No Arms No Legs No Worries

WAY TO DISABLED ONE’s: Disability is not a lifetime pain nor it’s a prison to suffer with rather it’s something that torn you inside and make you frail day by day but the thing that answers disability well is one’ s perspective or stance towards it or you can say a being’s willpower is a brick behind the wall. There are two ways to disabled one’s either they shut the world and prefer solitude so that no one is going to kill them with harsh words lacking hoping or a way full of lights no one could ever dream off. The later one is a to be followed by intelligent one’s.Why not making your weakness your strength ? Yes the genuine strength lies in imperfection.It’s something that initiates a desire to fight on to move on and to show world that your willpower is your key spirit.

a well known name , a lady who knows how to respond and how to confront the subject.She believes in playing with coruscating colors and unblemished portrayal of true emotions.She takes the agony of spinal cord injury and is hell determined to express her strength through artwork.Now she is entitled as a goodwill ambassador for UN Women Pakistan.She always used to say this “WHERE THERE IS A WHEEL THERE’S A WAY” Let’s learn the power of motivation from this honored lady and live your dreams before you leave the world.This is the time to tell our son’s that strength has no gender.Emotions have no gender, even humanity has no gender.We all are created from a clot of blood.


nick-vujicicNICOLAS JAMES: An Australian Motivational Speaker born with pho
comelia, a disability characterized with absence of all four limbs.After asking for God to grow arms and legs he realize that his accomplishments were inspirational to many and began to thank God for being alive.Once his mother showed him a newspaper article about a man dealing with severe disability that led him to realize that he is not the only one. He showed his strength with his golden words as he said ” God has given me the grace,strength and comfort through my disability and you can have victory,peace and joy in your life even through your circumstances”.Fear is the biggest disability of all and will paralyze you more than being in a wheel chair.He motivated the readers to hold onto hope so that it can not disappear,learn to laugh be thankful to God and be willing to serve others before yourself is the key.

maxresdefaultMARLA RUNYAN:
At the age of nine Runyan developed Stargardt’s disease which is a form of macular degeneration that left her legally blind but she never put her blindness to be an obstacle on her way and achieve what she wants ,she is now a three time national champion in a woman’s 5000 meters.She won four gold medals in 1992 summer Paralympics.In 2001 she co-wrote and published her autobiography “NO FINISH LINE : MY LIFE AS I SEE IT”.She sets a great example of hope,she proves that if you are determined that you can achieve if you are determined than you can conquer.Let’s face disability with a powerful sword of heroism.

Tax Exemption & Rs 10,000 crore Funds for ‘Startup India’

PM Narendra Modi on Saturday unveiled the ambitious ‘Startup India’ initiative to boost startup businesses and digital entrepreneurship in India. A few significant features of the plan are as follows:

Tax Exemption for Startups: Profit of startups set up after 1st April, 2016 will be exempted from income tax for a period of three years. Investment of one’s own wealth will also be exempted from Capital Gains tax.

Fund for Startups: The Government will set up a fund with a corpus of Rs. 2500 crore to support growth of startups. The fund will have a total corpus of Rs 10,000 crore over four years.

Self-certification based compliance: Startups will be allowed to self-certify compliance with labour and environmental laws. There will be no inspection during the first three years of launch of a venture.

Startup India Hub: A single point of contact for interactions with the government.

Mobile App: A mobile app will be launched on 1st April to simplify the process of registration. It will contain a small application form which can be filled up for registering a startup in one day.

Faster Patents: Filing patents and intellectual property claims takes months. This process will be simplified through a fast-track mechanism for startups. Patent fee will be reduced by 80% and cost of legal facilitators for startups will be borne by the government.

Easier Exits: The government is trying to make faster exits for startups in case of failure. A bill will be introduced in the Parliament to facilitate exits in 90 days.

Relaxed Norms for Public Procurement: Startups will be exempted from the criteria of prior experience in order to help them compete with experienced companies in public procurement. Quality, however, will not be compromised.

Credit Guarantee: A credit guarantee scheme of Rs. 500 crore per year will be launched to patronise entrepreneurship for the next four years.

