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Justice for Hanna

16-year old Hanna Lalango passed away on November 1st 2014, after five men kidnapped, tortured and brutally assaulted her in a gang rape far from her hometown. One of the five abusers is said to be married with a baby on the way.

On the day of her kidnapping, Hanna had complained about hot feeling well before leaving to school. Hanna supposedly left school around 4:00pm and got in to a minibus with her friend.

Little did she know that she was being ambushed by her classmate who she believed to be her friend all along. Her friend wanted vengeance for something Hanna had done to her. At this point, no one, not even Hanna’s parents can confirm what this was.

There were a couple of passengers already in the minibus when Hanna had entered with her friend. They allegedly were the kidnappers, the soon-to-be rapists – and her friend was the accomplice. When things started seeming suspicious for Hanna, she demanded to be let out of the minibus. Straightaway, the culprits threatened Hanna with a knife telling her to stay put.

The perpetrators took Hanna to one of the suspect’s house. There they raped her for, according to Hanna’s father, “at least five days” and held her captive for nearly 11 days.

2Nearly two weeks later, Hanna was found lying unconscious in an abandoned area near the outskirts of the city. The suspects had left her there to die. Random passers-by found her and immediately took her to the nearest hospital where she could seek medical help. From there on, Hanna was able to unite with her close family and friends.

Hanna’s family spent several days going back and forth between different referral hospitals waiting to be admitted. Hanna suffered from a number of injuries, one of them being fistula. She died 19 days after she was found.

Shortly after Hanna’s death, renowned Ethiopian TV host Seifu Fantahun sat down with Hanna’s father in a public interview broadcasted nationwide. The purpose of this interview was to clarify many assumptions being made to this story and to ask Hanna’s father many pending questions sought out by the general public. I have extracted a short script of the interview:

[Seifu]: Did the kidnappers have any unresolved issues with your family? Would there be any reason as to why they’d hurt your youngest daughter?

[Mr. Lalango]: I have never seen any of the kidnappers before in my life. They don’t know us and we don’t know them. After they kidnapped my Hanna from school, after they tortured her for days and left her in a secluded area…they eventually appeared in court which is when I saw them for the first time.

[Seifu]: So this whole rumour that they had something against your family was false?

[Mr. Lalango]: Absolutely. No one in our family has ever seen or heard of them before.

Before Hanna passed away, she is reportedly said to have identified three out of the five suspects from her hospital bed. The other two, excluding her friend are still missing.

The case was first reported at the Addis Ababa First Instance Court. Many concerned individuals came to show their support. Members of the Media (reporters, journalists etc.) and the Addis Ababa Women’s Association were also present

The 3 suspects were brought in by the police (2 are still missing). The judge allowed them to say a few words to the public before the case was officially postponed. All three suspects deemed that they were innocent and didn’t see why they were being accused of committing such a heinous crime. Of course, the public didn’t buy it. First off, these three suspects were the same men that Hanna confirmed of raping her. Secondary to that, in many cases which focus on sexual assault (i.e. rape, molestation, sexual harassment or groping), it is quite common for the abuser (i.e. the accused) to deny all the charges and claim that the victim had “asked for it” or “wanted it”.

Currently, the public is waiting for all five men to be brought to justice.

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A poem in light of the gruesome and insensitive attack on the school in Peshawar.

They tell me its okay and everything is alright
When all i see is blood and all i feel is fright
I hear them loud and clear saying it will change
But the chaos and pain are now beyond the range
If there was hope, some flicker of light or spark
Then know that for now, for today, it has gone dark
And darkness is not black, it is now red
Because my poor souls, my littles, they have all bled
May be the hope will come back tomorrow or some day
And in between broken-ness, there will be a shine and a ray
But know that, know that in your heart as a mark
That its lost today and it is dark
And tonight when i sleep, there will be no dreams
There will be suffocation as i hear the screams
And i hope you hear them too, yes YOU!
I hope you know what they are going thru
How could you look them in the eye and end that light?!
You cruel person! They were so little, didn’t even have a chance to fight

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Avoid devices which effect Children efficiency and behavior.

