Independence Day is fun day for us!

On this auspicious day here is a piece I thought I should share with my people.

As we all know we celebrates 14 august with passion and dedication. When August comes we charge ourselves for an independence day. We talk about how we got Pakistan how our grandparents fought for our mother land and etc etc.

But… I’ve been observing still we only speaks instead of doing or act something original ……!!!

We talk on Electronic media:

On 1st august till 14th on every channels everywhere we see patriotism. National songs, flags, headlines, patriotic news, patriotic programs and etc…

We talk via print media:

On 1st august till 14th in every newspaper we see patriotic pictures, quotes, headlines, news, interviews, short columns or stories about our national heroes and etc…

We talk on social media:

On 1st august till 14th on every Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and everywhere we actively taking apart by postings, quoting, sharing national songs, hashtags and etc.

Likely more ways we celebrates this auspicious day but here are my few questions:

  • Do we really celebrates this day or it’s just a trend to celebrate like other occasions?
  • ·         Are we really united under this flag?
  • ·         Do we follows those points on which we got independence?
  • ·         Do we really think we are playing our part in this so called united country?

And with these basic questions I’ve more to ask but I won’t as I get same cliché replies as we used to.

Because! Usually we don’t go with actions instead of a talk guns!

Yes we celebrates this independence by hanging out and partying all day and night and I’m sure we only take it as a “shugal” week.

I’ve a right to do “Shikwa” to my people that why we have been divided from each other by following different routes for fame? Just because of we see lots of fame there? Why we avoid to do such actions and fulfil that causes behind the creation of this land.

Have you read Iqbal? Here are just 2 quotes in thousands I thought I should share.

He says:

“Rise, for a new age dawns; your era begins in East and West”

He was quoting about new era in which we are suffering the same differences we had before the separation. How can we fulfil his dreams? By following these so called ridiculous trends?

One more quote from Sir, Iqbal:

“Whatever the eye is seeing cannot be described by the lips, I am lost in amazement as to what the world will become! The night will eventually disappear by sun’s appearance! This garden will be filled with Light of Tauhid (Oneness of God)”

When I was reading these lines and thinking that Mr. Iqbal was quoting Islam and predicting about our current scenario. But unfortunately we couldn’t reach his dreams yet! And acting as a joker by celebrating this auspicious day with trending and avoiding to do such acts Pakistan formed for.

Please be original!! Let the time begin… Play your to part to make this land original. Don’t just celebrate or ridicule these precious days with your fun but celebrate every day as an independence day and do something original for this mother land. Our grandparents fought for this land not for our fun. Please live and let the others live with originality.

If we want our Jinnah’s Pakistan so, only we have to be united by being original instead of dividing in different groups.

Last but not the least feel that patriotism like those people who fought for this land.

Please for God sake!

In the end A Very Happy Independence Day to all J

Pakistan Zindabad !


[dropcap type=”2″]M[/dropcap]usic plays a vital role in soothing the mixed feelings churning up in any soul. May it be the sweet flow of an organ or the bass of a guitar, the melody of a flute or the beat of a drum. It’s passion for music that keeps the rhythm alive. When we talk about music and when it is beat then Drummers are the only person who can drive the crowd crazy. No rock band can survive without a drummer and neither any orchestra.

Alfred D’mello –Alf a 29 year old is a name in the world of passionate drummers who clearly make the bands rock with the magic of their sticks.

When and why did u start playing?
I stared playing when I was 9, got influenced by the live band that would perform at our community weddings/parties back in those days, I was deeply fascinated by the drums/drummers.

Your first event as a professional drummer?
It was with Mizmaar at BVS s school in 2004.

Is your family into music?
They do like music, but no one played any instrument

Which famous musician do you admire and why?
I admire a lot of international musicians the list can go on, Chris Colman, Greg Bissonette, Simon Phillips, Dave Weckl, Marcus miller, victor Wooten, Producer Quincy Jones just to name a few.. I admire them because they are masters of they trade, and watching them play really inspires me a lot.

