Thursday, January 18, 2018

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Pakistan’s largest property website has raised $9 million from three renowned international funds in its latest venture round

The investment has gone into’s parent company Zamzama Property Group, which also owns UAE’s leading property portal The group chose not to disclose the current valuation of either portal, but said the Ali Khan brothers collectively retain controlling interest.

The news of the investment comes at the heels of a recent announcement that has welcomed top names from the global property portal industry into its team, including:

  • Simon Baker, the former CEO of REA Group, the former Chairman of the iProperty Group, and now Chairman of the recently listed Mitula Group; and
  • Roland Tripard, the CEO of

Per Brilioth, the Managing Director of Vostok New Ventures, one of the funds that was part of the venture round, will also join the Board of Directors. was founded in Pakistan by the Ali Khan brothers in 2006. The startup grew in size and scope over the next few years and received an angel investment from French property portal authority Gilles Blanchard in 2012, followed by a successful Series A round in 2014. The portal has exhibited meteoric growth over the last year, expanding its team from 90 employees at the start of 2014 to well over 300 people across Pakistan currently. It also reached the 2 million monthly visits mark in August 2015. CEO Zeeshan Ali Khan said the portal would remain a quintessentially Pakistani company despite the sizeable foreign investment. “The fact that is locally owned and locally managed has played a very central role in the portal’s immense popularity, and over the years we have made sure not to compromise on the innate Pakistani-ness that makes one of the country’s most beloved and successful tech enterprises,” he said.

“We have been at the helm of a digital revolution in the country that has seen millions of Pakistanis come online for the first time. This is a company run by Pakistanis for Pakistanis, and it will always be,” Zeeshan added.’s Chairman Gilles Blanchard said the portal was well-funded and led by the top names in the industry. “With ample resources and a team that has virtually seen and done it all, we are ideally placed to continue leading the wave of digital awareness in Pakistan. It’s a very exciting time.”

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The Encubator’s vision is to maximize the success rate of the young entrepreneurs by empowering them with state‐of‐the art technology innovation capabilities as well as experiential business wisdom

For busy entrepreneurs, task overload is the new norm. With a barrage of emails, texts, calls, clients and employees constantly bombarding you, but with all this you need to be geared towards speeding up the growth of your business. Here we have got you covered from a fresh budding entrepreneur to a successful business executor.

  • Incubation:Attract high quality entrepreneurs / ventures for incubation through engaging events like workshops, contests and seminars
  • Productivity: Open up the access to eco‐system network of support partners, prospective customers as well as potential investors on a continuous basis

The Encubator believe that with the right education, mentoring, networking opportunities, business support services, and a collaborative learning/working environment, entrepreneurs are able to develop, accelerate their ideas, and execute their business startups successfully and efficiently, The Encubator is

  • Serving exposure to professional working enviroment which will push entrepreneurs to execute their fantasy of a successful bussiness
  • Launching a medium to work in, which will hatch in to revealing skills, expertise and commanding the art of competence
  • Along with the guidance of ‘How to meet industry demands’ we provide incubation program which foster their startups and support intentive entrepreneurs who fall back developing right connections
  • Seeking for conditions that encourage new ideas, providing access to resources, supporting trial errror and failure and multi disciplinary teamwork
  • Channeling new technoligies and practices. It will make them learn to take their products to maturity and will attain potential to absorb technology transfer

The facility will contain open areas, informal meeting areas, collaboration stations, offices, and conference room for when privacy is needed for strategic planning and/or telephone/video conferencing.

It’s flexible, It’s affordable, It’s fun!

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keep doing mistakes, keep learning from them

Dawn of every morning teaches us to give a new start to the continued journey. We need break after every tiring trip, to rejoice and to restore the vitality. Helping us to recollect all the random thoughts and focus our goal. Different tools and practices had been widely practiced and advised to do it. Still we need more.

In the series of expectations starting from others to ourselves – made us forget to breathe deep, feel pleased, reflect the light inside and to express the life within. we even forget that the mistakes we made helped us to reach this status we have. Simultaneously, these mistakes made us strong, more skillful, more intelligent, fairly expert in some tasks, and able to foresee.