This title may shock our readers infact pull them to daziness but still we’ve a vast scale of  people who suggest or somehow impose their taste on children to avoid devices which effect their efficiency and behavior.

Considering our younger generation who always find busy in surfing either on projects or spending hours on social circle. This trend of socializing , widely impact on our lives which results in lacking of communications, non engagement to curricular activities, exercises and morning walks. People spending hours on watching shows may find lethargic, prefer serious isolation and often low brow on intellectual gatherings.

Whereas healthy mindset increases memory revitalize the day and lead to active lifestyle. Inventions must be used in appropriate manner to take favors otherwise it will not only affect us but our surroundings too.

Electrical & Wind Rickshaw invented by Usman Institute of Technology Students


B.E Electrical Major Electronic Engineer

To be honest with you I don’t know where to start but I will tell my whole story, before taking admission in UIT I don’t have any image of my aim , but one thing is clear I’m serious with my field which is Engineering.

In 2nd semester, I read about Solar and Wind Rickshaw project, which was our final year project, After seen the project which is considered to be Pakistan first Solar & Wind Rickshaw, at that time I decide to make my own Rickshaw which will be different.

When I reached in Final Year it was time to decide your project so I choice Eco Cab. Pakistanis First Eco Cab, In Starting it was difficult because of Structure, as well as the cost was high. So I thought why not to make a proposal and send to every reputed companies of Pakistan for Sponsorship. It was not an easy task to get sponsor. Lots of reputed companies said that they don’t have any budget for any project. In Middle stage of 2nd Mile Stone project we faced lots of problem regarding cost, transport and time. I remember I was doing work on project I used to go home at 2am and my parents told me to stop this project they were not happy the way I was doing my work, lots of time they stop talking or showed their anger. My parents gave me deadline to come home before 10pm or else you will be not enter into home, so I manage to work more in less time. At the end of Project completion I got 4 sponsors (Bridge Power Batteries, Solar Line, Kansai Paints, Servis tyre). At Electro Fair 2014 my team received good response participants.

Lots of people are saying what is ur next step after doing Eco Cab  , so my answer is I’m making my new team & going to launch new Automobile Vehicle soon specially for students .

Motor Configuration: 3600rpm, 48V, 800W, 1HP, 17Amp.
Battery: 70Amp/h Quantity 4
Solar Panel: 50W 12V 3Amp
Eco Cab Configuration: 40Kh/h  , 7 to 12 Km Mileage

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Its been rightly quoted 'sound mind has sound body

Undoubtedly a healthy environment is a basic need to survive robustly . We often show our less concern towards fresh surroundings . unfortunately some might find firmly agree that environment is less important than economy if that so then count the money while holding breath . Now let’s surf a slot on how we treat this vital blessing , if something we own we admire how we show care towards ? Indeed behaviours are the reflections of living this same trait aligned with our environment which depends on us much we depends on it .

Nature is a vital blessing for mankind and such bounty never take for granted . We should try not to spoil it by any means and acknowledge our generation to do the same  because this might indicate our sence of duty as its starts privately and ends socially  why we feel shy to take an initiative regarding better mindset and prosperity , or all these benefits relates to some other living being ? if that so then probably it’s our turn to play the part regardless of expecting .

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A true leader works in the open as he's doing

Rising from the darkness a peaceful wind blows with sparkling illuminating lights a couple of months ago and it holds the people as if it’s a guardian to them, behind these words i m here raising the sketch of none other than a great precious pearl Imran Khan. Azadi March is one of the emerging topic nowadays. A huge number of people are supporting the cause but opposition groups are also in huge numbers. The man has taught us how to believe the Almighty, despite of facing container’s life his hope never dies. His hope is something i had never ever seen. He once again united the QUAID’s nation.