Atal Innovation Mission: The mission aims at promoting research and development. It includes 500 tinkering labs, 35 public-private sector incubators, 31 innovation centres at national institutes, 7 new research parks, 5 new bio-clusters.

Women Participation: The government will try to increase participation of women in startups.

Innovation Programmes: Core innovation programmes will be organized in 5 lakh schools to encourage innovation. Startup festivals will be organized to increase visibility.

Sure …Education is Important for Women

Education for women is very important, it is not just because it will be better for progress and benefits for society as a whole. An educated woman has the skills that she needs to be a better parent, teacher and citizen. I don’t know why people deny the advantages of education to women. It is argued that women have their domestic duties to perform and if they become educated they will not perform or will not focus on household life.This perception is wrong regarding education for women.

Being educated, she can increase our literacy rate. In Pakistan, we have very less literacy rate from women-side. It is really shameful for us.Being educated, she can decrease the concept of early marriages that has raised in last few years.It is alarming situation for us, as it happens before a girl reaching the age of 18. Being educated, she can do a job and definitely increases the income and reduces the poverty.

[quote_box_right]Education is a tool to aware someone.It is a tool to realize someone about their duties and responsibilities towards citizenship.[/quote_box_right]

It is rightly said, There are two powers in the world, one is the sword and the other is the pen. There is a great competition and rivalry between the two.There is a third power stronger than both,that of the women.

Education, Education & Education

Pakistan was established in 1947, it is more than 68 years of independence but it seems it is still not respected in the world community. Pakistan got independence with lots of difficulties. A very crucial time had passed by the great leaders during independence. At that time when there was nothing, all the things were pointless but Quaid-e-Azam was hopeful, he never lost his hope at that time. He knew the art of leading the nation, he knew how to guide the dishearten people, to keep hand in hand he told us the art of living life. The man with great power stood us as the Pakistani nation in the map of the world.

But now after independence,we do all those things which are wrong, we do wrong in our basic necessities too. Education is one of our basic necessity of life. In Pakistan, we always complain regarding our education system. More than 40% of population is illiterate. Karachi is the biggest city of Pakistan, although there are so many schools in karachi. One can easily find a school at the corner of every street.The students who are studying in government schools,they don’t know how to write & read.I usually see these type of students daily in my life. The person who earns 17000/- per month,he is not able to send his child to private school ultimately he sends them to government schools. The duty of parent is to send their children to school either government or private.

[quote_box_right]It’s a common saying in English, “Education is the most powerful weapon, which you can use to change the world.”[/quote_box_right]The duty of teachers start then. The duty is to teach the student in a way so that he starts thinking intensively and critically but unfortunately it doesn’t happen in reality.I called such schools ‘ghoost schools’ because they are not providing basic education. The female teachers usually talk about their homes, gossiping, talk about someone else if they attend the school. If she is not teaching to the best of her ability and is not putting in the requisite effort, she is also not being honest with her commitments,her profession and with herself.

It is a duty of every individual Pakistani to educate themselves and their child too but providing the education based on thinking deeply. ‘Education For Everyone’ it is a slogan of every government but they are not sincere about it. We have to solve the issues regarding our education system,we have to do something against all those issues. First starts with individual. PAKISTAN ZINDABAD

Humayun Saeed Wins ‘Best Actor’ Award in London

Pakistani superstar Humayun Saeed was awarded ‘Best Actor 2015’ at the Pakistan Achievement Awards UK & Europe held in London on 14th November’15. Humayun looked dapper in a formal white suit, with a crisp brown shirt and a striped tie. He was seen having a good time alongside his Jawani Phir Nahin Ani co-star Javed Sheikh. Other invitees included individuals born in or with direct origin from Pakistan, from different walks of life – from business and the arts – who have achieved great success in their respective professions.

It wouldn’t be wrong to call 2015 a milestone year in Humayun’s impressive career, as he made an extremely successful comeback in films with two international blockbusters Bin Roye and Jawani Phir Nahin Ani. He is currently busy prepping for his much awaited tele-vision comeback with the Six Sigma Plus produced serial ‘Dillagi’, which will be airing in 2016.