Where did you learn playing instruments?
I’m self taught, and of course youtube helped a lot too.. But I’m from the time when I had to hear songs and drum solo on repeat to understand what the drummer is playing. Today kids getting into music are very lucky, they can watch all these drum instructional videos n learn stuff.

Is it only drums that you play or some other as well?
I play a bit of guitar and bass guitar too, I love playing the bass.

Which famous musician have u learned from (if any) or the name of your teacher?
Like I said youtube helped me to learn some theory later but.. No teacher as such.

Describe your first instrument?
My first instrument is the drums and it is and extension to my feelings

What are your fondest musical memories?
Well theere are many memories.. But I feel the best memories are yet to happen.

Were you influenced by old records and tapes which ones?
Yes definitely I’m influenced by a lot of old classic music like Zeppelin, Ddeep Purple, Beatles etc..

Is music your first love or your first love inspired your u to become a musician?
Yes music is my first love.. Nothing or no one comes close to it.. 🙂

Do you nervous before a performance or a competition?
I’ve never been part of any competition, but yeah sometimes I do get nervous before a gig I think most Musician’s do, but once I sit behind the kit, it’s all gone.

What advice would you give to beginners?
Practice is the key to reach your goals keep working in the right direction, dream big but don’t expect any results if you do get a big break take that as a bonus

How often and for how long do u practice?
A few years back I used to practice all the time, minimum 5 hours in a stretch. But now I’m more busy with projects, direction, production, teaching so I have a very organized practice routine very focused one or two hours of practice.

Do you teach music?
Yes I do, been teaching for almost 10 years now.

Your awards n achievements?
I don’t believe in awards, the biggest award for me is when a senior/better musician or producer/artist says good things about my musicality. Earning their respect feels like getting an award.

How do you balance your music and other obligations – mate children – job
I’m very bad at balancing that, so I keep a notification track/reminder of what commitments I have in order to keep a balance between both the music side and my family and friends.

Forgive Yourself!

Dawn of every morning teaches us to give a new start to the continued journey. We need break after every tiring trip, to rejoice and to restore the vitality. Helping us to recollect all the random thoughts and focus our goal. Different tools and practices had been widely practiced and advised to do it. Still we need more.

In the series of expectations starting from others to ourselves – made us forget to breathe deep, feel pleased, reflect the light inside and to express the life within. we even forget that the mistakes we made helped us to reach this status we have. Simultaneously, these mistakes made us strong, more skillful, more intelligent, fairly expert in some tasks, and able to foresee.

Like many of us, while pondering what am I, what I want, achieved, lost or gained, I often forget one thing…. The most powerful and impactful i.e. “Forgiveness for self” Many of us openly forgive people around them; Letting them go … Leaving behind a Lesson for our lives, showing our strength to keep them along with their forgotten past.

Do you feel so strong enough to forgive yourself for anything bad happened in past? If not, then without giving a second chance – you are unknowingly affecting something incomparable and precious for you i.e. your Confidence and Energy.

When mistakes are unforgivable they became crime, locking up all your strengths within. It’s just like carrying out death sentence for your creativity and unique personality traits. At the end making you mentally disturbed, unfocused, unhealthy, and full of confusion with fear to move on.

Let the regrets cleaned out of your heart forever as no one else can do it for you!! This will make you light, bright, confident, strong and even more productive and somewhat perfect. Treat each mistake like a new chapter, read it and close it as the only thing to be kept with you is its MORAL.

So, keep doing mistakes, keep learning from them and set your mind and soul free by forgiveness!!!


Hey where are your glasses? Have you got contacts? Said my friend. No! I have undergone Lasik surgery couple of month ago, and now, no more those heavy ugly glasses in my life.

This is the most common conversation I am having these days between my relatives and me and with those who are seeing me after couple of weeks.