A man spending his life among the people for the sake of people the thing is he’s struggling for the nation, not for himself as other people are doing And Yes where there’s Allah’s support there’s no obstacle, he is moving with his belief, with his faith, with his honesty. The adulation he commands needs no bounds. The immense support of the nation is beyond anything in this world. The nation has finally awaken from a deep slumber Alhamdulillah. He has proved himself to be a change catalyst with his strong vision, initiative, patience, respect, persistence and courage.

As Bill Taylor says “The true mark of a leader is the willingness to stick with a bold course of action.” A true leader works in the open as he’s doing. In short if we want us among the rising and educated state we have to raise our voice, we have to support the righteous, we have to play our role as a responsible citizen. Let’s join hands to support the truth.

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The Council of Islamic Ideology Priorities

The Council of Islamic Ideology (CII) Chairman Maulana Mohammad Khan Sheerani said that a Muslim woman cannot object to her husband’s second or subsequent marriages.

It seems that the Council has an obsession with marriage laws, as it was the fourth meeting this year to discuss this particular matter.

Also, in May the CII had issued a statement that endorsed child marriage. So when an official body makes such questionable pronouncements, even in an advisory capacity, it conveys the negative message to the society, which is in every way male-dominated.

Like so many other state institutions, the CII seems to have misplaced priorities. The Council hardly addresses any important and serious issues – such as lack of ethical values in our society, importance of honesty, justice, brotherhood, tolerance, mercy, forgiveness and hard work in Islam, or the brutal killing on the basis of religious ideology, background and sect.

Hence, CII should set their priorities and address those issues which would cause a positive impact on the society and contribute to national development.

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International Day for Elimination of Nuclear Weapons across the World

Global Zero voiced its opinion on the account of International Day for Elimination of Nuclear Weapons across the World on 26th September 2014.

With the presence of 16,000 nuclear weapons in the world, capable of devastating impacts, can we really breathe a sigh of relief, contentment and peace? In 1948, the first atomic bombings on Hiroshima and Nagasaki wiped out more 200,000 people in a moment and left behind lasting effects for the generations to come. With the advancement of Technology, such weapons are capable of 100 times more destruction; imagine if a single one were to be detonated in a populous city. The destruction will be of such magnanimity that the Japan atomic bombings would be dwarfed.

This leads us to the false sense of security that we depend on through such weapons; this security is so fragile that one does not even need such a weapon to bring the house of cards down. It is ridiculous to hold other nations hostage and expect to achieve peace and be able to resolve the conflicts. Just like my holding a dagger to your throat and expecting you to shower me with roses. This is fundamentally, logically and rationally wrong. Nuclear weapons promise no security what so ever.

In today’s world where several millions of people suffer globally and lack the basic necessities of life globally, is it not a waste of resources to depend on, develop and pursue such delusional ideas of security?  With these weapons the countries seek perhaps to become the “bullies” who get to have all the lunch from each kid in the school, but it is only natural for the bully to be the most hated person around as well. But sadly, this league of ‘Nuclear Super Power’ seems to be more important than ‘global security’ for the sake of (delusion of) ‘National Security’.

With conflicts between such powers on the rise, the Prime Ministers of both the states (India and Pakistan) are urged to seek a peaceful resolution and the Presidents of the “Super Powers” need to revisit the chapters where they, being the champions of “world peace” were supposed to dismantle such armaments and contribute to world peace through the only right way there is.

In my opinion it is due time that serious steps were taken for the eradication of nuclear technology from the world for the arsenals and weaponry and its use be restricted  only for the positive ends of this knowledge.

Global Zero is observing the Disarmament Week 2014 from 27th to 31st October; focusing on professionals, families, athletes, professors, politicians and friends for Global Zero.

Linkagoal new campaign in Pakistan

Linkagoal is a San Francisco based Goal Oriented Social Network, it promotes the habit of writing goals and helps to connect individuals based on similar goals and objectives in life.

