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you cannot judge anyone by the look on their face

There are good and bad people everywhere. Regardless of the religion, culture and country.

Even in the 21st century there are a million restrictions for the girls in our culture maybe other cultures too. Don’t dress up too nicely or people will think you are flirt, Don’t be outgoing, people will think your character-less. Don’t talk to guys, people will point and whisper behind your back “she’s a slut”. Don’t open your hair, eyes will follow you.. Take care when you go outside you can never trust anyone. you cannot judge anyone by the look on their face or they’re appearance. Although all these things are true, it restrains and limits us from a lot of things…a lot of productive things. Isn’t it everyone’s right to look and feel beautiful…and free? one feels imprisoned and like abilities are going to waste. first you are to go ahead of yourself and build your career and when you are just about to take a step ahead you are asked to stop because it’s suddenly more important what people think about every step you take.

People make up stories and rumors, even if you walk around in an “abaya”.

Stories will be there. it depends on the person listening and his state of mind, his perception, if he believes them or not. Fate is written, The rest you have to strive for. Since birth we do what we are told to do…before we can even say “mama”, our whole career and decisions of our lifetime are made by our elders. As we grow up we are fed the things we are supposed to do and how we are supposed to think, even before we earn to think on our own. It is an irony….that we are about to take only one step on our own, we are asked to stop right there. Maybe because the world has become very cruel and isn’t trustworthy. It’s like asking a kid to stop taking his first step to save him from injuring himself by falling from the stairs. But it feels like all your abilities have been entrapped inside a box, even before they could bloom.

Everything is written in fate. then why are we always so worried.

why do we have to think a 1000 times before taking a small step…even if it’s for the better. Is this what we girls are grown up for? to think as we are told to think and to lock up ourselves even before we can spread our wings..? Either due to shortage of resources…facilities…support circle…its a feeling felt by many.

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This seems to be the prime motto being followed by our generation today. Our lives revolve around eating junk and sadly if it doesn’t stop there won’t be any life to revolve. We wake up to our phones buzzing and ringing in alarm in the morning and we are in a hurry from the second we blink our eyes open. Who has time for a proper breakfast now? Well I’ll get a samosa from the canteen before the lecture, we say and the eggs and milk in the fridge feel neglected once again. Planning to have a good time with friends or family? Well that translates to eating stomachful of junk and adulterated food at a chic restaurant opened this month. It’s a race of who posts more delicious and junkier looking food on Instagram. And with Ramadan on the brink, the additional calories of junk that we add to our diet are limitless.

With the healthy habits that we have endorsed like sitting and using gadgets for hours without moving  and not walking around the block to get a recharge card but using a car or a bike, let me assure you that you are reducing your time on this dear earth. The fats and sugars that you consume from your luxurious food items never gets to burn out and stays inside your body weakening and crippling you from inside slowly. And offcource no meal is complete without a carbonated drink but wait ‘I drink diet soda!’, then I have news for you that it might reduce the sugar but doesn’t reduce the side effects to your kidney and endocrine system. So not only are you increasing your waistline, you are also risking your body metabolism and causing yourself a risk of early kidney and reproductive issues. Not to mention the rotting teeth from all that sugar you’re consuming. Some of us should even blame our bad skin to it.

With the junk like pizza, burgers, fries etc containing cholesterol and saturated fatty acids, we are at higher risk of developing heart problems than ever before. But hey ‘I can’t live without a big Mac and a coke! Maybe I can cut down some of the years in my age.’ Let me help you envision yourself in a few years from now and may be that will make you think the next time you crack open a soda can or take a bite of your delicious Double Decker. Not trying to be a pessimist but for a fact you are going to have early heart problems, with collapsed kidneys, rotted teeth and be infertile and there’s no way that you can avoid it because junk food is your life and exercise is for diabetics right? But that’s okay because with the frequency that you consume soda, diabetes is inevitable and may be then you will consider exercising.

Oh and did I forget to mention that the food which is now your prime diet lacks all the nutrients that you need to stay healthy, fit and you will find yourself chronically fatigued and unable to do the daily tasks. The purpose is not to send you in a depressive state but to give you a wakeup call! Know your body and what it needs. Only you can keep yourself healthy, break the stereotypical youth image of junk consumption and don’t let advertisement of ‘Is main hai kuch baat’ fool you. Choose your food wisely as it will define you in ten years time when you’re either a healthy productive individual to the society or an intubated and medicated heart patient. Develop habit of a morning walk, switch your junk food with a healthy alternative and try to celebrate with a non-food reward with your friends like a healthy sports game. As they say “You are what you eat”, so don’t be fast, cheap, easy or fake. EAT HEALTHY, STAY FIT!

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Fraudulent activities by Bank officers

I, Muhammad Ali having CNIC # 42301-1871216-7 request you to please help me for recovery of Rs.248,500/- which was fraud transferred from my bank account # 13245444 NIB New Challi Branch. Below is the detail all facts that I want to share with you.

I have got a job opportunity on OLX and sent my CV to Mr. Mian Javed. He asked me to make an ID on messenger named ooVoo and then he took an online interview through that messenger and cleared me for the job of an accountant in his hotel named blue star at Barcelona spain.