Most of the people who already aware of the Lasik eye surgery might not found this article interesting, but I would recommend to continue reading my article who really wish to look the whole bright world without their expensive and heavy glasses with huge number in nearsightedness or in farsightedness.

Few months ago, I was a person wearing glasses with number of minus eight (-8.00) both eyes. And my glasses are horribly getting thicker and thicker since I started wearing glasses with a number, minus five (-5.00). I have this wish that someday I woke up and see the whole world with my naked eyes crystal clear. And suddenly my wish came true. How?

Yes Lasik eye treatment. I first heard of it two years ago, but at that time my parents were not confident enough to underwent this surgery as they thought in Pakistan this surgery may not be reliable enough, or they have not seen any successful case in their entire life.

Luckily, in early 2014 I met after eight years to my friend travelling from Australia to Pakistan after a long time without glasses, I saw him and we had a similar conversation, he told me that he got Lasik. And I felt an enthusiasm in myself to go for it and the biggest news for me is that he got Lasik from Karachi, Pakistan. The city I live in. I took the address of the eye surgeon, contact him the next day, set the appointment, and here I am writing this article with my lovely big eyes without glasses.

Guys trust me; it is the biggest thing in my live, no more glasses, and your life changes.

For those who want to know what Lasik is, I am going to write a brief detail about it and its procedure.

Lasik is more than 20 years old technology and it is most common in USA and Europe, however it is very expensive there. In Pakistan, it is not much expensive as compare to other countries; in fact it is cheapest here.

It is a normal 3 visits procedure. In your first visit, you will be undergone a Lasik eligibility test, that will take hardly 30 minutes.

Doctor will dilute your pupil by pouring some drops in the eyes, after 20 minutes your pupil will dilute. Doctor will examine your eyes either you are eligible or not? And you will be asked to go home in any case.

If your are a healthy person age between 24 – 30, 95% chances are you will be eligible for it, as in this age your cornea health is not much compromised, but there are other factors too, which your doctor will tell you.

If you are eligible doctor will set the date of surgery with you. On the day of surgery, doctor will confirm your cornea health and perform the surgery, which will hardly take around 20 minutes for both eyes. And Bam! You can see every thing clear, but, you will be asked to close your eyes for some time at least do not try to read sign boards on the streets while driving back to home of-course with your attendee, you will also be prescribed with some antibiotics and other drops to keep your eyes healthy.

Doctor will ask you to re-visit next day for final checkup. By the time you reach home you might feel some dusty feeling in your eyes, for that doctors suggest patients to have a sound relaxing sleep with eye pads already provided. Next morning when you woke up, you will see everything clear than never before.

That’s it. This is Lasik surgery.

Remember your choice of doctor matters in case of Lasik surgery. Do not get fooled by cheap advertisements. Select the doctor you trust and who is qualified enough to perform such kind of surgeries.

Keep this in mind it is a surgery and every surgery takes time to heal. So recovery period and to become independent from any medicine it will take around 6 months, in which you will be vising your doctor for regular eye check once a month. 6 months is the maximum time to heal, normally people recovered in two months.

For those having high myopia should consider at least once. Those who wants to know about my experience can comment here, I will explain you if you need any help and will share all the information I have regarding this surgery.

At least pass this information to those who are really annoyed by their heavy and ugly plus expensive eyeglasses.

Hope this article will help many.

Gang Rape in Addis Ababa Sparks Protests Worldwide

16-year old Hanna Lalango passed away on November 1st 2014, after five men kidnapped, tortured and brutally assaulted her in a gang rape far from her hometown. One of the five abusers is said to be married with a baby on the way.

On the day of her kidnapping, Hanna had complained about hot feeling well before leaving to school. Hanna supposedly left school around 4:00pm and got in to a minibus with her friend.

