No Arms No Legs No Worries

WAY TO DISABLED ONE’s: Disability is not a lifetime pain nor it’s a prison to suffer with rather it’s something that torn you inside and make you frail day by day but the thing that answers disability well is one’ s perspective or stance towards it or you can say a being’s willpower is a brick behind the wall. There are two ways to disabled one’s either they shut the world and prefer solitude so that no one is going to kill them with harsh words lacking hoping or a way full of lights no one could ever dream off. The later one is a to be followed by intelligent one’s.Why not making your weakness your strength ? Yes the genuine strength lies in imperfection.It’s something that initiates a desire to fight on to move on and to show world that your willpower is your key spirit.

a well known name , a lady who knows how to respond and how to confront the subject.She believes in playing with coruscating colors and unblemished portrayal of true emotions.She takes the agony of spinal cord injury and is hell determined to express her strength through artwork.Now she is entitled as a goodwill ambassador for UN Women Pakistan.She always used to say this “WHERE THERE IS A WHEEL THERE’S A WAY” Let’s learn the power of motivation from this honored lady and live your dreams before you leave the world.This is the time to tell our son’s that strength has no gender.Emotions have no gender, even humanity has no gender.We all are created from a clot of blood.


nick-vujicicNICOLAS JAMES: An Australian Motivational Speaker born with pho
comelia, a disability characterized with absence of all four limbs.After asking for God to grow arms and legs he realize that his accomplishments were inspirational to many and began to thank God for being alive.Once his mother showed him a newspaper article about a man dealing with severe disability that led him to realize that he is not the only one. He showed his strength with his golden words as he said ” God has given me the grace,strength and comfort through my disability and you can have victory,peace and joy in your life even through your circumstances”.Fear is the biggest disability of all and will paralyze you more than being in a wheel chair.He motivated the readers to hold onto hope so that it can not disappear,learn to laugh be thankful to God and be willing to serve others before yourself is the key.

maxresdefaultMARLA RUNYAN:
At the age of nine Runyan developed Stargardt’s disease which is a form of macular degeneration that left her legally blind but she never put her blindness to be an obstacle on her way and achieve what she wants ,she is now a three time national champion in a woman’s 5000 meters.She won four gold medals in 1992 summer Paralympics.In 2001 she co-wrote and published her autobiography “NO FINISH LINE : MY LIFE AS I SEE IT”.She sets a great example of hope,she proves that if you are determined that you can achieve if you are determined than you can conquer.Let’s face disability with a powerful sword of heroism.

Film DRIVEN. A co-production between Pakistan, Poland, UK and Russia.

K&M Features and Aster Productions hosted a Press Conference at Faletti’s Hotel, Lahore to announce details of their upcoming feature film DRIVEN. DRIVEN is a Michael Hudson film which is produced by Kamran Faiq and Naveed Mehmood. The film is being shot entirely within a vintage Mercedes W126 S-Class 1978. The cast includes Kamran Faiq, Amna Ilyas, Javed Sheikh, Adnan Shah Tipu, Rehan Sheikh, Omair Rana, Najia Baig and Wahab Shah.

DRIVEN is a co-production between Pakistan, Poland, UK and Russia. The project team includes Director from UK, Cinematographer from Poland, Sound Design Technician from Russia and the lead cast and crew from Pakistan. Kamran Faiq and Michael Hudson are prolific industry professionals who have worked internationally and won numerous film awards and recognition.

“It is a fantastic experience being able to work with Michael (Hudson) and such a talented international cast and crew on home ground” said DRIVEN’s female lead and acclaimed film actress Amna Ilyas at the press conference. Adding further, Amna said “Being a part of this unique collaborative experience is immensely rewarding and I hope that DRIVEN marks the start of many more good things to come for the Pakistani Film Industry.”

Kamran Faiq, the youngest film professional from Pakistan to attend the Venice Film Markets as a producer while speaking at the press conference said, “The unique thing about this film is its narrative. When I was approached by Michael to participate in this project as an actor and a producer, what struck me most about the film was the way it was written. It indulges the audience with the action on-screen. Working on this film with Amna (Ilyas), Javed (Sheikh) Sahib, (Adnan Shah) Tipu and Rehan (Sheikh) was an exceptional experience.”

DRIVEN’s award winning British film Director Michael Hudson, while speaking about his upcoming film said: “Pakistan is currently experiencing a rebirth in cinema as it begins to tell it’s stories and find it’s voice.”

Meet The Wonderful And Marvelous Zuriel Oduwole

Zuriel Oduwole1Can you remember all the amazing things you accomplished as a child? I bet you’d remember if some of those things were interviewing political leaders, speaking at international conferences, meeting former US president Bill Clinton or filming a documentary, right? Well for 11-year old Zuriel Oduwole, these are just some of the most notable things she can cross off of her bucket list.

