Are you a young but Insanely productive Entrepreneur?

For busy entrepreneurs, task overload is the new norm. With a barrage of emails, texts, calls, clients and employees constantly bombarding you, but with all this you need to be geared towards speeding up the growth of your business. Here we have got you covered from a fresh budding entrepreneur to a successful business executor.

  • Incubation:Attract high quality entrepreneurs / ventures for incubation through engaging events like workshops, contests and seminars
  • Productivity: Open up the access to eco‐system network of support partners, prospective customers as well as potential investors on a continuous basis

The Encubator believe that with the right education, mentoring, networking opportunities, business support services, and a collaborative learning/working environment, entrepreneurs are able to develop, accelerate their ideas, and execute their business startups successfully and efficiently, The Encubator is

  • Serving exposure to professional working enviroment which will push entrepreneurs to execute their fantasy of a successful bussiness
  • Launching a medium to work in, which will hatch in to revealing skills, expertise and commanding the art of competence
  • Along with the guidance of ‘How to meet industry demands’ we provide incubation program which foster their startups and support intentive entrepreneurs who fall back developing right connections
  • Seeking for conditions that encourage new ideas, providing access to resources, supporting trial errror and failure and multi disciplinary teamwork
  • Channeling new technoligies and practices. It will make them learn to take their products to maturity and will attain potential to absorb technology transfer

The facility will contain open areas, informal meeting areas, collaboration stations, offices, and conference room for when privacy is needed for strategic planning and/or telephone/video conferencing.
[quote_center]It’s flexible, It’s affordable, It’s fun![/quote_center]

Top 5 Highest Funded Startups of Pakistan in 2014

2014 has been a massive success for Pakistan IT sector where young and passionate entrepreneurs have emerged with unique business ideas. The country which has 30 million internet users and 6.8 million smart phone users, has already grasped the attention of international as well as local investors in the tech market. The advent of small to medium tech startups like Kaymu, have revolutionized the entrepreneurial genre in the IT sector. The county having the most liberal investment policy in the South Asian region has produced some vibrant startups that have successfully got financial aid from the business community.

Here are our top 5 success stories of tech startups that have managed to attain heavy funding from various financial sources both nationally and internationally.


Kaymu, which is an online marketplace, is the venture of world’s biggest internet incubator Rocket Internet. It is currently working in more than 22 countries globally with more than 1 million visitors every day. Kaymu helps its customers to buy or sell their products easily through their online portal and now they have successfully launched their mobile application as well. Currently Kaymu is operating in five Asian countries including Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Myanmar. The tech venture has recently been funded with $7 million of overall investment to focus on new markets like Pakistan.


BookMe is a web and mobile application that lets you order movie and bus tickets with a few clicks. The app initially started in Lahore but now covers the cities of Islamabad and Karachi as well. According to its CEO, Faizan Aslam, the startup is getting more than 350 orders per day which would be increasing once they expand their business to offer other transport and events tickets as well. Faizan recently represented his startup in Startup Turkey event which helped him to galvanize the Turkish investment from Etohum, a Turkish investment group. The app is operative via an android app, website and also SMS. Although e-ticketing is still a potential market with discrepancies like patchy internet connection, low credit card penetration and less internet banking, yet BookMe appears to be a promising startup in the e-ticketing market.

III Groopic

This unique Groopic mobile app is one of its own kind that enable the photographer to be in the picture. It is the brain child of Eyedeus Labs that was a major hit to grasp the attention of CNN correspondents. The CEO, Ali Rehan is very much optimistic after the success of his first project and is adamant to continue with the next project of Ingrain, which is a video monetization service that enables to create less intrusive ads. This has successfully secured the company with an investment of USD 150000 from Kima Ventures.

IV Convo

It is a multiplatform social network app that lets the teams to coordinate for their work in a media-enabled virtual environment. It can be assumed to function like Face book but it is more of a professional-like face-booking. The company that started in 2005 now has a customer base of more than 6000 people from 150 countries approximately along with the usage of 10% of Fortune 500 companies. The tech startup has been so popular and inspiring that US President Barak Obama also mentioned it in his tweet. With brilliant scope in mind, the company has attained $5 million investment from a top Venture Capitalist of Silicon Valley.


PakWheels has been a well-known online car portal for around 11 years. The company has the largest auto classified section in the country with more than 500000 listings. With mega competitors like Carmudi, penetrating the market, the company has bagged huge investment of $3.5 million from Frontier Digital Ventures to remain competitive. Its CEO Raza Saeed defends the funding to be a future investment for PakWheels to maintain its leadership, bring new offers and improve current services

Nejat Abdella opened doors for Ethiopian Youth

In school they’ll tell you the only way you’ll be successful in life is though studying day-and-night and scoring high on exams, and although many people follow this principle, it isn’t entirely true. Look at people like Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg, they dropped out of college to follow their dream and it turned out to be the million-dollar company they never imagined. This means there’s more to the equation than cramming books and pulling an all-nighter to write essays, right? Ms. Nejat Abella says ‘To be successful, you need something else other than knowledge: social skills’

Nejat Abdella is a young, inspiring, passionate Business Advisor for the United Nations in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. She went to high school at Sandford International School (Ethiopia) and later on after pursuing her IB Diploma Programme she got a Full Scholarship to attend Trent University. After finishing University, Nejat came back to Ethiopia to give back to the youth community that she believed to have so much potential. She started her own social enterprise called ‘JU90’ which places IB (International Baccalaureate) seniors in organizations that match their field of work interest. The students then undergo a 6-month internship with the organization learning and developing both personally and professionally. These skills help them in their future (e.g. university applications, career pathways).