Speaking about receiving this prestigious award, Humayun said “I feel very humbled and thankful. It is always an honor to be recognized at such international platforms and to inter-act with South Asians who are based abroad as they have helped put Pakistan’s entertainment industry on the global map. There is such amazing talent in Pakistan, and I am pleased to have represented it at this great platform”.

Dire need of Parental Counseling needed in Pakistan

Teenagers these days seems frustrated and angry, nobody recognizes the noise behind them. Do you know why each of them is called fanatics? Does anyone care why they are so rebellious? Why do they lock themselves up in the room?

It’s my due request to all parents; don’t give a birth to kid unless you’re not ready to give him a proper brought up. Gen Y is totally different from the generation born 20 years ago, they won’t take your shut up call, they will test their freedom and will show you what worse they can do. It starts from childhood, a mother is always concerned about what her child would eat, what he would study, but she would not see how he feels. Children are forever the reflection of their childhood and teenage phase; it’s hence important to tell them what is right and wrong and must list out all reasons why one should not go for wrong options and why truth is more beautiful.

Children counselingJob description of parents is something to watch out, the world has evolved technology, teenagers have different lifestyle, and they have got different activities to engage themselves, they have different thoughts about different issues. Most of the time children are neglected by their parents because of continuous comparisons, it is really frustrating for a teenager who thinks that his dignity is all based on his grades he scores, and the way her parents compare him from his cousins makes him hate his cousins even more. Have you ever realized it why it is so hard for a teenager to cope up in a mundane routine? That’s because one lacks self identity and worth! Have you ever told your daughter that she is the prettiest girl she ever saw? Or have you told her that she is brave enough to fight with everything? Have you ever been her support? Picking up a toddler from the floor after he gets tripped is not what we call support, giving them confidence to cope up with emotional downfall is what one could define support. It’s sad to see girls being quite about child abuse; up to 90% of the children doesn’t share these complications with their parents.

True parent live with their children’s dreams, they support them, they are like their best friends, have you ever noticed why do they prefer smoking and drugs? That’s because they lack social acceptance, they don’t have any identity, and they find recognition among friends by doing odd things. Our teenagers are confused as hell! They have no passion points at all, that’s because they lack options and chances to explore the world, we give them limited options to look after, and parents also choose the level of freedom for their children on their own? What horrible life one could live if his or her freedom is decided by third party?

Girls here are stopped to go out for a walk; they are not allowed to attend weddings of their friends or any other hangout, why? Because, it’s not suitable for a girl who belongs to a respectful family to go out this much frequently? But it is completely okay for a boy to step out of home without seeking permission and he can stay out all night smoke joint and you will never know about it, seriously? Mind slavery is reaching at its peak; we are still living under the fear of “log kya kahaingay?” We blame our kids for their genders; we discriminate them and divide roles and reward them accordingly. Why don’t we stop believing that living with restriction is the right way to live, why can’t we just live in the moment with our kids and form a friendly bond with them so that they could tell you about their fears and agony, it is not easy for a teenager to manage his physical and mental changes, he gets exposure towards different things, which gives them some harsh reality checks about ugly truth existing in our society. Break ups and betrayal by friends shatters them the most, nothing else in the world seems much more depressing than this one. It is the time when parent should sit with them as a friend and listen to them, because basic problem with teenagers is nobody understands them truly, thus t is the time to break the mirror, and one should move and take initiative and go beyond one word answers. Don’t make them hate you, make them love you so that they never leave you again. Speaking about being friendly and open minded I truly do not mean that parent should be liberal enough to give extra ordinary freedom to their children, it’s just that one should tell them about morality and fine line between right and wrong, and why one should always choose the right option.[pull_quote_right]Namrah Sikander, Age 22
from IoBM(Institute of Business Management).
Wants to discover advertising and NGOs as a passion point[/pull_quote_right]

It is high time to create proper institute which could teach parents how to deal with their children. One should know how to fill the communication gap. These teenagers are far more advanced than our elders, they know much more about the world, let them speak, let them have a chance to show their own potential, just take off all layers of permission from girls and gave some trust on them and let them step out of their home and follow their dreams, they will surely not disappoint you for being a girl.
By Namrah Sikander

Independence Day is fun day for us!

