Tax Exemption & Rs 10,000 crore Funds for ‘Startup India’

PM Narendra Modi on Saturday unveiled the ambitious ‘Startup India’ initiative to boost startup businesses and digital entrepreneurship in India. A few significant features of the plan are as follows:

Tax Exemption for Startups: Profit of startups set up after 1st April, 2016 will be exempted from income tax for a period of three years. Investment of one’s own wealth will also be exempted from Capital Gains tax.

Fund for Startups: The Government will set up a fund with a corpus of Rs. 2500 crore to support growth of startups. The fund will have a total corpus of Rs 10,000 crore over four years.

Self-certification based compliance: Startups will be allowed to self-certify compliance with labour and environmental laws. There will be no inspection during the first three years of launch of a venture.

Startup India Hub: A single point of contact for interactions with the government.

Mobile App: A mobile app will be launched on 1st April to simplify the process of registration. It will contain a small application form which can be filled up for registering a startup in one day.

Faster Patents: Filing patents and intellectual property claims takes months. This process will be simplified through a fast-track mechanism for startups. Patent fee will be reduced by 80% and cost of legal facilitators for startups will be borne by the government.

Easier Exits: The government is trying to make faster exits for startups in case of failure. A bill will be introduced in the Parliament to facilitate exits in 90 days.

Relaxed Norms for Public Procurement: Startups will be exempted from the criteria of prior experience in order to help them compete with experienced companies in public procurement. Quality, however, will not be compromised.

Credit Guarantee: A credit guarantee scheme of Rs. 500 crore per year will be launched to patronise entrepreneurship for the next four years.

Atal Innovation Mission: The mission aims at promoting research and development. It includes 500 tinkering labs, 35 public-private sector incubators, 31 innovation centres at national institutes, 7 new research parks, 5 new bio-clusters.

Women Participation: The government will try to increase participation of women in startups.

Innovation Programmes: Core innovation programmes will be organized in 5 lakh schools to encourage innovation. Startup festivals will be organized to increase visibility.

Education, Education & Education

Pakistan was established in 1947, it is more than 68 years of independence but it seems it is still not respected in the world community. Pakistan got independence with lots of difficulties. A very crucial time had passed by the great leaders during independence. At that time when there was nothing, all the things were pointless but Quaid-e-Azam was hopeful, he never lost his hope at that time. He knew the art of leading the nation, he knew how to guide the dishearten people, to keep hand in hand he told us the art of living life. The man with great power stood us as the Pakistani nation in the map of the world.

But now after independence,we do all those things which are wrong, we do wrong in our basic necessities too. Education is one of our basic necessity of life. In Pakistan, we always complain regarding our education system. More than 40% of population is illiterate. Karachi is the biggest city of Pakistan, although there are so many schools in karachi. One can easily find a school at the corner of every street.The students who are studying in government schools,they don’t know how to write & read.I usually see these type of students daily in my life. The person who earns 17000/- per month,he is not able to send his child to private school ultimately he sends them to government schools. The duty of parent is to send their children to school either government or private.

[quote_box_right]It’s a common saying in English, “Education is the most powerful weapon, which you can use to change the world.”[/quote_box_right]The duty of teachers start then. The duty is to teach the student in a way so that he starts thinking intensively and critically but unfortunately it doesn’t happen in reality.I called such schools ‘ghoost schools’ because they are not providing basic education. The female teachers usually talk about their homes, gossiping, talk about someone else if they attend the school. If she is not teaching to the best of her ability and is not putting in the requisite effort, she is also not being honest with her commitments,her profession and with herself.