Little did she know that she was being ambushed by her classmate who she believed to be her friend all along. Her friend wanted vengeance for something Hanna had done to her. At this point, no one, not even Hanna’s parents can confirm what this was.

There were a couple of passengers already in the minibus when Hanna had entered with her friend. They allegedly were the kidnappers, the soon-to-be rapists – and her friend was the accomplice. When things started seeming suspicious for Hanna, she demanded to be let out of the minibus. Straightaway, the culprits threatened Hanna with a knife telling her to stay put.

The perpetrators took Hanna to one of the suspect’s house. There they raped her for, according to Hanna’s father, “at least five days” and held her captive for nearly 11 days.

2Nearly two weeks later, Hanna was found lying unconscious in an abandoned area near the outskirts of the city. The suspects had left her there to die. Random passers-by found her and immediately took her to the nearest hospital where she could seek medical help. From there on, Hanna was able to unite with her close family and friends.

Hanna’s family spent several days going back and forth between different referral hospitals waiting to be admitted. Hanna suffered from a number of injuries, one of them being fistula. She died 19 days after she was found.

Shortly after Hanna’s death, renowned Ethiopian TV host Seifu Fantahun sat down with Hanna’s father in a public interview broadcasted nationwide. The purpose of this interview was to clarify many assumptions being made to this story and to ask Hanna’s father many pending questions sought out by the general public. I have extracted a short script of the interview:

[Seifu]: Did the kidnappers have any unresolved issues with your family? Would there be any reason as to why they’d hurt your youngest daughter?

[Mr. Lalango]: I have never seen any of the kidnappers before in my life. They don’t know us and we don’t know them. After they kidnapped my Hanna from school, after they tortured her for days and left her in a secluded area…they eventually appeared in court which is when I saw them for the first time.

[Seifu]: So this whole rumour that they had something against your family was false?

[Mr. Lalango]: Absolutely. No one in our family has ever seen or heard of them before.

Before Hanna passed away, she is reportedly said to have identified three out of the five suspects from her hospital bed. The other two, excluding her friend are still missing.

The case was first reported at the Addis Ababa First Instance Court. Many concerned individuals came to show their support. Members of the Media (reporters, journalists etc.) and the Addis Ababa Women’s Association were also present

The 3 suspects were brought in by the police (2 are still missing). The judge allowed them to say a few words to the public before the case was officially postponed. All three suspects deemed that they were innocent and didn’t see why they were being accused of committing such a heinous crime. Of course, the public didn’t buy it. First off, these three suspects were the same men that Hanna confirmed of raping her. Secondary to that, in many cases which focus on sexual assault (i.e. rape, molestation, sexual harassment or groping), it is quite common for the abuser (i.e. the accused) to deny all the charges and claim that the victim had “asked for it” or “wanted it”.

Currently, the public is waiting for all five men to be brought to justice.

Peshawar was not the last barrage on humanity

It was the night of 16th December last year when most of the people changed their Facebook display pictures to black and wrote aggressive notes on social media and many took part in the candlelight vigils as well. We thought and some believed that people are actually getting aware about the power of unity but unfortunately we were wrong. All they cared about were the likes and comments on their statuses, videos and selfies on social media. Peshawar attack was in top five trends till December 30th. The Christian community didn’t even celebrate Christmas because of Peshawar incident but people who took part in protests and vigils in support of the children died in Peshawar attack were blocked by containers to the Sea Side on new year’s eve but they managed to celebrate it anyway because Happy New Year was the trend those days and they didn’t want to miss any like or comment on their Facebook timelines, twitter accounts and Instagram profiles.

We all have recently seen few pictures of a boy hanging leafless in an Islamic Institution with his hands tied as well. I have no clue about the absence of those people who were bragging about Peshawar attack and about the the public execution of terrorists. News further told that he was a seven year old boy playing in front of his home in the evening when someone abducted him. He was later found in a mosque hanging from a fan on the second floor. Autopsy cleared that the juvenile was raped and then murdered. However Punjab Police have detained the prayer leader of that mosque along with another suspect for further investigation. I have noticed people complaining that the pictures are not so appropriate to share on social media as there are children using these websites too.