After interview he told me to make passport and send your passport, CNIC and bank statement. I agree to send all the things and he said he will arrange ticket and visa for me.

After that he asked to open an account either in NIB bank or in Soneri Bank and said to arrange closing balance of Rs.500,000/-  so that he can make my strong statement for visa process. He also gave me contact numbers of those persons who were his representatives in Pakistan, their name and number are Mr. Muhammad Salman contact # 0342-2881519 and Mr.Ali Raza contact # 03124163754. Both were in touch with me for making my bank statement.

Next day he said to open an account specifically in NIB and I have done the same and deposited Rs.1,000/- as initial deposit. For closing balance I asked one of my friend to please give me some amount for closing balance and he arranged Rs.300,000/- and I immediately deposited the same in NIB at January 20, 2014.

Now at the time of opening my bank account I have instructed the bank very clearly that I don’t need internet banking for any transaction and they also agreed that you can check your form there is no tick on internet banking.

The same day when I deposited the amount I got a message from NIB at 1:00 AM that you are successfully logged in through internet banking, at same time I got another message that your IPin transaction code is ****. After one hour I got 3rd message at 2:00 AM that you are successfully logged in through internet banking. These total three messages that I received from NIB and then early morning I called to bank and asked my balance, they reported that your closing balance is Rs.52,000/- I asked about my remaining amount they said you have done two online transaction of Rs.200,000/- and Rs.48,500/- at 1:00AM and 2:00AM respectively. I immediately reached to bank and asked for detail.

They provided me my bank statement in which two transactions was held as mentioned above. I asked bank officials to stop this transaction or reverse it or stop the transaction of that account in which fund is transferred, then they demanded my request in written and I provided that request in written and got receiving from NIB.

After two days NIB called me at their head office where I met from Mr. Salman and Mr. Shams both are investigation officers, they told me that NIB has been sent 14 messages to your number from which 10 were transaction IPin codes but I received only 3 messages from which only one was transaction IPin Code. I told them to show me my number and all those 14 messages which were sent by NIB at my number, they refused to show me that detail. I asked them give something in writing but they again refused my request. Further they guided me that for every transaction and for activation of internet banking every time you will get new IPIN for performing online activities but I didn’t get these IPIN Codes. Furthermore when they provided me detail of the account in which fund was transferred, I inquired HBL and I have got information of that account from HBL that all money is transferred from that account too.

From that onwards I m continuously keep in touch with NIB but there is no response from their side.  One of their group member arrested and his story published on Ummat NewsPaperL

Muhammad Ali

KE 3586 6/5 4B New Basti Dehli Colony Clifton 

Cell: +92346-2773077

Pakistan's first large-scale solar power project

Pakistan’s first large-scale solar power project, Quaid-e-Azam Solar Park in Bhawalpur, is one of the largest in the world.

The project is expected to start generating 100 MW of power by the end of the year & 1,000 MW by the end of 2016.

The project comprises 400,000 solar panels and was built for a cost of about $ 131 Million. Once completed, the project will generate around 2.5 times the power that the massive 392 MW Ivanpah solar-thermal plant in California does — making it one of the largest solar projects in the world.

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Pakistani woman stoned to death by family

25-year old woman was stoned to death by her Father and Brothers outside a high court in Lahore, for marrying the man she fell in love . Her body lies on the ground, with people surrounding the scene, the sad part is that its not considered as evil rather a act to feel proud.

People are savages that can’t even recognize their own evil, our conscience has been dead, sanity has been vanished, humanity is a rare commodity in the land of pure. Now they gathered around her body like vultures….but no one came forward to rescue her.

I repeat it was done just outside the courts….

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Have you ever felt pain of earning money?

I suggest, you should try giving TIP to an old age ( 60+) Waiter at any Restaurant.

I just gave 35 rupees ( left over from bill) as tip today at Lunch, the way he looked me, smiled and Thanked ( I just can’t express that in words), I guess we don’t know the VALUE of 1 Rupee – Honestly for us even Hundred Rupee note does not means a worth.

After that Moment, I just realized, Why I spent 365 PKR on just a Burger which instead I could had in 150 or may be 50 rupees too.

I promised to myself I shall never de-value money like this again.

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Green Karachi, Clean Karachi

Let’s Own Karachi, Be a part of Sarsabz o Pursakoon campaign and identify an area within their jurisdiction where plantation can take place, Whether a large plot school factory community center masjid restaurant, Any place you will be able to monitor growth. Government Will do it on its own lands like parks and roads

They will provide the plants in collaboration with the Forest department so only eco friendly plants are grown in Karachi instead of quick growing but harmful ones like the Conocarpus you see all around
Government’s commitment is sourcing the right plants and civil society will play their role by planting them in the areas band taking care of them.

We have seen the wasted tree plantation schemes of government when it does not involve the citizens, No one takes care, That’s why they are calling on youth groups and communities to take part in an activity of which they will be the ultimate beneficiaries.

This is not just a campaign with a photo sessions but with long term positive results for our city.