Like many of us, while pondering what am I, what I want, achieved, lost or gained, I often forget one thing…. The most powerful and impactful i.e. “Forgiveness for self” Many of us openly forgive people around them; Letting them go … Leaving behind a Lesson for our lives, showing our strength to keep them along with their forgotten past.

Do you feel so strong enough to forgive yourself for anything bad happened in past? If not, then without giving a second chance – you are unknowingly affecting something incomparable and precious for you i.e. your Confidence and Energy.

When mistakes are unforgivable they became crime, locking up all your strengths within. It’s just like carrying out death sentence for your creativity and unique personality traits. At the end making you mentally disturbed, unfocused, unhealthy, and full of confusion with fear to move on.

Let the regrets cleaned out of your heart forever as no one else can do it for you!! This will make you light, bright, confident, strong and even more productive and somewhat perfect. Treat each mistake like a new chapter, read it and close it as the only thing to be kept with you is its MORAL.

So, keep doing mistakes, keep learning from them and set your mind and soul free by forgiveness!!!

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The young Pakistani professionals designing Smartphone apps and software are gaining massive support from business incubators like Plan 9 and DYL Ventures, who provide them with all kinds of mentoring, training and financial support

2014 has been a massive success for Pakistan IT sector where young and passionate entrepreneurs have emerged with unique business ideas. The country which has 30 million internet users and 6.8 million smart phone users, has already grasped the attention of international as well as local investors in the tech market. The advent of small to medium tech startups like Kaymu, have revolutionized the entrepreneurial genre in the IT sector. The county having the most liberal investment policy in the South Asian region has produced some vibrant startups that have successfully got financial aid from the business community.

Here are our top 5 success stories of tech startups that have managed to attain heavy funding from various financial sources both nationally and internationally.


Kaymu, which is an online marketplace, is the venture of world’s biggest internet incubator Rocket Internet. It is currently working in more than 22 countries globally with more than 1 million visitors every day. Kaymu helps its customers to buy or sell their products easily through their online portal and now they have successfully launched their mobile application as well. Currently Kaymu is operating in five Asian countries including Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Myanmar. The tech venture has recently been funded with $7 million of overall investment to focus on new markets like Pakistan.


BookMe is a web and mobile application that lets you order movie and bus tickets with a few clicks. The app initially started in Lahore but now covers the cities of Islamabad and Karachi as well. According to its CEO, Faizan Aslam, the startup is getting more than 350 orders per day which would be increasing once they expand their business to offer other transport and events tickets as well. Faizan recently represented his startup in Startup Turkey event which helped him to galvanize the Turkish investment from Etohum, a Turkish investment group. The app is operative via an android app, website and also SMS. Although e-ticketing is still a potential market with discrepancies like patchy internet connection, low credit card penetration and less internet banking, yet BookMe appears to be a promising startup in the e-ticketing market.

III Groopic

This unique Groopic mobile app is one of its own kind that enable the photographer to be in the picture. It is the brain child of Eyedeus Labs that was a major hit to grasp the attention of CNN correspondents. The CEO, Ali Rehan is very much optimistic after the success of his first project and is adamant to continue with the next project of Ingrain, which is a video monetization service that enables to create less intrusive ads. This has successfully secured the company with an investment of USD 150000 from Kima Ventures.

IV Convo

It is a multiplatform social network app that lets the teams to coordinate for their work in a media-enabled virtual environment. It can be assumed to function like Face book but it is more of a professional-like face-booking. The company that started in 2005 now has a customer base of more than 6000 people from 150 countries approximately along with the usage of 10% of Fortune 500 companies. The tech startup has been so popular and inspiring that US President Barak Obama also mentioned it in his tweet. With brilliant scope in mind, the company has attained $5 million investment from a top Venture Capitalist of Silicon Valley.


PakWheels has been a well-known online car portal for around 11 years. The company has the largest auto classified section in the country with more than 500000 listings. With mega competitors like Carmudi, penetrating the market, the company has bagged huge investment of $3.5 million from Frontier Digital Ventures to remain competitive. Its CEO Raza Saeed defends the funding to be a future investment for PakWheels to maintain its leadership, bring new offers and improve current services

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If you can dream it, you can do it

Our Future depends on our dreams? Really? Well if that’s the case then I see a very bright future ahead of me since I have only dreamed of Shahrukh khan my entire life.

