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Youth perspective on Karachi Airport Attack

As the situation of the country changes my phone starts buzzing and my WhatsApp gets flooded. It’s true that everybody has their own views and opinions but what pisses me off is the fact that every other person I talk to has his or her own set of facts. One set of facts differs from the next I get to listen to.

Initially, it was hard to gulp down a torrent of facts all at once, but I soon realized all my WhatsApp conversations consisted of Perspectives, not facts!

Our youth has started feeding on perspectives, I’m not sure if it’s something good or bad, but by the look of it I feel sorry for people like me who are denied the truth. Which leaves us in a mess; thus we spend hours on social media and try to clean the mess we’re in by taking over arguments and trying to certify our individual perspectives. Which eventually leaves us with no time to contemplate over what we’re actually going through. This life of perspective is different for everybody, and thus further creates a colossal divide among us.

The cream of this nation needs to pop their bubbles of perspective, majorly because we have enough thinkers, speakers, bloggers and self proclaimed journalists. It’s time to stop talking and start searching for the truth, the thickly veiled truth; the truth that is screaming out to us. It is not about opening our eyes, it about focusing. We play games. Games of Perspective, games of blame, games of hide & seek. We burn. We scream. We shout. We shut down. We argue. We point. And at the end of the entire drama, we move on; we move on with our pathetic lives and pitiful perspectives.

I don’t know if this nation would ever get hold of the truth, whether it is the ‘TTP’, the so called ‘Modi Sarkar’, ‘Amreeka’, ‘Imran Khan’, ‘Jang Group’, or the other common round table conflicting issues. All I know is that our enemies feast on our differences and we have to make them starve to death!

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Stereotypes of cultural and color communities


“Environmental historians have documented new mainstream environmentalism’s wilderness and preservationist conceptions of the environment as a pristine green space devoid of people were derived from romantic and transcendentalist ideals and reflected class and racial biases.” p28 in Noxious New York” ― Silvia Hood Washington

Environmental racism is the lop-sided effect of environmental perils on people of color .It is the racial stereotypes or prosecution of any policy, exercise, or directives that damagingly affects the environment of low-income and racially homogeneous communities at a critical rate than elite communities.

“Racism is the intentional or unintentional use of power to isolate, separate and exploit others. . . Racism is more than just a personal attitude; it is the institutionalized form of the attitude” -National Council of Churches Racial Justice Working Group

Environmental racism has affected the eco-system, the exploitation of land, people, and the natural environment. It has resulted in damaging water resources, natural reserves, air and agriculture. Environmental racism functions as in differentiating between intra-nation, especially from the ethnic or racial groups form a non-numeric political and minority. For example, blacks in the U.S. form both a political and numerical racial minority. It’s a common phenomenon these days that peoples own interventions, activities and technologies that passively are becoming their own threats, yet brutally damaging the eco system and exploiting natural recourse. However the only difference is who is gaining and who gets damaged. It’s like that public policies and industrial practices are providing benefits to the countries in the North but shifting costs to countries in the South. Example of environmental racism

An explosion at a fertilizer facility in West, TX killed fifteen people, including local fire-fighters, and leveled an entire neighborhood in April 2013.

In an African American community in rural Louisiana, where among the 30 petrochemical and industrial plants, two vinyl companies bordering the community’s water reserves had contaminated it with,millions of pounds of ethylene dichloride (EDC). It is severely dangerous causing cancer, hormone disruption, and severe impairment of a child’s physical and cognitive development.

Farm workers work on crops that are treated with toxic pesticides and pesticide exposure can result in death, birth defects, cancer, nerve disorders, skin diseases and other problems.

Increased globalization of the world’s economy has alarmingly endangered human kind and severely damaged the eco-systems.  Many poor communities and poor nations inhabited largely by people of color and indigenous peoples are devastatingly under great jeopardy.In environmental racialism affected groups, poor or indigenous peoples live and dug oil, cut timber and extract minerals, pull out or quench out other natural resources quite inefficiently or exploitatively as to devastate eco-systems and destroy their culture and livelihood. Waste from both high and low tech industries, toxic chemicals etc. have polluted groundwater, soil and the atmosphere. The globalization of the chemical industry is increasing the levels of persistent organic pollutants, such as dioxin, in the environment.

As a consequence, these communities suffer shorter life spans, higher infant and adult mortality, poor health, poverty, diminished economic opportunities, substandard housing, and an overall degraded quality of life. Not only poor communities are affected but the eco system as well.