I have seen no aggressive notes, no sympathetic quotes on this issue so far. It is either because these hypocrites think that this is a usual thing in Pakistan and they have not even a minimal element of humanity left in them unless their own son or brother become a victim or it is because Imran Khan and Reham Khan’s wedding is much more important than the death of a child. Social media is full of this wedding posts that people don’t even have time to give their opinions on some other issues because this wedding is trending these days and they can’t manage to miss a like or a comment or a share on their post. A little hope that arose in the last ten days of December seems vanishing steadily. I thought we actually cared about humanity but all we cared was our reputation on the internet.

Our Future depends on our dreams? Really?

Our Future depends on our dreams? Really? Well if that’s the case then I see a very bright future ahead of me since I have only dreamed of Shahrukh khan my entire life.

Honestly speaking, when I hear this word “DREAM” I only take it as part of human psychology involving certain visuals deeply related to our past or present state, since I was raised with such mentality. There was a time in my life when I use to believe that dreams have no jurisdiction whatsoever in our career counseling because middle-class portion of our population simply can’t afford it. Here in Pakistan, Career Counseling can only be perceived in dictionaries since parents here decide what their child will become; moreover the decision is made considering one and only one aspect which is MONEY, MONEY AND MONEY.

Although before pouring my heart out on this topic, I only found one thing interesting in it, which is sleeping and have, became an obsession these days.

I never understood why God created dreams? Why are we forced to see things that we actually want but can never really attain them? Why such torture?

I spent quite a time in searching answers for these questions and have concluded that Dreams are actually kick backers forcing and telling us to pull ourselves up and struggle for things we long for rather than sitting in some miserable chair and cursing fate.

You all might have heard this phrase, “Something is better than nothing” so instead of achieving nothing, we all must try to achieve, at least some parts of our goals that we spent all our lives fathoming about.

Now let’s divert our thoughts to a slightly unpleasant topic which links us to some unusual characteristics of Dreams. Dreams are natural phenomenon but they change as an individual grow older, as for boys it generally remains the same because an infant boy or an adult man both will only dream of Taylor Swift nothing more, nothing less and nothing else.

Now in this singular narration I would really love to discuss a minute portion of our society, who believes that dreams never actually come true. Well before replying to such absurd statements I would like to quote a very famous saying of Mr. Walt Disney which is, “If you can dream it, you can do it”.

We have living examples of personalities who actually found the purpose of their lives in the dreams they saw and proved the phenomenon of dreams actually coming true. So all those who think that dreams are just fictional images I’ve only one thing to say, “GET A LIFE FOLKS”.

Now finally with a sore throat, I would like to end my speech by saying these last few lines, that the two most important days of our lives are the days we were born and the days we find out why…

To Grade or Not to Grade?

Ever since I was a kid I had just one aim of life, embedded in me by the sacred elders! “Get Great Grades!” “Secure first position in the class!” “Learn something from your cousins they are toppers in their classes.“ And I was a mean green unseen backbencher in the class, never able to complete neither my class work nor my home work, but strangely I used to get marks higher than 70% in the final exams, but low grades (And this is called grade inflation)! I had failed in every half-yearly exam since I got in the secondary section, the reason; I didn’t studied Sindhi Language properly!(By the way now I can read Sindhi as well as Understand it properly too) But in finals I really put a lot of efforts in Rote Learning thus clearing the exams. I was kicked out of tuition centers ran by tyrannical BAJIS who were the “all known species” specializing in torturing kids. They make every kid memorize all the lessons their teachers taught them, want to know the reason of kicking me? I used to paraphrase my lessons! I was banned to use my creative thinking. One of them said and I Quote:

“اپنا دماغ مت استعمال کیا کرو، جو کاپی میں لکھا ہے وہی لکھا کرو!” “Don’t use your brains just write, what is written on the copy!” (By the way this is violation of Human Rights particularly proclaimed for the Children a.k.a CRC’s to be precise my rights protected by Article 2’s Clause no. 2 were violated)

Moving forward I got employed in the developmental sector and recognized something called, Training! In a 3 day training program nothing was like classroom, the trainers were friendly none of the participants were scolded and we all graduated and all of us learned core concepts clearly, no one was graded, I was astonished! I decided that I am done with studying the engineering stuff and I am going to study social sciences from now on! Yes previously I had studied Computer Science and Electronics and was prohibited from knowing the group called General Sciences, a taboo to be studied!

During my professional life as a counselor (and seriously my formal education has nothing to do with my career) I got a chance to become a member of ASSET – Association of Social Studies Educators and Teachers. An awesome organization, working for the empowerment of Teachers and, running under the guidance of AKU- IED Aga Khan University Institute for Education Development and it was there that I had discovered how Education works! Painful reality is that we don’t teach our children, we screw them!

There are three types of education Formal, Non-Formal and Informal. Formal is the structured old styled teaching system, non-formal is something new and is currently getting popular by the names of Trainings, seminars, workshops and informal education is the learning that we absorb from our surroundings, from our peers, newspapers, blogs, etc. The later two types of education aren’t celebrated nor are acknowledged in our country properly and in the name of Formal Education we preach copy pasting and then we forbid them to copy (in universities)! Yes we teach plagiarism to our kids, our teachers sorry to say know nothing or very less about literacy, education and learning and teaching. In fact, every person who clears 1st year of H.S.S.C Higher Secondary School Certificate becomes a tutor and if can’t land a job becomes a teacher.

The thing is our nation is divided in to Federal Board, Provincial Boards, Technical Boards, Madarssah Board, Private Boards i.e. Aga Khan University Educational Services, GCSE / O & A Levels and International Baccalaureate. We cherish youth who secure higher grades make them our national heroes but what about the rest of the lot? Technically speaking they are our human resource but we discard them.

The problem is our educational lack practicality, our educational boards lack life skills based education; a set of skills required to life a happy life, our educational boards lack Human Rights education. We malign our kids, terrorize them if they all aren’t equalized! Which no one can! Everyone is unique! Our exam system is broken, we test retention i.e. memory how much one can memorize, we don’t foster leadership skills, communication skills, creative and critical thinking, coping with stress and emotions or self-awareness. We love the kids who bring in multiple A’s but seriously that isn’t possible in local educational boards because we have limited the scope extremely. 5 subjects for Medical 5 for Engineering General Science already a curse Technical for dumb, Madarassah board sorry to say for the dumbest.

If our educational systems could be merged, then there is a possibility we can be of International standard or to be precise of UNESCO’s standard. Our students will have a wide range of subjects to select and to study from, our curriculum should be based on Howard Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligences, so do our exams should be meant to aspire them not fail them.

And there should be a concrete self sustained continuous professional development system in our schools to empower our teachers. Thus delivering students who are able not disabled by design!

DEMOCRACY, Curse OR Blessing?

Suffering from writer’s block, I realized that the only way to overcome it is to unlatch my laptop’s flap and start typing, but what? I needed a topic and a hot one that deeply relates me, and the people I am constantly surrounded with. I finally started pondering over latest topics, went through gossip columns, celeb magazines but the only topic I could fathom was the one mentioned above.

After weeks of research, I concluded that the place we currently breathe in cannot be referred as a country but a maze with numerous paths and channels. Every individual is walking on a path he finds the most suitable among all. A Country, dear readers, is a place where every person is bound with certain rules which are mandatory to follow or else suffer the punishments laid by the laws but as for our country I never saw a LAW and hardly any punishments. Murderers and Rapists are respectfully released by our courts and when they get tired of pissing their humiliation across the society, they decide to contest for our SO CALLED ELECTIONS and not-so-surprisingly win and end up as our leaders representing the nation internationally.