Currently numerous users on Linkagoal are creating goals based on Global Causes, the gesture is to make a difference on individual basis. This ignited the idea for them to start a national level campaign in Pakistan.

Linkagoal is running this national level campaign till the end of this December, where the idea is to involve people of Pakistan to write down their personal goals that will bring change in Pakistan. This will help them in two ways, one, it will help them build up the habit of writing goals and second, every individual can hold themselves accountable to be a part of a major change. Towards the end of this campaign, as an award, Linkagoal will select 25 winners and the grand prize winner will receive a brand new car.

Linkagoal will be reaching out to top universities, Radio, TV Shows and place hoardings to reach out to maximum number of individuals.

To influence people, Linkagoal will reach out to 10 well-respected individuals in Pakistan to write their Goal for Pakistan and appear in Linkagoal campaign video. These videos, along with the influencer’s goal will appear across social media platforms.

This will be a platform where people of Pakistan will unite to take an oath of how they, as individuals can make a difference. It will inspire many and many will have a story to tell after that goal has been accomplished.

‘The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do.’

– Steve Jobs —

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How important is it to know who you are

We are born with our history that we can do nothing about but we are given the opportunity to shape our future, our past limiting us while our future calling us. Amid the push and pull a new history is written for the coming generations. How we learn from our ancestor’s success and failures is what determines the direction of our history. But if we choose to ignore it, we cannot and shall not learn nor will we be able to truly understand the roots of our dilemmas.

How important is it to know who you are and where you are from, to identify yourself. If you choose to ignore your history you might never truly know. What I observed around me during the past few weeks of political revolution or turmoil as some may call it is that our generation has come to a point where they are trying to find out who they were, what they are and what they are capable of which is a great thing for it is only those who question who will actually learn. The doors to your freedom of speech and thought opens from within so release and free yourself from ignorance and let the light of knowledge penetrate you. As it has been obvious lately that the Youth of our country  is actively taking interest in its current state and doing their part whichever they consider is right, reflecting that we are finally coming out of the darkness we let the oppressors push us into.  Politics has been a stigma for our generation for a while now, but this dark curtain of stigma pulled down to isolate the people from knowing their rights is being lifted slowly. Although sadly there are still some of us who are politically atheists , they have no interest in politics whatsoever .These are the people who need to realize that without our own interest in ourselves  no one else will pay any attention to us, that only we can undo what has been done to us in the past.

To have an opinion is of utmost importance because that is where we decide what is right and what is wrong for us. Without an opinion we are just puppets to those in control, doing their bidding and having no life of our own. What we do is that we create a false illusion of thinking that we are free when in reality this particular thought being fed to us is an act of enslavement in itself. Only when we personally realize what we must do to release ourselves from our dilemmas will we actually free ourselves.  Every single one of us should stand up for what they consider right or wrong and speak up their minds. We have to take an interest in politics because it effects our life on daily basis, shapes our environment today and for the future. In order to create an environment where what we believe is considered a worthy opinion, we should stand up for it our own selves.

Learn about your history! Know your facts! And investigate what you doubt. Know your rights and never let anyone snatch away your voice, only then will you get what you rightfully deserve. Don’t let anything intimidate you into muffling your voice. You are important! Every single one of us is important! Together we can change our nation into a great nation that we hope to pass on to our generations. Nations are broken and made by their people. Was it not for this country, we would be a minority oppressed and ruled over brutally and our rights taken away. We owe it to this land to stand up to save it from greedy hands and selfish motives, for us today and for our coming generations. Let us now break our silence and know our rights and scream it out loud that we won’t be kept in dark anymore. A political activist, Eldridge cleaver, once said “There is no calamity which a great nation can invite which equals that which follows a supine submission to wrong and injustice and the consequent loss of national self-respect and honor, beneath which are shielded and defended a people’s safety and greatness”.



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