Friday, January 19, 2018

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A poem in light of the gruesome and insensitive attack on the school in Peshawar.

They tell me its okay and everything is alright
When all i see is blood and all i feel is fright
I hear them loud and clear saying it will change
But the chaos and pain are now beyond the range
If there was hope, some flicker of light or spark
Then know that for now, for today, it has gone dark
And darkness is not black, it is now red
Because my poor souls, my littles, they have all bled
May be the hope will come back tomorrow or some day
And in between broken-ness, there will be a shine and a ray
But know that, know that in your heart as a mark
That its lost today and it is dark
And tonight when i sleep, there will be no dreams
There will be suffocation as i hear the screams
And i hope you hear them too, yes YOU!
I hope you know what they are going thru
How could you look them in the eye and end that light?!
You cruel person! They were so little, didn’t even have a chance to fight

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Peshawar Incident

So excited for first day of school
I never knew the world could be so cruel
But here’s my story as it goes
I’ll lead you through it as the cold wind blows
Wake up ! Wake up !
It’s time for school,
Breakfast is ready, put on your shoes.
Mommy fixed my tie and tucked in my shirt,
Said take care don’t get into trouble.
Ring ! Ring ! Ring!
Goes the bell
I’ll see you soon Son” said mommy to her love
Little did she know he won’t be coming back
Part by part he’ll be thrown on a rack
She will have to bring him in a sack

It’s a lovely day I’m going to learn so much
I wonder what mommy packed me for lunch
Start of the day by the National anthem
I sang with all my heart for I love the anthem
People say the country will drown
But the thought makes me frown
For I will grow up to make it a better place
I will play my part in the chase

As the day goes by suddenly I hear
Shouting men and screams of fear
As I turned the corner I saw what was the fuss
Men with guns…that was the rush

But why in my school? What did I do?
How did I ever harm you?
Hush he said, as he held a gun down my throat…
For this is a war in which everyone is blinded

I closed my eyes and saw my mom
She was crying, worried at home
I wont be coming mom, you have to come and get me
Please don’t cry when you see me
I seem to have lost my shoe,
Please don’t be angry
Be brave as one day will come
God will undo what these men have done.

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Friends all together chatting away in a dorm room at 3 am, not a single worry or a fear about the world I wonder if I grew up too fast

Friends all together chatting away in a dorm room at 3 am, not a single worry or a fear about the world

I wonder if I grew up too fast

Being nostalgic, living each second as if its your last

I wonder if I grew up too fast

Chasing after each other in the corridors, then beating up one another after getting caught, laughing their heads off at a simple joke

I wonder if I grew up too fast

Sleeping over in each other’s rooms, munching on each other’s food, watching movies till their eyes give out.

I wonder if I grew up too fast.

Dressing up to go out for lunch, taking pictures of each second, go on and preserve the moments

who knows something might make you grow up too fast.

Thinking over these past years, the struggles and the fears, the happiness and sadness, the fights and the accidents

all is past way back long, its not coming along

all that will remain are the memories, but I guess I had my own theories.

Looking back I want to relive each moment, as if every moment were its last.

I wonder if I grew up too fast.

Always hid in my shell, rushed at the call of the bell.

Concerned about never missing a class, as if I were to take care of a glass.

In the end  i lost those moments, but I am trying to make up for the moments.

But time once gone never comes back, I wish I had someone who had my back.

Going down the memory lane, things are wilder than I can tame.

Making fun of people acting stupid, I wish I too had got hit by cupid.

What’s gone is gone it never comes back, now I’m headed on with my bags all packed.

I wonder if I grew up too fast.

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I still remember how it began..

All those things happen again and again,

I still remember how it began..

Trying to play nice,

Because of the sugar and spice..

But in the end it’s going to happen,

People will pass over slappin’..

Better stop your tears,

Because everyone is all ears..

They won’t let go of a chance to let you down,

They’ll just leave you to drown..

But you’ve got to float up even stronger,

Letting go and feeling lighter..

I’ve heard what goes up must come down,

What goes around comes around..

One day you will get your share,

No matter if no one cares..

When your heart is pure and true,

There’s no need to be so blue..

Go out and soak in the sun,

Your bliss and peace is about to come..

Hang in there without any fears,

Just wipe away all those tears!!

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Do you feel what I feel?

I saw his eyes, there was a question

And then I tried to lessen the distance

His eyes asking, ‘do you feel what I feel?’