On this auspicious day here is a piece I thought I should share with my people.

As we all know we celebrates 14 august with passion and dedication. When August comes we charge ourselves for an independence day. We talk about how we got Pakistan how our grandparents fought for our mother land and etc etc.

But… I’ve been observing still we only speaks instead of doing or act something original ……!!!

We talk on Electronic media:

On 1st august till 14th on every channels everywhere we see patriotism. National songs, flags, headlines, patriotic news, patriotic programs and etc…

We talk via print media:

On 1st august till 14th in every newspaper we see patriotic pictures, quotes, headlines, news, interviews, short columns or stories about our national heroes and etc…

We talk on social media:

On 1st august till 14th on every Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and everywhere we actively taking apart by postings, quoting, sharing national songs, hashtags and etc.

Likely more ways we celebrates this auspicious day but here are my few questions:

  • Do we really celebrates this day or it’s just a trend to celebrate like other occasions?
  • ·         Are we really united under this flag?
  • ·         Do we follows those points on which we got independence?
  • ·         Do we really think we are playing our part in this so called united country?

And with these basic questions I’ve more to ask but I won’t as I get same cliché replies as we used to.

Because! Usually we don’t go with actions instead of a talk guns!

Yes we celebrates this independence by hanging out and partying all day and night and I’m sure we only take it as a “shugal” week.

I’ve a right to do “Shikwa” to my people that why we have been divided from each other by following different routes for fame? Just because of we see lots of fame there? Why we avoid to do such actions and fulfil that causes behind the creation of this land.

Have you read Iqbal? Here are just 2 quotes in thousands I thought I should share.

He says:

“Rise, for a new age dawns; your era begins in East and West”

He was quoting about new era in which we are suffering the same differences we had before the separation. How can we fulfil his dreams? By following these so called ridiculous trends?

One more quote from Sir, Iqbal:

“Whatever the eye is seeing cannot be described by the lips, I am lost in amazement as to what the world will become! The night will eventually disappear by sun’s appearance! This garden will be filled with Light of Tauhid (Oneness of God)”

When I was reading these lines and thinking that Mr. Iqbal was quoting Islam and predicting about our current scenario. But unfortunately we couldn’t reach his dreams yet! And acting as a joker by celebrating this auspicious day with trending and avoiding to do such acts Pakistan formed for.

Please be original!! Let the time begin… Play your to part to make this land original. Don’t just celebrate or ridicule these precious days with your fun but celebrate every day as an independence day and do something original for this mother land. Our grandparents fought for this land not for our fun. Please live and let the others live with originality.

If we want our Jinnah’s Pakistan so, only we have to be united by being original instead of dividing in different groups.

Last but not the least feel that patriotism like those people who fought for this land.

Please for God sake!

In the end A Very Happy Independence Day to all J

Pakistan Zindabad !

‘The Lounge’ interiors and furniture store opens at Fortress

[Lahore, 27th March 2015]: The Lounge, an interiors, furniture and home accessories brand managed by Nyla Amjad Asghar launched on Thursday 26th March, 2015 at Lahore’s biggest shopping mall, Fortress Square. Nyla derives inspiration from her clients’ needs; creating minimalistic, sophisticated and balanced designs to craft an environment of calm and tranquility.

The Lounge collections include hand-made contemporary furniture ranging from custom made tables, sofas and consoles to ottomans and much more. The products encompass a wide range of not only furniture but also accessories including embroidered & digital printed cushions, leather trays, lamps, candle stands, placemats and wooden decor. Nyla’s bespoke polish finishes and bold colored fabrics set each piece apart and reflects her unique style.

“The Lounge opened its store at Fortress Square to cater to the mass market. The idea is to give them an opportunity to experience modern living with affordable solutions,” says Creative Director of The Lounge, Nyla Amjad Asghar. Adding further, Nyla said “We feel that there was a huge demand for gift stores in Lahore and hence decided to create a perfect stop for any customer when it came to buying gifts for their loved ones be it for birthdays, house warming, anniversary or wedding presents.”