Honestly speaking, when I hear this word “DREAM” I only take it as part of human psychology involving certain visuals deeply related to our past or present state, since I was raised with such mentality. There was a time in my life when I use to believe that dreams have no jurisdiction whatsoever in our career counseling because middle-class portion of our population simply can’t afford it. Here in Pakistan, Career Counseling can only be perceived in dictionaries since parents here decide what their child will become; moreover the decision is made considering one and only one aspect which is MONEY, MONEY AND MONEY.

Although before pouring my heart out on this topic, I only found one thing interesting in it, which is sleeping and have, became an obsession these days.

I never understood why God created dreams? Why are we forced to see things that we actually want but can never really attain them? Why such torture?

I spent quite a time in searching answers for these questions and have concluded that Dreams are actually kick backers forcing and telling us to pull ourselves up and struggle for things we long for rather than sitting in some miserable chair and cursing fate.

You all might have heard this phrase, “Something is better than nothing” so instead of achieving nothing, we all must try to achieve, at least some parts of our goals that we spent all our lives fathoming about.

Now let’s divert our thoughts to a slightly unpleasant topic which links us to some unusual characteristics of Dreams. Dreams are natural phenomenon but they change as an individual grow older, as for boys it generally remains the same because an infant boy or an adult man both will only dream of Taylor Swift nothing more, nothing less and nothing else.

Now in this singular narration I would really love to discuss a minute portion of our society, who believes that dreams never actually come true. Well before replying to such absurd statements I would like to quote a very famous saying of Mr. Walt Disney which is, “If you can dream it, you can do it”.

We have living examples of personalities who actually found the purpose of their lives in the dreams they saw and proved the phenomenon of dreams actually coming true. So all those who think that dreams are just fictional images I’ve only one thing to say, “GET A LIFE FOLKS”.

Now finally with a sore throat, I would like to end my speech by saying these last few lines, that the two most important days of our lives are the days we were born and the days we find out why…

Electrical & Wind Rickshaw invented by Usman Institute of Technology Students


B.E Electrical Major Electronic Engineer

To be honest with you I don’t know where to start but I will tell my whole story, before taking admission in UIT I don’t have any image of my aim , but one thing is clear I’m serious with my field which is Engineering.

In 2nd semester, I read about Solar and Wind Rickshaw project, which was our final year project, After seen the project which is considered to be Pakistan first Solar & Wind Rickshaw, at that time I decide to make my own Rickshaw which will be different.

When I reached in Final Year it was time to decide your project so I choice Eco Cab. Pakistanis First Eco Cab, In Starting it was difficult because of Structure, as well as the cost was high. So I thought why not to make a proposal and send to every reputed companies of Pakistan for Sponsorship. It was not an easy task to get sponsor. Lots of reputed companies said that they don’t have any budget for any project. In Middle stage of 2nd Mile Stone project we faced lots of problem regarding cost, transport and time. I remember I was doing work on project I used to go home at 2am and my parents told me to stop this project they were not happy the way I was doing my work, lots of time they stop talking or showed their anger. My parents gave me deadline to come home before 10pm or else you will be not enter into home, so I manage to work more in less time. At the end of Project completion I got 4 sponsors (Bridge Power Batteries, Solar Line, Kansai Paints, Servis tyre). At Electro Fair 2014 my team received good response participants.

Lots of people are saying what is ur next step after doing Eco Cab  , so my answer is I’m making my new team & going to launch new Automobile Vehicle soon specially for students .

Motor Configuration: 3600rpm, 48V, 800W, 1HP, 17Amp.
Battery: 70Amp/h Quantity 4
Solar Panel: 50W 12V 3Amp
Eco Cab Configuration: 40Kh/h  , 7 to 12 Km Mileage

Linkagoal new campaign in Pakistan

Linkagoal is a San Francisco based Goal Oriented Social Network, it promotes the habit of writing goals and helps to connect individuals based on similar goals and objectives in life.

Currently numerous users on Linkagoal are creating goals based on Global Causes, the gesture is to make a difference on individual basis. This ignited the idea for them to start a national level campaign in Pakistan.