I closed my eyes and then I felt it for real

The agnony, the pain, the frustration

The tiring nights, the tension, the need for sedation

Th trying, the working hard, doing and hoping

The fear of loosing, the lost cause and smoking

I saw myself burning in the ashes

Experienced the fall from above and how life crashes

Felt the question rising in me, didn’t I work so hard?

Now I cant let anyone see, I have got pain to guard

The smiles to fake, the pride to awake

Yet from inside I know my life is at stake

The show of ‘leave me alone’, m not so weak

But with sorrow, every fibre of the muscles in my body shrieks

I felt it stabbing, the pain stabbing my heart

I looked at him, I felt so scarred

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Its just a matter of time

You can look, but you cant see

The more you go deep, the more baffled you’ll be

Its just a matter of time

My thoughts will break free

But now they’re caged deep within

Crumpled papers in a rusty bin

Burned edges, smokey seams

The threads of thoughts scream

Shredding, dripping waxy sculpture of forgotten thoughts and their

coffee odor

The aroma engulfing them, leaving traces of memories around the hem

Break it, shatter in to pieces

Still the mirror will reflect their thesis

Telling their stories and their theories

I am trying to explain but do my words make u confused instead?

Just wait till you get in to my head

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When will you stop this seduction ?

Yet you call yourself Human?
After all of this cruelty,
Where did you learn this Brutality ?


Yet you call yourself Human ?
Being drowned in your own blood,
When did you become a dark flood  ?


Yet you call yourself Human ?
Trailing girls for your lust,
Where did you gathered all this thrust ? 

Yet you call yourself Human ?
Destroyed their peace…
Who gave you the right to cease ?


Yet you call yourself Human ?
Broke their trusts for your own need,
when will you hear this heart bleed ?

Yet you call yourself Human ?
With power you moved those tides,
When will you surrender your prides ?

Yet you call yourself human ?
After all of this destruction,
When will you stop this seduction ?

Yet you call yourself human ?
Tears, screams and bloodshed you lay, 
When will TIME stop you from running away…

Yet you call yourself human ?
Yet you call yourself human… 

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Let the ecstatic peace grip your SOUL

We don’t consider but the reality is, there is a difference between expire & old, as close & sealed, as still & doing nothing, as mingle & attend, as reading & learning, as simple & common , as understanding & knowing, as caring & concerning, as observe & keen, as enjoying & celebrating, as emotions & feelings, as distances & separation, as pranking & hurting, as thoughts & memories, as relations & possessions, as wondering & walking, as hiding & avoiding, as winning & conquering, as regrets & disappointments as blue & sky, as real & facts, as missing & lose, as success & excellence, as hope & wish, as free & independent, as complex & difficult.

So sometimes words can act and sometime acts can speak, why we fail to judge the situation or situation is the correct word for all the above feelings? even when the answers lies with in us, so what’s the mess created for all about? let’s conclude things for our better survival, sometimes we feel things closely other time they hurt more even they are apart, may be its all about the aspect of time sometimes its in your favor while the rest its on my side.Then why don’t we act according to our genuine thoughts at times? Huh but above all there is another thing I forget to mention its nothing but fate, sometime its good to express but sometime its good to act wise.

Sometimes we experienced things while the next moment we are the source of getting experienced for someone, Sometimes we do things for the sickness of someone while sometimes we do things to avoid sickness from someone ,is it necessary to live your life for someone? or sometime we prepare ourselves to be lived for someone? Sometime we want to become a part of people we love but the one who cares us, who likes us whose life colorless without us they deserve the best because they love us.

Why we fit ourselves forcefully to someone’s life rather than become a part of someone who desires keep your mind spiritually clean and your heart naturally pure, sometime we move to escape reality other time reality move apart from us and we live in fantasy world, surely we will eternally survive in some other world then why to make a pleasureful journey a complex one, just Make strong spiritual contact and let the ecstatic peace grip your SOUL…

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To the grave of her

Long before I lived
Felt today when it split
It flew by and I was asleep
To the grave of her

Chasing memories yet lost
Why so cruel this world was
Only the love I dreamed of
To the grave of her

Full moon above i see
Dark below this night is
Numbness i feel in air
To the grave of her

Steady my eyes are
Scattered these petals around me
I recall “BED OF ROSES”
To the grave of her

The sun of my life, regrets
Couldn’t stop, it broke
Forgiveness it seeks without ends
To the grave of her

Moments i saw together
Smiles of love with those lost tears
Mountains could break but,
To the grave of her

What made me so cold!!
How could a stone be living?
I thank– cause today
To the grave of her

Then I regain my conscious
I said “GOODBYE”

But, there was silence!!!
To the grave of her




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