Government need to put forth certain incentives and policies and to take firm measure to this imperial matter of jeopardy. People need justice of fair jobs, human rights, healthy environment to live in. Environment needs justice of sacredness of Mother Earth, ecological unity and the interdependence of all species, and the right to be free from eco destruction.

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The woman is a mother, a sister, a wife and the God Almighty prescribed that the rights of men and women both are same. We live in the mighty Islamic republic of Pakistan and the poignant news about women being tortured, brutally murdered with bricks, gang raped gave us goose bumps every time we watched them. Cruelty against women has been age-old phenomenon, where women have been subjected to brutality and inexplicable exploitation for one reason or the other. In the male-dominated world, she has been treated not better than a commodity, a mere puppet in the hands of her so-called protector, be in the form of father, brother or subsequently her husband for the rest of her life. Her position has been reduced next to nothing to the extent that she cannot take a decision of her own. By virtue of this pathetic plight, she has been enduring cruelty meted out with her at the hands of her husband and his relatives as well.

Woman is someone who bared you in her womb for about nine months, who taught you how to walk, how to talk, how to respect, who was compassionate when you were at your worst and you are excruciating her in such a way that she’s a living dead now? Not only the religion Islam but all other religions preach their followers that she is a human being too with as many emotions as you possess and she must not be penalized for being a woman. She is a creature to be loved and respected, she got feelings like you do and she is sensitive than you both mentally and physically.

Why don’t we take all our frustration out on someone who carries as much strength as we do? We of course won’t because we know we will fail and regret. I have gone through different news stories like a woman being stoned till death while she was pregnant already, an eleven year old was raped twice in ten days by her teacher, a mother of two children kidnapped and raped several times on gun point and then got her head shaved viciously and the irony is that the police officers didn’t write her complain but terrified her in return because the rapists possess power.

This is a the high time when we must think about humanity and justice and I request the authorities to take some major yet strict actions against all of these criminals and make them a symbol that no one would ever even think about doing these inhuman crimes.

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Election 2013 in Pakistan

Election rigging is not acceptable and condemned world wide but alleging media houses and respectable individuals would not help. Imran Khan may have some solid ground for his allegations but he has not presented any evidence so far.

One wonders whom Khan consults for his political advice or it occurs to him after every one year. As per record, during the election campaign, the most number of appearances made by Khan and his co party workers were on Geo News. Also, after he was discharged from hospital, he was interviewed by Hamid Mir. This Dharna Siyasat will not be of any benefit, rather he should focus on delivering in KPK in order to become the next Prime minister which is his greatest dream.

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Polio free Pakistan

Why our leaders including Imran Khan are silent about USA and CIA’s role in outbreak of polio in Pakistan? Liberals blame Taliban for killing polio workers but no one asks why not even a single polio worker was attacked prior to 02 May 2011 killing of Osama bin Laden, tracked by CIA by exploiting polio vaccinator, Dr. Shakil Afridi and NGOs like Save the Children. It’s infact USA which provided a reason to Taliban to attack polio workers as it is proved that the polio campaigners were used for spying. Government should move a case against CIA and US Government in the International Court of Justice and seek compensation for the losses that nation has to bear in form of travel embargos. Our leaders should highlight the root cause of polio saga so that the world knows that it is not Taliban who failed this country but it is actually the USA and their friends in Pakistan who made this happen.

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Amna Masood Janjua is the ray of hope and icon of struggle for families of thousands of missing persons who are abducted and held without trial and without informing their loved ones. She was beaten up, dragged and thrashed in front of the Parliament with her hijab taken off as cameras flashed and millions of stunned people watched this live on their TVs. Geo was the first channel to show this torture as live broadcast. It was not Indian army, thrashing and stripping hijab of a Muslim lady, but this was our own beloved Pakistani security forces who expect every Pakistanis to love them.

Love cannot be commanded by uniform. It comes from the mutual love and respect. Instead of protecting its citizens, our security forces abduct them, forcefully disappear them and then beat and arrest the aggrieved families on the streets to silence their dissenting voices. And then men in uniform expect love and respect? My heart cries for Hamid Mir. Has he been here, he must have been standing tall with his crew amid baton charge and tear gas and would have again exposed the plight of missing persons families to the whole world.

Amna was tear gassed but I cannot hold my tears sitting in front of TV. May Allah bless Amina and Hamid Mir, our prayers are with you.