It is a duty of every individual Pakistani to educate themselves and their child too but providing the education based on thinking deeply. ‘Education For Everyone’ it is a slogan of every government but they are not sincere about it. We have to solve the issues regarding our education system,we have to do something against all those issues. First starts with individual. PAKISTAN ZINDABAD

Common man thoughts on Education system of Pakistan

Today I met a person who is a driver and trying to educate his children in a private school. He was very upset today i asked him what happened dear. and then he burst out and shared with me his feelings about education system of Pakistan. His comments were as follows:

<ol><li>Why we don’t have similar education system in Government and Private Schools?</li><li>
Is there any Institution to monitor exploitation of Private schools?</li><li>
Is education a service to the nation or an industry? where schools owners run three to four different types of business e.g. Uniform Shops, Stationery Shops, and Transportation as well. He further said that this is where private schools exploit us the uniform which is available at a low cost in the market the dedicated shops of schools sell that uniform at a higher cost and we have no choice to buy from open market because of schools logo etc. Same is happening with stationery schools printed stationery is a new trend introduced by private schools and they charge much higher from the open market. additionally those note books are a good marketing tools of schools.</li><li>
Schools Van owners charge for even summer vacations. is this not an exploitation?</li><li>
A country which is facing education emergency, where it is very difficult to convince lower middle class to send their children to schools, If such exploitation continued that our education related indicator will further go down.</li></ol>

He asked me to raise a voice for his issues and request concerned quarters to look into this serious matter of general public.

[quote_center]By using social media forum I am requesting all my friends and family members please do raise your voice, please do write on this issue, please put these issues in the eyes and ears of our policy makers.[/quote_center]

Wrong Priorities

The Council of Islamic Ideology (CII) Chairman Maulana Mohammad Khan Sheerani said that a Muslim woman cannot object to her husband’s second or subsequent marriages.

It seems that the Council has an obsession with marriage laws, as it was the fourth meeting this year to discuss this particular matter.

Also, in May the CII had issued a statement that endorsed child marriage. So when an official body makes such questionable pronouncements, even in an advisory capacity, it conveys the negative message to the society, which is in every way male-dominated.

Like so many other state institutions, the CII seems to have misplaced priorities. The Council hardly addresses any important and serious issues – such as lack of ethical values in our society, importance of honesty, justice, brotherhood, tolerance, mercy, forgiveness and hard work in Islam, or the brutal killing on the basis of religious ideology, background and sect.

Hence, CII should set their priorities and address those issues which would cause a positive impact on the society and contribute to national development.

Fair stand for unfair system

Gerry’s Group of company , this platform conclusively based on motivated , courageous & target oriented people who serve extremely well off firm , under the chairmanship of Amin wali Muhammad and others board of directors who share the same last name ‘wali Muhammad’.

Following the controversy functioning nowadays , it seems like we are bounded to address these professionals with duly their highness as these people considering themselves ‘wali Ahads’ instead ‘Wali Muhammad’ .

For the last few weeks , Arjumand Hussain who was the general manager of this company has been facing the disceptation which lead people think on relevant attribute regarding basic human rights infact democratic rights at professional level. Hussain who just recorded passengers’ protest in PIA’s flight PK-370 against delayed arrivals of senator Rehman Malik & PML-N MPA Ramesh kumar got fired from his designation , howevever the firm clarified that his termination based on merit and not for his involvement in this issue.

So again here is another addition in the list of people who suffered whenever had been raising a voice against high profile individuals demurely. We ,strongly condemned this false verdict against VIP culture .

As a nation we should question ourselves that if we were at Hussain’s place , what we could probably did ?

Poor Man’s Rights vs. Rich Man’s Rights!

Few months ago I received a call from Shehri a Community Based Organization, they informed me about a project that Bahria Town was building in the posh area of Karachi i.e. Bahria Icon Tower. You would be wondering what does an NGO has to do with a construction project and why do they are contacting another citizen who again has nothing to do with that project! The reason I was contacted was that they wanted to know my stance over this project! To me this is another beautiful project just like Dolmen Mall Hyperstar built on the seashore! What a beauty it is, but again it has nothing to do with me, I am a dweller of Federal. B Area and frankly speaking residents of Clifton and DHA, don’t even know that F.B Area exists (you can call this sentence one a biased and generalized comment but after all I am expressing my opinion this isn’t a news it’s a column). O.K coming back to the call I got from Shehri, I was asked about the legal issue that was raised in the wake of that construction project, I replied I don’t know anything about that, but I did got a bit curious.