Zuriel is an 11 year old American girl of Nigerian and Mauritian descent. She is currently in grade 8, and is working hard to accomplish her academic objectives. In an interview with a BBC Correspondent, she said “My education always comes first, no matter what”. She works very hard to balance her school projects with her extracurricular activities. During her free time, she says “She enjoys nothing more than to play her Nintendo Wii and board games with her family’

Zuriel made history as the youngest person ever to be interviewed by the popular and distinguished magazine, Forbes. Zuriel is more than just a girl with a dream. Zuriel Oduwole2Her motivation to create social change drives her to accomplish many worthy titles. Zuriel can be identified throughout the world as a remarkable youth activist, writer, interviewer, conference speaker and award-winning documentary/film maker. She has interviewed more than 10 current African Presidents. Zuriel is currently travelling the globe campaigning and raising awareness for her social cause ‘Dream Up, Speak Up, Stand Up’, where she inspires young girls to accomplish their mission.  Zuriel’s ‘Dream Up, Speak Up, Stand Up’ campaign is being used as a platform to showcase the influential work Zuriel is involved in around the globe.

Zuriel (which is Hebrew for ‘God is my Rock’) believes that paving the way, she will inspire many young girls to embark on a similar humanitarian journey. Zuriel Oduwole3As a young girl herself, she is concerned of the fact that not every young girl out there has the right to get an education or a chance to fulfill their dreams.

Publicized as the next Oprah Winfrey, Zuriel is committed to rebranding Africa by showing the positive things about the continent, and campaigning for girl’s education. Her mission to rebrand remains firm and affirmative: “When I watch the news, I find that most of the news about Africa was always negative, so I thought I could show something that was positive like a successful revolution”.


On the morning of 2nd November 2014 a TEDx mega event was held in the Auditorium of Islamabad Club from 11:30 am till around 05:00 pm. This particular independent TED event was recognized as TEDx@youthclbroad. Packed with motivation and inspiration, this event was the highlight of the participant’s day.

The event promised its attendees different variety of speakers ranging from different professional careers and ages which it delivered on with full zeal and enthusiasm. The event started with the exceptional talk of Nabeel A Qadeer from Plan9 who highlighted his perspective that anything and everything is possible if you have the passion and drive to achieve your dream.

Nabeel A Qadeer

Second on stage was the exceptionally talented Hassan Sohail Siddiqui who blew the participants mind with his first ever Pakistani superhero Comic Book “Pakistan Man” and the advice to always go for a career path that you are good at no matter the consequences. His talk made you realize that if you try wholeheartedly the odds can practically end up in your favor.

Hassan Siddiqui

Third on stage was an amazing human being Ayesha Haleem who, at the tender age of 19, has accomplished leaps. Her perception and dream of changing perspectives around her gave the audience the enthusiasm to realize that anything is possible if they have the attitude of a movie star. Her talk expresses the title “about changing perceptions.”

Ayesha Haleem

As per TEDx rules a TED video was played for the audience about Hard Choices by Ruth Chang after which a 45 minute break took place. During the break a networking session was held for attendees to interact with the speakers as well as each other to have a better social standing. After the break the fourth personality to take the stage was Saad Asif. The title of his talk was “Out bit for change”. His talk gave the people listening to his every word the outlook of what and how change affects us.

Saad Asim

After Saad’s motivational talk it was Fawad Asghar. His talk revolved around the caption “doing what you love” giving us the reflection of following our personal choice careers and choices. He blew the audience’s mind with his expressive talk.

Fawad Afzal

The last on the stage was the amazing and talented Iftekhar Yezdani. His talk was captioned “Let’s reach the moon”. He gave us the perspective that nothing is impossible when you have the moon in your sight. Nothing is stopping us from reaching a point of success that we define ourselves not someone else for us.

iftekhar Yezdani

In the end it could be observed easily that all the talks had left the audience in high spirits. The event ended on a positive note with high appreciations from the audience. All in all it turned out to be a spectacular event with high praise to the speakers and the organizing team.

The Inspiring Hannah Godefa

As a child, have you ever been asked what you wanted to be in the future? Your answer most probably leaned towards ‘To be rich’ or ‘To be a pilot’ or ‘To be successful’ – all short yet very distinct dreams that we all aspire to fulfill.

This young girl was quite different.

You hear about people like her once in a blue moon.

What 16-year old Hannah Godefa wanted to do as a child was improve people’s lives by providing them with basic educational facilities… and indeed she did!

She believes that every child deserves the right to education and more than just believing, she campaigns.

Her most famous campaign ‘Pencil Mountain’ has delivered more than half a million books, pencils and school materials to children in rural Ethiopia. She has been featured on the Huffington post, Ethiopian Press, Global Post, the Guardian and the like.