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Shahid Afridi the most popular cricketer

Afridi played 27 Tests, 378 One Day Internationals, and 73 Twenty20 Internationals (T20Is) for the Pakistani national team. He made his ODI debut on 2 October 1996 against Kenya and his Test debut on 22 October 1998 against Australia. T20 28th Aug 2006 v/s England against Sri Lanka, Afridi batted at number three in the role of a pinch-hitter. In his first international innings, Afridi broke the record for fastest century in ODI cricket, reaching his hundred from 37 balls. The eleven sixes he struck also equaled the record for most in an ODI innings

Afridi scored his maiden Test century, scoring 141 runs from 191 balls. In the same match he also claimed three wickets for 54 runs

Shahid Afridi has scored 5 centuries in test cricket while 6 in ODI

Against or rivalries India Shahid Afridi has scored 5 centuries 3in tests and 2 in ODI

As of May 2013, Matches 27 373 70
Runs scored 1,716 7,516 1044
Batting average 36.51 23.34 18.98

He has an ODI strike rate of 114.53(3rd highest)


48 test wickets and over 378 in ODIs with a best of 7 wickets for just 12 runs. Currently Afridi is third on the list of leading wicket takers in the Twenty20 format, , taking 76 wickets from 73 matches with an average of 22.2

In ODI World Cup 2011, Afridi Makes Another World Record. He Took 22 Wickets During Such Tournament That Was Most Number Of Wickets By Any Captain In History Of ODI Cricket If U Talk About T20 Shahid Afridi Has Taken 41 Wickets In Different T20 World Cups. This Is Still A World Record.

In 2013, Shahid Afridi Bowled a Magical Spell of Bowling against West Indies, Where he Took 7 Wickets Giving Away Just 12 Runs. That Was The 2nd Best Bowling Performance in ODI History.

He is a man to whom the world praises if you talks about foreigners

Michael Holding: Cricket is not cricket without Shahid Afridi.

Sachin Tendulkar: Afridi is “fire” for us.

Geoffrey Boycott: He is a power house, my favorite player of all time.

Yuvraj: Even after hitting 6 sixes, can’t even come close to Afridi’s fame

On 4 October 1996, against Sri Lanka in Nairobi. His innings included 28 runs off one of Sanath Jayasuriya’s overs, whose record he broke.

Made 32 runs off a Malinga Bandara over in an ODI game at Abu Dhabi in 2007. He struck four consecutive sixes and it was the 2nd most expensive over in ODI history.

Holds four of the top eight fastest ODI half centuries, twice completed in 18 balls once in 19 and twice in 20 balls. He has also scored a half century of just 21 balls.

The third fastest ODI century off 45 balls in April 2005 against India commentator Ravi Shastri make him the nickname Boom Boom Afridi

Youngest player in history to make an ODI century at just 16 years and 217 days with his 37 ball ton against Sri Lanka. It included 11 sixes and 6 fours.

Most matches in career (6th)

Was the First player to score 12 runs off one ball, by hitting the roof of the Millennium Stadium.
Only player who took 350 wickets and scored 7000 runs in ODIs.
Only player who took 5 wicket + score a fifty three time.
Only Player to hit more 400 Sixes in International career, 333 Sixes in His Incredible ODI Career

Only Pakistani and 2nd Player in Cricket history, Who Scored More Than 10,000 Runs and Took 500 plus Wickets in International Career

The top 3 highest inning strike rate also belongs to Shahid Afridi with a highest inn strike rate of 357.1

Due to his remarkable performance in all types of cricket Shahid Afridi received most man of the match awards in Pakistan cricket history.

Let me tell u an interesting fact that Shahid Afridi has got 5 wicket haul 8 times and not a single time Pak lost the match and he is world no.3 in terms of 5 wickets haul ..

Stats shows that whenever Shahid Afridi has taken 4 or more wickets or have scored 50+ runs 95% Pak has been declared as a winner Which clearly states that he is the match winner He is super star it is very hard to say that player like him will come in future. He is a gift for cricket, and an all-rounder with so many records

We salute you sir for your dedication, devotion, struggle, strives and for representing our country our nation as an ambassador with a pride u r a real hero and we are standing with you in all your good and off time

And now to serve humanity he is here with as passionate as ever so concluding my speech I am living a question for u that “Ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country.”