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Journalists safety in Pakistan

Journalism is a profession that requires the bravest of hearts and souls. Highlighting and investigating hard-hitting stories is a major undertaking in itself. And sooner or later, the stories that journalists write may render them afoul of some influential personalities. In short, in the midst of uncovering the truth, reporters may find themselves painted with a bull’s eye.

This is exactly what a recent episode of BBC’s current affairs program Saibeen took a look at. Monday’s episode dealt with the dangers of being a journalist in Pakistan.

Independent sources quote that as much as 47 journalists have been slain in Pakistan for the last one year, making it one of the most lethal places in the world for journalism. In the face of such grim statistics, comes the recent (and brazen) gun attack on Pak journalist Raza Rumi. Rumi’s car was sprayed with bullets from unknown gunmen. He was injured and his driver succumbed to his wounds on the way to hospital.

Recent reports have put the affiliation of the assailants with TTP, the militant terrorist outfit.

Rumi was based in Lahore, a city that has largely been spared the fate of almost daily terrorist attacks that afflict Quetta, Peshawar and Karachi. That’s why the attack on the reporter-cum-TV-news-anchor represents a new front in Pakistan’s ongoing anti-terrorism efforts.

BBC spoke to Raza Rumi following the aftermath of the attack. He opined that how could anybody perform their journalistic duty when things had gotten so dire. Fearing for the safety of his family and well-wishers, it’s no surprise that Raza Rumi has left Pakistan. Reportedly, 15 of his colleagues in the media circles have followed suit as well.

According to the CJP (Committee to Protect Journalists), Pakistan ranks at 10th place on countries that have fell short of providing adequate security to the media.

This does not bode well for the issue of press freedom in Pakistan. It is commonly held view that the press faces threats from militants as well as the government (and military) that does not take kindly to reports that tend to criticize their shortcomings. The government needs to provide better security to the press fraternity as its duty to uphold the law of the state.

The English dailies are harder hit as they tend to give no space for the anti-obstructionist narrative.
Whether it is safe for the journalistic fraternity to keep doing their job in such dire conditions or leave the country for good, that’s a question to ponder by media organizations across Pakistan.

Something that BBC’s Saibeen program highlighted prominently. With the space for anti-TTP narrative rapidly shrinking, the job of journalists in ascertaining the facts on ground grows ever so important.
Pakistan needs to do more to protect those who are motivated with the desire to set the record straight.

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Youth is valuable asset for the nations youngsters play key role in the progress of their country. progress

of nation can be estimated by presence of productive skill full and healthy youngsters. But most nations

can not progress even containing population. Why? What is the reason?? Youth is like a boat in the sea

for the progress of the nations. undoubtedly progress of nations dependent upon youth. But youth is

also facing some problems. If there problems are not resolved youth can bring the country on the brink

of destruction instead of being symbol of progress. youth is facing problems in many regions of world.

due to these problems unable to be part of country progress. these problems are handcuffs for youth.

youth backs are bent under the weight of these problems like an old man holding a stick. Which deprive

youth for being a healthy and productive individual of society.

We hear about the selling of narcotics in bar and drugs bases out but this curse now easily available in

educational institute which is a huge problem destroying the youth. These narcotics are easily available

in different educational institute world wide gangs are working to supply narcotics in educational

institute. Their gang members take an admition in these institute and then make them addicted to these

narcotics like chars, affiem, bear are supplied to students. Usage of these drugs are causing disease

in students. Developed countries are also not free from clutches in these gang. European countries

youngster are using these drugs due to family and relationships problems. In Asian countries youngster

are using narcotics due to unemployment. Issues cause by usage of drugs is not limited to their personal

life but also destroying the whole society when youngster become addicted of narcotics they become

restless. Money is necessary for acquisition of drugs. Youngsters steal money and also involved In other

crime to get the money. They become unable to get further education and due to criminal offences

they try to escape from police. It is said that if you want to destroy any nation destroy their youth. And

it is may be a key reason in the destruction of youth world wide. Now a days trend of sheesha is also

becoming popular in youngsters. Youth is using sheesha (flavored hukkah) for enjoyment or as a fashion

or a status symbol. Parents and other family members play an essential role in the character building of

their child. If they take interest and keep a strict eye on their children’s daily activities and their friends

circle. Religious education can also be help full. Parents should also focus on the development of moral

value in their children. They should be friendly with their children. So the children especially youngster

will discus their problems with them and they do not find a buddy out side the home. Government

should take step to control these evil force who are destroying our youth by providing narcotics. Policies

should be make against them and properly implemented so can focus their study and keep them self

away from such activities. And take part in the progress of their country.


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Former Pakistan cricket captain Rashid Latif said on Tuesday he turned down the job of national chief selector because he could not work with ex-players tainted by corruption

The 45-year-old, who famously blew the whistle on match-fixing in 1994-95, last week refused to take up the chief selector’s post with the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB).

Corruption, match-fixing and spot-fixing allegations have dogged Pakistani cricket for two decades and Latif said he could not work with tarnished ex-pros.

“I have my principles, which do not allow me to work with players who were punished for match-fixing in the past,” Latif told AFP



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25-year old woman was stoned to death by her Father and Brothers outside a high court in Lahore, for marrying the man she fell...