The thing is the marvelous project that is Bahria Tower which includes the beautification and extension of Shrine of Abdullah Shah Ghazi (A good initiative) and the building of a new underpass had some legal issues. To be precise the legal issue was related to the underpass, it is found out Bahria Town, has skipped an standard operating procedure called, Environmental Impact Assessment (more info about it can be found at the site of Pakistan Environmental Protection Agency’s site). And this flyover, two underpasses one pedestrian subway and an underground parking space for the 68+ floored plaza called the Bahria Tower if completed will block the passage to Kothari Parade.

Now this is where the debate gets heated, on one hand there are people who believe that this underpass must be completed, it is their right, and the duty of the government to complete this project. Instead of the government, a private firm is doing this project, hence becoming a more responsible entity as compared to the government. On the other hand, there are people who are saying that this is gross violation of human and fundamental rights of the citizens of the city! The first group replies who cares if some old park gets blocked, we will get a brand new road, better traffic management. The reply from the second group is, that park which you don’t care about is a darling of the poor class, they come here to socialize, they literally can’t afford the McDonalds neither they can access the elite devil’s point’s lavish restaurants. Kothari Prade, Bin Qasim Park, these are the people where the middle class, lower middle class and lower class go for recreation, they don’t have private vehicles! They don’t shop at Hyperstar, they don’t dine at Charcoal, they don’t recreate at Golf Clubs!

And this where this class divide come in, according to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights Article one and two, all humans are born equal and they can’t be discriminated on the basis of race, gender, sect, religion or social class, but unfortunately we are bulldozing these very first and foremost human rights since our country came onto being. And today we have totally discarded the concept of social justice and equality! Today we are worried about the construction of multi-millionaire project, which will, off course provide residential facilities to the upper class, a new underpass for the residential of the tower and the poor, they can go recreate somewhere else, and who gives a damn about an old park? Right!

Regarding Malik Riaz, Sir I believe you can do much more for the society, please if possible, build some proper youth centers in every corner of the country, particularly in the remote, less-developed areas. Invest in the development of the masses, I am asking you, because you can, if you can build a road for the masses why not few hundreds compounds/centers for the youth? This way you can deliver better! Oh and do get that assessment done! Be a responsible Law Abiding Citizen!

Save River Ravi

They say a River is the life and blood of a country. Pakistan is fortunate enough to be blessed with many rivers but it is unfortunate that they have not been given the proper attention and respect that they deserve. Let me tell you an example of Our “Beloved” River Ravi. Situated just alongside Lahore, it was a river once full of life and purity. Nowadays it is merely a sewage carrier for the city. All plant and fish life have been wiped clean and one cannot even stand near the river because the sewage odour is so foul.


Imagine a city of 9 million people or more, give or take. They use on an average 200 litres daily for all their needs. An overwhelming majority of the water (70% or more) after usage becomes waste water.  The math is below

90000000 (people) x 200 (litres/person) = 18000000000 Litres/Day

Wastewater produced =  18000000000 x 0.7 (70%) = 12600000000 litres/Day

Sadly, only 1% or less waste water is treated, rest is just thrown in the river. This leads to

12600000000 x 0.99 (99%) = 12474000000 litres/Day

That is is the amount of waste water only domestic users add to the river per add. Add industries and the figure rises even higher.

The Effects

Karma works in mysterious ways. Once you mess with nature, nature will mess with you as well.

1)      Vegetables grown near the river have heavy metal content in them, not fit for consumption. Even the outside layers have high bacteria count and have to be washed thoroughly else they would cause disease

2)      The cows that use the water for milk production have the same effect. They affect the health of the cow as well as the quality of milk. Again the pollutants can crossover to the milk and can find their way back to us.

3)      The water in the river seeps down to the groundwater, which we pump for our usage. The groundwater near the river is now unfit for human consumption and the area is increasing fast.