Hannah has been appointed as UNICEF’s Youth Ambassador for Ethiopia as well as Canada for her remarkable efforts in charity work and various fundraising efforts. She is also been named Goodwill Ambassador of Human rights.

Hannah has met Canada’s prime minister, Stephen Harper and the Ethiopian prime minister, Hailemariam Desalegn. She is an idol to many including myself, and she continues to spread her humanitarian efforts into making this world a better place to live in.

You can contact Hannah Godefa directly on her Facebook page: Hannah Godefa

Meet Ansar Shah, COO of Foortal

Can’t help getting hungry at office, home or college? will placate your hunger. YouthPlugged had a chance to bring exclusive interview of Mr. Ansar Shah, Chief Operating Officer and one of the founding members of In his exclusive interview with Youth Plugged, Mr. Ansar speaks about and shares his entrepreneurial experience and advice for new and future entrepreneurs.

1. Tell me about yourself and Foortal?
I am an IT professional having more than 5 years of experience in building technology startups and building hosted platforms for Telco like O2, Vodafone and Ericsson. I believe in giving back, whether it’s work, family, society or Country.

I am also a proud member of Team Foortal – an online food delivery and takeaway ordering portal bringing both foodies and restaurants under one roof. Consumers can place online orders at their ease and under the budget with thousands of deals, menus and discounts. Restaurants on the other hand can communicate with their customers. Foortal helps you to order food from anywhere in Pakistan using laptop, PCs and on the Go with Foortal’s 3G/4G enabled mobile app.

2. What was exactly the motivation behind starting Foortal?
Three reasons! First Waqar Shah – CEO started out as technology outsourcing company in 2008, but in the past Pakistan IT industry collapsed unfortunately. So, we were convinced to build products that will help us sustain without outsourcing business. Secondly, Waqar has spent much of his time abroad and apprehended that Pakistani food is being relished out by foreigners and there is a need of portal specifically for food. And finally, we wanted to build a global product, when deployed to international countries like UK, UAE, US, China etc., it will bring glory to its origin. Since Foortal is developed in Pakistan, it will bring glory to the country – insha’ALLAH.

3. Who are your clients?
Everybody who loves to eat and explore new food whether they are home users, housewives, students, office worker, party lovers, but to be specific, office people are our niche.

4. What and how has been the response from people?
Fantastic! They love it when they see it and use the service. Since online food ordering culture has been at ground in Pakistan, so there’s lot more that we need to dig in for people to start using online food ordering services. We have seen critics though as of having low marketing campaigning but that was on purpose, game is yet to be started.


5. What’s the best part of the next thing you are doing for Foortal?
We believe in innovations. We keep building new features for both customers and restaurants as per the market requirements and observing consumer’s behavior. Two things to highlight here; First is the “CASHBACK” feature, which allows you to get instant cash back into your Foortal wallet, against every order that you place online via The other is “Refer and Earn” scheme – this is interesting bit. It allows you to refer friends and earn money when they place order. So if you have a huge fan following, then you’re ready to make money with Foortal’s referral scheme.

6. Are there any other food portals like Foortal available in Pakistan? If yes, what makes you distinct from them?
Yes, there are few and their efforts to help ecommerce culture grow in Pakistan are appreciable. However, how Foortal is different from them is Foortal is a tailor made platform using latest technologies for both web and mobile. We believe it’s going to be technology that will give Foortal an edge over others. Foortal is like Google (robust, fast, intuitive and easily scalable). Online ordering is only a small component of Foortal. There’s lot more in it which will be revealed with time and need. Also, Foortal is developed in Pakistan by the team who develop solutions for European companies and it is owned by our company WaqarTech Limited, registered in the UK. In near future we will export technology rather than importing it.

7. Any latest achievement by Foortal, please brief?
Since Foortal is a global platform so the plan is to expand its reach out of Pakistan to countries like UK, UAE and Saudi Arabia, we are started with pilot phase in UK this quarter with 25 restaurants. We are also in talks for Foortal China with few Chinese businesses. We will close a deal soon insha’ALLAH.
[pull_quote_right] “It’s not important for a Leader to be an Entrepreneur but it’s essential for an Entrepreneur to be a Leader.” – Ansar Shah [/pull_quote_right] 8. Any suggestions you would like to give to people who are working to start their own start-up?
Yes! Entrepreneurship does not mean that you have to have a break-through idea only; it can be an innovation to existing things or processes to make things better for people and bring convenience to life. An example quoted by one of my good friend Mr. Hammad Siqqidui is about the innovation of Samsonite travel bags. They saw a gap, a problem when people travel. People when traveling, they have to hold up heavy luggage bags while waiting in queue or walking. Samsonite encountered this problem with minor innovation. They picked the wheels and put it under the bags. That’s it, nothing new Wheels and Chests are invented thousands of years ago. So believe in Endless-Possibilities.