Linkagoal is running this national level campaign till the end of this December, where the idea is to involve people of Pakistan to write down their personal goals that will bring change in Pakistan. This will help them in two ways, one, it will help them build up the habit of writing goals and second, every individual can hold themselves accountable to be a part of a major change. Towards the end of this campaign, as an award, Linkagoal will select 25 winners and the grand prize winner will receive a brand new car.

Linkagoal will be reaching out to top universities, Radio, TV Shows and place hoardings to reach out to maximum number of individuals.

To influence people, Linkagoal will reach out to 10 well-respected individuals in Pakistan to write their Goal for Pakistan and appear in Linkagoal campaign video. These videos, along with the influencer’s goal will appear across social media platforms.

This will be a platform where people of Pakistan will unite to take an oath of how they, as individuals can make a difference. It will inspire many and many will have a story to tell after that goal has been accomplished.

‘The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do.’

– Steve Jobs —

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Shoes carry modern designs and centuries old indigenous craftsmanship

It was very first begin with the small town of okara, Pakistan. When some of the self motivated skilled craftsmen started to work in local workshop on comparatively low wages and less resources but with the firm belief of move on and set the name

They noticed that all their costumers inspired by their homemade leather goods and this  positive response lead them to introduced their talent at international level .


They launched Markhor with the backers from kick starter the right platform to originate their ideas .

Team Markhor possesses the trendy and modified variety of shoes for gentleman. Markhor provides you the quality style and comfort it offers simple and consistent designs with enormous range of classy wears!

Their productions The derby, Black loafer & Mark loafer are the major milestone.

This massive title may not comprise the total facts and figures about the total production as they have really profound impact on economy.

After working for over 8 months they have launched our first shoe line on Kickstarter. Back them.

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In my personal experience i have seen majority of the students looking for “the most paying” trend or “a field with most job openings”, but both of these factors have a very short term drive in the industry and none of these are guaranteed to give you success. In my opinion, the major factor having an effect on your decisions should be one’s very own self and their interests. As a student one have the best chance to not only select a career of your choice but he or she should be committed to get excellence in that area, because it is the only thing that can make guarantee success regardless of “scope” and it can keep you in a “wanted” position always regardless of the competition.

Technology based IT and automation industry is still in its beginning and it is seen as providing a very long term scope, but this is not end of the world. Although Technology is a major factor that is driving the career opportunities and opening new dimensions but still there are lot of other area which are do not have a direct impact, there includes:

  • Hotel/Restaurants and other areas related to food chains
  • Dresses/Jewellery and related jobs and business
  • Entertainment industry
  • Automotive industry
  • Cash and carry / grocery
  • Services Industry from construction to saloon

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“I believe we are all born with a special gift” – Nejat Abdella

In school they’ll tell you the only way you’ll be successful in life is though studying day-and-night and scoring high on exams, and although many people follow this principle, it isn’t entirely true. Look at people like Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg, they dropped out of college to follow their dream and it turned out to be the million-dollar company they never imagined. This means there’s more to the equation than cramming books and pulling an all-nighter to write essays, right? Ms. Nejat Abella says ‘To be successful, you need something else other than knowledge: social skills’

Nejat Abdella is a young, inspiring, passionate Business Advisor for the United Nations in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. She went to high school at Sandford International School (Ethiopia) and later on after pursuing her IB Diploma Programme she got a Full Scholarship to attend Trent University. After finishing University, Nejat came back to Ethiopia to give back to the youth community that she believed to have so much potential. She started her own social enterprise called ‘JU90’ which places IB (International Baccalaureate) seniors in organizations that match their field of work interest. The students then undergo a 6-month internship with the organization learning and developing both personally and professionally. These skills help them in their future (e.g. university applications, career pathways).

 NejatAbdullahEstablished in 2013, JU90 combines projects and initiatives to harness  ones potential and social skills. JU90 believes that you perceive  development from within than from anywhere else. As development is  a  series of progression rather than a destination, JU90 contributes to  this  process by instilling positive changes. It fosters innovation and  entrepreneurial spirit to youth.

Schools are wonderful institutions that act as a fountain of knowledge for  everyone – yet, they often miss out on things that matter like happiness,  passion, commitment and so on. These are extraordinary qualities you pick up when you experience firsthand what the business environment is like.

JU90 has already opened doors for so many youths to explore their talent, discover life-changing opportunities and experience a truly meaningful time in their assigned placement organizations!



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