4)      Aesthetic reasons. Ravi could have been a recreation spot for the people where they could go for a swim, fish or even relax. But who wants to go to a very huge sewer with black muddy water and human excreta smell.


Cleaning the river is not an easy step. There is no magic wand that someone can waive and the river will clean itself. If done with dedication, still it will take many years before the river can return to its former self.  Some of the steps which should be taken immediately are

  1. Treatment of all waste water to acceptable levels before pumping into Ravi.
  2. Making EPA (Environment Protection Agency) an effective organization that checks and controls the discharges of industries. All industry should have an in-house Waste water treatment plant.
  3. Public awareness about less water usage and reuse. The less water used, the less waste water produced
  4. Government should take up this issue on priority and proper planning with funds allocated to this sector as well.

Fraud Bank transferred of PKR 248,500/-

I, Muhammad Ali having CNIC # 42301-1871216-7 request you to please help me for recovery of Rs.248,500/- which was fraud transferred from my bank account # 13245444 NIB New Challi Branch. Below is the detail all facts that I want to share with you.

I have got a job opportunity on OLX and sent my CV to Mr. Mian Javed. He asked me to make an ID on messenger named ooVoo and then he took an online interview through that messenger and cleared me for the job of an accountant in his hotel named blue star at Barcelona spain.

After interview he told me to make passport and send your passport, CNIC and bank statement. I agree to send all the things and he said he will arrange ticket and visa for me.

After that he asked to open an account either in NIB bank or in Soneri Bank and said to arrange closing balance of Rs.500,000/-  so that he can make my strong statement for visa process. He also gave me contact numbers of those persons who were his representatives in Pakistan, their name and number are Mr. Muhammad Salman contact # 0342-2881519 and Mr.Ali Raza contact # 03124163754. Both were in touch with me for making my bank statement.

Next day he said to open an account specifically in NIB and I have done the same and deposited Rs.1,000/- as initial deposit. For closing balance I asked one of my friend to please give me some amount for closing balance and he arranged Rs.300,000/- and I immediately deposited the same in NIB at January 20, 2014.

Now at the time of opening my bank account I have instructed the bank very clearly that I don’t need internet banking for any transaction and they also agreed that you can check your form there is no tick on internet banking.

The same day when I deposited the amount I got a message from NIB at 1:00 AM that you are successfully logged in through internet banking, at same time I got another message that your IPin transaction code is ****. After one hour I got 3rd message at 2:00 AM that you are successfully logged in through internet banking. These total three messages that I received from NIB and then early morning I called to bank and asked my balance, they reported that your closing balance is Rs.52,000/- I asked about my remaining amount they said you have done two online transaction of Rs.200,000/- and Rs.48,500/- at 1:00AM and 2:00AM respectively. I immediately reached to bank and asked for detail.

They provided me my bank statement in which two transactions was held as mentioned above. I asked bank officials to stop this transaction or reverse it or stop the transaction of that account in which fund is transferred, then they demanded my request in written and I provided that request in written and got receiving from NIB.

After two days NIB called me at their head office where I met from Mr. Salman and Mr. Shams both are investigation officers, they told me that NIB has been sent 14 messages to your number from which 10 were transaction IPin codes but I received only 3 messages from which only one was transaction IPin Code. I told them to show me my number and all those 14 messages which were sent by NIB at my number, they refused to show me that detail. I asked them give something in writing but they again refused my request. Further they guided me that for every transaction and for activation of internet banking every time you will get new IPIN for performing online activities but I didn’t get these IPIN Codes. Furthermore when they provided me detail of the account in which fund was transferred, I inquired HBL and I have got information of that account from HBL that all money is transferred from that account too.

From that onwards I m continuously keep in touch with NIB but there is no response from their side.  One of their group member arrested and his story published on Ummat NewsPaperL

Muhammad Ali

KE 3586 6/5 4B New Basti Dehli Colony Clifton 

Cell: +92346-2773077