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Global property platform Lamudi turns six months old this month and has marked the occasion by releasing an info graphic showing the exceptional pace of growth of the company

Lahore: Launched in October 2013, Lamudi is now operating across 22 countries in Africa, Asia and South America with further expansions planned in future. Over 250,000 properties are now listed worldwide on the platform – a 100% increase on the 100,000 properties that were listed on Lamudi in February of this year. A major chunk of these listings are from Pakistan and are listed on

Kian Moini, Global Co-Founder of Lamudi, commented: “The rate of growth of Lamudi in our first 6 months is astounding. In six months we have grown from a small, core team to a company that employs over 300 people across 22 countries worldwide. That tells you something about the level of demand that there is for the service that we are providing.”

Lamudi was founded in 2013 and is currently available in Algeria, Bangladesh, Colombia, Ethiopia, Ghana, Indonesia, Kenya, Mexico, Morocco, Myanmar, Nigeria, Pakistan, Peru, Philippines, Rwanda, Saudi Arabia, Tanzania, Tunisia, Uganda, Zambia and Zimbabwe

The real estate marketplace offers sellers, buyers, landlords and renters the ideal platform to find homes, land and commercial properties online. Lamudi has also been singled out as being at the forefront of changing the culture of the tech industry. A traditionally male-dominated industry, Lamudi stands out from the crowd with a 50% female workforce at their Berlin HQ with several women in high level positions across the world.

Moini outlined his ambition for Lamudi in future: “The interest and excitement surrounding our product is great to see and we want to continue to improve our platform. Our ultimate goal is to be the market leader everywhere that we operate and I believe that our constant investment in our product will help that come to fruition. We want everyone – whether its people looking to buy, a landlord looking to rent, or a business looking for new premises – to be able to say ‘we found it on Lamudi’

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Journalists safety in Pakistan

Journalism is a profession that requires the bravest of hearts and souls. Highlighting and investigating hard-hitting stories is a major undertaking in itself. And sooner or later, the stories that journalists write may render them afoul of some influential personalities. In short, in the midst of uncovering the truth, reporters may find themselves painted with a bull’s eye.

This is exactly what a recent episode of BBC’s current affairs program Saibeen took a look at. Monday’s episode dealt with the dangers of being a journalist in Pakistan.

Independent sources quote that as much as 47 journalists have been slain in Pakistan for the last one year, making it one of the most lethal places in the world for journalism. In the face of such grim statistics, comes the recent (and brazen) gun attack on Pak journalist Raza Rumi. Rumi’s car was sprayed with bullets from unknown gunmen. He was injured and his driver succumbed to his wounds on the way to hospital.

Recent reports have put the affiliation of the assailants with TTP, the militant terrorist outfit.

Rumi was based in Lahore, a city that has largely been spared the fate of almost daily terrorist attacks that afflict Quetta, Peshawar and Karachi. That’s why the attack on the reporter-cum-TV-news-anchor represents a new front in Pakistan’s ongoing anti-terrorism efforts.

BBC spoke to Raza Rumi following the aftermath of the attack. He opined that how could anybody perform their journalistic duty when things had gotten so dire. Fearing for the safety of his family and well-wishers, it’s no surprise that Raza Rumi has left Pakistan. Reportedly, 15 of his colleagues in the media circles have followed suit as well.

According to the CJP (Committee to Protect Journalists), Pakistan ranks at 10th place on countries that have fell short of providing adequate security to the media.

This does not bode well for the issue of press freedom in Pakistan. It is commonly held view that the press faces threats from militants as well as the government (and military) that does not take kindly to reports that tend to criticize their shortcomings. The government needs to provide better security to the press fraternity as its duty to uphold the law of the state.

The English dailies are harder hit as they tend to give no space for the anti-obstructionist narrative.
Whether it is safe for the journalistic fraternity to keep doing their job in such dire conditions or leave the country for good, that’s a question to ponder by media organizations across Pakistan.

Something that BBC’s Saibeen program highlighted prominently. With the space for anti-TTP narrative rapidly shrinking, the job of journalists in ascertaining the facts on ground grows ever so important.
Pakistan needs to do more to protect those who are motivated with the desire to set the record straight.

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Former Pakistan cricket captain Rashid Latif said on Tuesday he turned down the job of national chief selector because he could not work with ex-players tainted by corruption

The 45-year-old, who famously blew the whistle on match-fixing in 1994-95, last week refused to take up the chief selector’s post with the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB).

Corruption, match-fixing and spot-fixing allegations have dogged Pakistani cricket for two decades and Latif said he could not work with tarnished ex-pros.

“I have my principles, which do not allow me to work with players who were punished for match-fixing in the past,” Latif told AFP



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