 NejatAbdullahEstablished in 2013, JU90 combines projects and initiatives to harness  ones potential and social skills. JU90 believes that you perceive  development from within than from anywhere else. As development is  a  series of progression rather than a destination, JU90 contributes to  this  process by instilling positive changes. It fosters innovation and  entrepreneurial spirit to youth.

Schools are wonderful institutions that act as a fountain of knowledge for  everyone – yet, they often miss out on things that matter like happiness,  passion, commitment and so on. These are extraordinary qualities you pick up when you experience firsthand what the business environment is like.

JU90 has already opened doors for so many youths to explore their talent, discover life-changing opportunities and experience a truly meaningful time in their assigned placement organizations!

Meet Ansar Shah, COO of Foortal

Can’t help getting hungry at office, home or college? will placate your hunger. YouthPlugged had a chance to bring exclusive interview of Mr. Ansar Shah, Chief Operating Officer and one of the founding members of In his exclusive interview with Youth Plugged, Mr. Ansar speaks about and shares his entrepreneurial experience and advice for new and future entrepreneurs.

1. Tell me about yourself and Foortal?
I am an IT professional having more than 5 years of experience in building technology startups and building hosted platforms for Telco like O2, Vodafone and Ericsson. I believe in giving back, whether it’s work, family, society or Country.

I am also a proud member of Team Foortal – an online food delivery and takeaway ordering portal bringing both foodies and restaurants under one roof. Consumers can place online orders at their ease and under the budget with thousands of deals, menus and discounts. Restaurants on the other hand can communicate with their customers. Foortal helps you to order food from anywhere in Pakistan using laptop, PCs and on the Go with Foortal’s 3G/4G enabled mobile app.

2. What was exactly the motivation behind starting Foortal?
Three reasons! First Waqar Shah – CEO started out as technology outsourcing company in 2008, but in the past Pakistan IT industry collapsed unfortunately. So, we were convinced to build products that will help us sustain without outsourcing business. Secondly, Waqar has spent much of his time abroad and apprehended that Pakistani food is being relished out by foreigners and there is a need of portal specifically for food. And finally, we wanted to build a global product, when deployed to international countries like UK, UAE, US, China etc., it will bring glory to its origin. Since Foortal is developed in Pakistan, it will bring glory to the country – insha’ALLAH.

3. Who are your clients?
Everybody who loves to eat and explore new food whether they are home users, housewives, students, office worker, party lovers, but to be specific, office people are our niche.

4. What and how has been the response from people?
Fantastic! They love it when they see it and use the service. Since online food ordering culture has been at ground in Pakistan, so there’s lot more that we need to dig in for people to start using online food ordering services. We have seen critics though as of having low marketing campaigning but that was on purpose, game is yet to be started.


5. What’s the best part of the next thing you are doing for Foortal?
We believe in innovations. We keep building new features for both customers and restaurants as per the market requirements and observing consumer’s behavior. Two things to highlight here; First is the “CASHBACK” feature, which allows you to get instant cash back into your Foortal wallet, against every order that you place online via The other is “Refer and Earn” scheme – this is interesting bit. It allows you to refer friends and earn money when they place order. So if you have a huge fan following, then you’re ready to make money with Foortal’s referral scheme.

6. Are there any other food portals like Foortal available in Pakistan? If yes, what makes you distinct from them?
Yes, there are few and their efforts to help ecommerce culture grow in Pakistan are appreciable. However, how Foortal is different from them is Foortal is a tailor made platform using latest technologies for both web and mobile. We believe it’s going to be technology that will give Foortal an edge over others. Foortal is like Google (robust, fast, intuitive and easily scalable). Online ordering is only a small component of Foortal. There’s lot more in it which will be revealed with time and need. Also, Foortal is developed in Pakistan by the team who develop solutions for European companies and it is owned by our company WaqarTech Limited, registered in the UK. In near future we will export technology rather than importing it.

7. Any latest achievement by Foortal, please brief?
Since Foortal is a global platform so the plan is to expand its reach out of Pakistan to countries like UK, UAE and Saudi Arabia, we are started with pilot phase in UK this quarter with 25 restaurants. We are also in talks for Foortal China with few Chinese businesses. We will close a deal soon insha’ALLAH.
[pull_quote_right] “It’s not important for a Leader to be an Entrepreneur but it’s essential for an Entrepreneur to be a Leader.” – Ansar Shah [/pull_quote_right] 8. Any suggestions you would like to give to people who are working to start their own start-up?
Yes! Entrepreneurship does not mean that you have to have a break-through idea only; it can be an innovation to existing things or processes to make things better for people and bring convenience to life. An example quoted by one of my good friend Mr. Hammad Siqqidui is about the innovation of Samsonite travel bags. They saw a gap, a problem when people travel. People when traveling, they have to hold up heavy luggage bags while waiting in queue or walking. Samsonite encountered this problem with minor innovation. They picked the wheels and put it under the bags. That’s it, nothing new Wheels and Chests are invented thousands of years ago. So believe in Endless-Possibilities.