I thought countless times about the root of our problem and every time I wind up blaming the system. Democracy, my friends, is not the problem. In fact if our country’s system was actually based on true democracy I wouldn’t have ended up writing this article. The problem is this deteriorated, hideous, meaningless and absurd system bended and molded by a minute yet powerful portion of our population, valid enough to fill up their own pockets. M. A Jinnah a.k.a Quaid-e-Azam laid down a structure which suited the country sublimely but somehow we ended up only remembering his date of birth, death and famous quotes while forgetting the vital parts.

Democracy has always been a controversial issue in Pakistan. A wide range of people still believes that democracy is the sole solution of our problem, well let me tell you that a wide portion of our country’s population are maniacs because they never got the awareness to judge what’s best for them and form their opinion accordingly. You all might wonder why, well the answer lies around you folks, cast a glance on our literacy rate and I bet you’ll know why.

Our politicians and analysts don’t get this simple thing that in order to make Democracy bear fruits we’ll have to educate. Let’s take a very common example; if 10 illiterate men are asked to choose a leader among them they’ll end up making the most illiterate of them their leader and that is exactly what our problem is.

Dear readers, let’s not forget the sole purpose which backed the creation of our country. Islam was the solitary motive behind the creation of Pakistan, and it is our responsibility to ensure that any system introduced in this land does not contradict the teachings of our religion. And as far as my memory and knowledge serves me, our Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H) was not a democrat but a socialist. I know that right now the incident of Battle of Ahzab (khandaq) might have floated up to your minds and I am please to clear the false mess in your heads that have been leading you astray for long.

Dear readers, just before the Battle of khandaq, our Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H) announced that the Muslim soldiers will face the Quraish outside Medina but many companions including Hazrat Omar and Hazrat Ali wanted to fight the enemies inside medina ensuring its (Medina) safety. When an argument arose, our Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H) decided to carry out a referendum. Now most people believe that every single person participated in this referendum which is untrue, only learned companions of the Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H) were allowed to put forward their opinion and when the majority favored in facing the enemy inside medina Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H) agreed to this decision.

Dear readers’, running a country is not an easy job to do, specially a country like Pakistan whose geographic and strategic position is mouth watering. And if this decision is given to a bunch of people, literate enough to write their own names, then only Allah knows what future holds for this land.

Recent political crisis in Pakistan did a great deal to support my argument since our highly esteemed and literate political leaders put forward such assertions that made our country’s leadership standards crystal clear. A little while back I overheard a political debate on TV where an MNA (not mentioning any name) argued that he signifies the fact that elections 2013 were rigged but he will stand beside the government to safeguard democracy. This clearly shows why the word democracy holds such significance for our politicians. They solely use this word to fulfill their own wants and widely neglecting the poor and needy.

Dear Friends, by writing this article I don’t intend to hurt or accuse anyone but to throw a spotlight on some vital and basic aspects of our country’s issues and its solutions. I hope you all enjoyed reading it and somehow convinced by my arguments and if not I hope you find the answers you all are looking for.

Let it be…

It is really amazing yet surprising how we like a bulk of inspirational quotes on subjects like how to be good to others, how to avoid bad habits etc but when it comes to practice, we are not so up to the mark.

Personally, I don’t understand y people who are not in bad of others are targeted the most. When you can’t cherish others success, can you just mind your own business? Nope. It is difficult. It’s easy to make fun and take things light but it needs a heart to celebrate what others have achieved. A small thing for you might be a big motivational factor for them. Don’t pull them back. If you can’t help, let them have joy and fly high

Keeping it simple, you have an opt like unfriend or hide stories on your home page. Another could be laughing out loud in your own gathering unknown to the victim.