G.M. of Fortress Square Shopping Mall, Col. Aman Ullah Khan Niazi while speaking at the launch of The Lounge highlighted, “The Lounge is a great new addition to our extensive brand portfolio of over 100 retail brands. We aim to provide an all-encompassing shopping and entertainment experience to our shoppers and Nyla’s bespoke furniture pieces & accessories are definitely going to be popular with mall visitors.”

[quote_box_center]The Lounge is located at Shop No. 17, Lower Ground Floor, Fortress Square Shopping Mall, Lahore.[/quote_box_center]


Hey where are your glasses? Have you got contacts? Said my friend. No! I have undergone Lasik surgery couple of month ago, and now, no more those heavy ugly glasses in my life.

This is the most common conversation I am having these days between my relatives and me and with those who are seeing me after couple of weeks.

Most of the people who already aware of the Lasik eye surgery might not found this article interesting, but I would recommend to continue reading my article who really wish to look the whole bright world without their expensive and heavy glasses with huge number in nearsightedness or in farsightedness.

Few months ago, I was a person wearing glasses with number of minus eight (-8.00) both eyes. And my glasses are horribly getting thicker and thicker since I started wearing glasses with a number, minus five (-5.00). I have this wish that someday I woke up and see the whole world with my naked eyes crystal clear. And suddenly my wish came true. How?

Yes Lasik eye treatment. I first heard of it two years ago, but at that time my parents were not confident enough to underwent this surgery as they thought in Pakistan this surgery may not be reliable enough, or they have not seen any successful case in their entire life.

Luckily, in early 2014 I met after eight years to my friend travelling from Australia to Pakistan after a long time without glasses, I saw him and we had a similar conversation, he told me that he got Lasik. And I felt an enthusiasm in myself to go for it and the biggest news for me is that he got Lasik from Karachi, Pakistan. The city I live in. I took the address of the eye surgeon, contact him the next day, set the appointment, and here I am writing this article with my lovely big eyes without glasses.

Guys trust me; it is the biggest thing in my live, no more glasses, and your life changes.

For those who want to know what Lasik is, I am going to write a brief detail about it and its procedure.

Lasik is more than 20 years old technology and it is most common in USA and Europe, however it is very expensive there. In Pakistan, it is not much expensive as compare to other countries; in fact it is cheapest here.

It is a normal 3 visits procedure. In your first visit, you will be undergone a Lasik eligibility test, that will take hardly 30 minutes.

Doctor will dilute your pupil by pouring some drops in the eyes, after 20 minutes your pupil will dilute. Doctor will examine your eyes either you are eligible or not? And you will be asked to go home in any case.

If your are a healthy person age between 24 – 30, 95% chances are you will be eligible for it, as in this age your cornea health is not much compromised, but there are other factors too, which your doctor will tell you.

If you are eligible doctor will set the date of surgery with you. On the day of surgery, doctor will confirm your cornea health and perform the surgery, which will hardly take around 20 minutes for both eyes. And Bam! You can see every thing clear, but, you will be asked to close your eyes for some time at least do not try to read sign boards on the streets while driving back to home of-course with your attendee, you will also be prescribed with some antibiotics and other drops to keep your eyes healthy.

Doctor will ask you to re-visit next day for final checkup. By the time you reach home you might feel some dusty feeling in your eyes, for that doctors suggest patients to have a sound relaxing sleep with eye pads already provided. Next morning when you woke up, you will see everything clear than never before.

That’s it. This is Lasik surgery.

Remember your choice of doctor matters in case of Lasik surgery. Do not get fooled by cheap advertisements. Select the doctor you trust and who is qualified enough to perform such kind of surgeries.

Keep this in mind it is a surgery and every surgery takes time to heal. So recovery period and to become independent from any medicine it will take around 6 months, in which you will be vising your doctor for regular eye check once a month. 6 months is the maximum time to heal, normally people recovered in two months.

For those having high myopia should consider at least once. Those who wants to know about my experience can comment here, I will explain you if you need any help and will share all the information I have regarding this surgery.

At least pass this information to those who are really annoyed by their heavy and ugly plus expensive eyeglasses.

Hope this article will help many.