbhai, Chief Operating Officer, KFC Pakistan,“We are pleased to extend our partnership with Pepsi. KFC and Pepsi go back a long way.Both brands live in the hearts of consumers across the world. KFC &Pepsi together is a perfect combination for a happy occasion.”

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Today I met a person who is a driver and trying to educate his children in a private school. He was very upset today i asked him what happened dear. and then he burst out and shared with me his feelings about education system of Pakistan. His comments were as follows:

<ol><li>Why we don’t have similar education system in Government and Private Schools?</li><li>
Is there any Institution to monitor exploitation of Private schools?</li><li>
Is education a service to the nation or an industry? where schools owners run three to four different types of business e.g. Uniform Shops, Stationery Shops, and Transportation as well. He further said that this is where private schools exploit us the uniform which is available at a low cost in the market the dedicated shops of schools sell that uniform at a higher cost and we have no choice to buy from open market because of schools logo etc. Same is happening with stationery schools printed stationery is a new trend introduced by private schools and they charge much higher from the open market. additionally those note books are a good marketing tools of schools.</li><li>
Schools Van owners charge for even summer vacations. is this not an exploitation?</li><li>
A country which is facing education emergency, where it is very difficult to convince lower middle class to send their children to schools, If such exploitation continued that our education related indicator will further go down.</li></ol>

He asked me to raise a voice for his issues and request concerned quarters to look into this serious matter of general public.

By using social media forum I am requesting all my friends and family members please do raise your voice, please do write on this issue, please put these issues in the eyes and ears of our policy makers.



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