Friday, January 19, 2018

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Let the ecstatic peace grip your SOUL

We don’t consider but the reality is, there is a difference between expire & old, as close & sealed, as still & doing nothing, as mingle & attend, as reading & learning, as simple & common , as understanding & knowing, as caring & concerning, as observe & keen, as enjoying & celebrating, as emotions & feelings, as distances & separation, as pranking & hurting, as thoughts & memories, as relations & possessions, as wondering & walking, as hiding & avoiding, as winning & conquering, as regrets & disappointments as blue & sky, as real & facts, as missing & lose, as success & excellence, as hope & wish, as free & independent, as complex & difficult.

So sometimes words can act and sometime acts can speak, why we fail to judge the situation or situation is the correct word for all the above feelings? even when the answers lies with in us, so what’s the mess created for all about? let’s conclude things for our better survival, sometimes we feel things closely other time they hurt more even they are apart, may be its all about the aspect of time sometimes its in your favor while the rest its on my side.Then why don’t we act according to our genuine thoughts at times? Huh but above all there is another thing I forget to mention its nothing but fate, sometime its good to express but sometime its good to act wise.

Sometimes we experienced things while the next moment we are the source of getting experienced for someone, Sometimes we do things for the sickness of someone while sometimes we do things to avoid sickness from someone ,is it necessary to live your life for someone? or sometime we prepare ourselves to be lived for someone? Sometime we want to become a part of people we love but the one who cares us, who likes us whose life colorless without us they deserve the best because they love us.

Why we fit ourselves forcefully to someone’s life rather than become a part of someone who desires keep your mind spiritually clean and your heart naturally pure, sometime we move to escape reality other time reality move apart from us and we live in fantasy world, surely we will eternally survive in some other world then why to make a pleasureful journey a complex one, just Make strong spiritual contact and let the ecstatic peace grip your SOUL…

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To the grave of her

Long before I lived
Felt today when it split
It flew by and I was asleep
To the grave of her

Chasing memories yet lost
Why so cruel this world was
Only the love I dreamed of
To the grave of her

Full moon above i see
Dark below this night is
Numbness i feel in air
To the grave of her

Steady my eyes are
Scattered these petals around me
I recall “BED OF ROSES”
To the grave of her

The sun of my life, regrets
Couldn’t stop, it broke
Forgiveness it seeks without ends
To the grave of her

Moments i saw together
Smiles of love with those lost tears
Mountains could break but,
To the grave of her

What made me so cold!!
How could a stone be living?
I thank– cause today
To the grave of her

Then I regain my conscious
I said “GOODBYE”

But, there was silence!!!
To the grave of her


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Shahid Afridi Foundation soft launch

Last month in March 2014, inaugurated an extravagant tournament, Foortal BOOM BOOM T20 an online game play. Being organized by the, this virtual cricket gala was held to celebrate the mega occasion of T20 Cricket World Cup 2014 so as to intensify the national cricket fever in Pakistan to the maximum. Pakistani cricket lovers were engaged in the real game throughout the T20 World Cup.

Top 50 Winners of this competition are invited to enjoy a ‘Grand Dinner Gala with Lala’ and prize distribution taking place 26th of April, 2014.

In addition to this Mr Shahid Afridi and his technology team (WaqarTech Ltd) will also do a soft-launch of SHAHID AFRIDI FOUNDATION with video documentaries and inauguration of the foundation website.

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Pakistan Idol winner Zamad Baig

Zamad Baig finally emerged as the very first Pakistan Idol after beating the runner up Mohammad Shoaib in the finale of the biggest musical contest of the country on Sunday.

Zamad Baig, the winner of the most popular musical competition, hails from Mandi Bahauddin. He gave tough time to his competitor Muhammad Shoaib and clinched the title. His name will be remembered in the history of music in Pakistan as the very first Pakistan Idol. The judges compared the singing style of Zamad Baig with that of the late music legend Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan.

Zamad Baig Baig’s remarkable performance proved that he had got the talent and guts to be called a melodious singer. He didn’t only win the title of 1st Pakistan Idol but also received a cash price of Rs. 2.5 Million, a brand new Honda City and a music recording contract worth millions of rupees.

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Data and Design Connect! by Pakathon

Pakathon was launched in 3 cities (Boston, Lahore and Islamabad) in September, where there were 250 + attendees for our events and 30 projects. We partnered with groups from Harvard, MIT, Tufts, BU, Suffolk, Oxfam, HDF, LUMS and NUST, and our panel of judges provided $10K in seed money.

Our mission is to connect entrepreneurs, researchers and technologists from Pakistan to those around the world to create projects and companies that can make an impact. We host events and meet-ups both online and offline to foster these connections because we believe that geographical boundaries should not limit us in realizing projects that can make an impact in Pakistan and the world.

We are now bringing Pakathon to Karachi, Pakistan’s largest city! “We have been working with some of the most prominent public sector organizations over the past few months and are excited to launch the Data and Design Connect! Create a software application for Aman/Civil Hospital to aid hospitals coordinate, help TCF reach schools in remote villages, visualize K-Electric’s theft challenges by using advanced analytics or use design thinking to help NOWPDP make a Pakistan that is accessible for the handicapped

How This Works

1.     Organizations provide us a problem they are facing

2.     The Challenges are publicized through the launch event in Karachi and through our chapters in Pakistan and North America

3.     Judging criteria is:

a) Originality of solution

b) Ease of implementation

c) How well does the project solve the problem?

4.   Winner is finalized by the prescribed deadline and  prizes will be awarded to winning teams!


April 10th– May 9th: Register your team online. The ideal team will have 4-6 people from different backgrounds (technology, design, business, engineering and so on) and from different cities. If you do not have a team, don’t worry; you can use our facebook page to connect with and meet people by listing your idea and the skills you are looking for

Each team needs to have at least one member in Karachi. 

May 10th: Launch event at Aman Tech in Karachi, where representatives from organizations present their problems to all teams in detail and elaborate on judging criteria. Networking after the event, where interdisciplinary team formation will be supported and organization representatives will answer questions. 

May 10th- June 13th: Teams will work on solutions to the problems. There will be opportunities to meet the organizations for assistance throughout the month. Teams with mult-city members should coordinate virtually to collaborate. 

June 14th:Final submissions due. 

June 21st: Closing ceremony, prize distribution and ideas discussion.

Event is open to anyone from any city in the world, but you must have at least one team member in Karachi. 

Registration and details about the challenges can be found here:

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Green Karachi, Clean Karachi

Let’s Own Karachi, Be a part of Sarsabz o Pursakoon campaign and identify an area within their jurisdiction where plantation can take place, Whether a large plot school factory community center masjid restaurant, Any place you will be able to monitor growth. Government Will do it on its own lands like parks and roads

They will provide the plants in collaboration with the Forest department so only eco friendly plants are grown in Karachi instead of quick growing but harmful ones like the Conocarpus you see all around
Government’s commitment is sourcing the right plants and civil society will play their role by planting them in the areas band taking care of them.

We have seen the wasted tree plantation schemes of government when it does not involve the citizens, No one takes care, That’s why they are calling on youth groups and communities to take part in an activity of which they will be the ultimate beneficiaries.

This is not just a campaign with a photo sessions but with long term positive results for our city.



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