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Avoid devices which effect Children efficiency and behavior.

This title may shock our readers infact pull them to daziness but still we’ve a vast scale of  people who suggest or somehow impose their taste on children to avoid devices which effect their efficiency and behavior.

Considering our younger generation who always find busy in surfing either on projects or spending hours on social circle. This trend of socializing , widely impact on our lives which results in lacking of communications, non engagement to curricular activities, exercises and morning walks. People spending hours on watching shows may find lethargic, prefer serious isolation and often low brow on intellectual gatherings.

Whereas healthy mindset increases memory revitalize the day and lead to active lifestyle. Inventions must be used in appropriate manner to take favors otherwise it will not only affect us but our surroundings too.

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Awareness of early child development.

First idea regarding this massive note is that the early years defined as from zero to age eight these are the building blocks of lifelong. Moreover researchers have learnt that human brain developed the vast majority of its neutrons and is at its most receptive of learning in fact the intake of new information is critical to the formation of active neutral pathways, moreover it’s the well known fact that the first two years of schooling plays a constructive part . This improves the efficiency of the schooling and saves money by reducing repetitions and early dropouts and also enhancing completion rates and achievements.

At actual level early years of schooling develops early sense of fluent reading , calculations , problem solving and think critically.There should be expansion of quality for early child education programs marginally. Preschool has an integral part of education systems globally.

These quality education program are must be operated by trained professionals this is the reason why Montessori Teacher Training Programs are introducing world wide for the awareness of early child development. Early grade investment will improve learning outcomes and efficiency at every level of education systems . Education reform shows that children enrolled in these programs are more behaved and occupy higher scores of IQ. Likewise it’s shown that children enrolled in Head start programs learns quicker than children not enrolled in these programs.

Moreover, its the natural phenomenon among children that they learn more intellectually along with physical activities and this will systemically provide in day care centers . Although infants always prefer that they possess the quality time from their parents’ routine .

The research detailing these benefits was completed during the 80’s. In addition to benefiting children experiencing normal development, it was also shown that children with learning or other physical disabilities benefit immensely from kindergarten education. Also, children with parents highly involved in their kindergarten education do not experience the same positive results from Head Start programs as children coming from homes where it’s not as much an emphasis. Children taught how to speak a second language during their early developmental years are also in a better position to learn English at a young age.

However, there is not one-size fits all instruction best suited for all children. While some children benefit immensely from pre-school, it may not be the best educational setting for other children. In most cases, children benefit most by receiving educational instruction from their parents. Parents must evaluate a child’s unique personality before determining which program is best suited for a child since not all programs benefit children the same way.

Furthermore this is really wide observation that children with head start programs can enter in their practical phase more intellectually also achieve their goals and set an exemplary lifestyle.

Electrical & Wind Rickshaw invented by Usman Institute of Technology Students


B.E Electrical Major Electronic Engineer

To be honest with you I don’t know where to start but I will tell my whole story, before taking admission in UIT I don’t have any image of my aim , but one thing is clear I’m serious with my field which is Engineering.

In 2nd semester, I read about Solar and Wind Rickshaw project, which was our final year project, After seen the project which is considered to be Pakistan first Solar & Wind Rickshaw, at that time I decide to make my own Rickshaw which will be different.

When I reached in Final Year it was time to decide your project so I choice Eco Cab. Pakistanis First Eco Cab, In Starting it was difficult because of Structure, as well as the cost was high. So I thought why not to make a proposal and send to every reputed companies of Pakistan for Sponsorship. It was not an easy task to get sponsor. Lots of reputed companies said that they don’t have any budget for any project. In Middle stage of 2nd Mile Stone project we faced lots of problem regarding cost, transport and time. I remember I was doing work on project I used to go home at 2am and my parents told me to stop this project they were not happy the way I was doing my work, lots of time they stop talking or showed their anger. My parents gave me deadline to come home before 10pm or else you will be not enter into home, so I manage to work more in less time. At the end of Project completion I got 4 sponsors (Bridge Power Batteries, Solar Line, Kansai Paints, Servis tyre). At Electro Fair 2014 my team received good response participants.

Lots of people are saying what is ur next step after doing Eco Cab  , so my answer is I’m making my new team & going to launch new Automobile Vehicle soon specially for students .

Motor Configuration: 3600rpm, 48V, 800W, 1HP, 17Amp.
Battery: 70Amp/h Quantity 4
Solar Panel: 50W 12V 3Amp
Eco Cab Configuration: 40Kh/h  , 7 to 12 Km Mileage

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Its been rightly quoted 'sound mind has sound body

Undoubtedly a healthy environment is a basic need to survive robustly . We often show our less concern towards fresh surroundings . unfortunately some might find firmly agree that environment is less important than economy if that so then count the money while holding breath . Now let’s surf a slot on how we treat this vital blessing , if something we own we admire how we show care towards ? Indeed behaviours are the reflections of living this same trait aligned with our environment which depends on us much we depends on it .

Nature is a vital blessing for mankind and such bounty never take for granted . We should try not to spoil it by any means and acknowledge our generation to do the same  because this might indicate our sence of duty as its starts privately and ends socially  why we feel shy to take an initiative regarding better mindset and prosperity , or all these benefits relates to some other living being ? if that so then probably it’s our turn to play the part regardless of expecting .

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A true leader works in the open as he's doing

Rising from the darkness a peaceful wind blows with sparkling illuminating lights a couple of months ago and it holds the people as if it’s a guardian to them, behind these words i m here raising the sketch of none other than a great precious pearl Imran Khan. Azadi March is one of the emerging topic nowadays. A huge number of people are supporting the cause but opposition groups are also in huge numbers. The man has taught us how to believe the Almighty, despite of facing container’s life his hope never dies. His hope is something i had never ever seen. He once again united the QUAID’s nation.

A man spending his life among the people for the sake of people the thing is he’s struggling for the nation, not for himself as other people are doing And Yes where there’s Allah’s support there’s no obstacle, he is moving with his belief, with his faith, with his honesty. The adulation he commands needs no bounds. The immense support of the nation is beyond anything in this world. The nation has finally awaken from a deep slumber Alhamdulillah. He has proved himself to be a change catalyst with his strong vision, initiative, patience, respect, persistence and courage.

As Bill Taylor says “The true mark of a leader is the willingness to stick with a bold course of action.” A true leader works in the open as he’s doing. In short if we want us among the rising and educated state we have to raise our voice, we have to support the righteous, we have to play our role as a responsible citizen. Let’s join hands to support the truth.

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International Day for Elimination of Nuclear Weapons across the World

Global Zero voiced its opinion on the account of International Day for Elimination of Nuclear Weapons across the World on 26th September 2014.

With the presence of 16,000 nuclear weapons in the world, capable of devastating impacts, can we really breathe a sigh of relief, contentment and peace? In 1948, the first atomic bombings on Hiroshima and Nagasaki wiped out more 200,000 people in a moment and left behind lasting effects for the generations to come. With the advancement of Technology, such weapons are capable of 100 times more destruction; imagine if a single one were to be detonated in a populous city. The destruction will be of such magnanimity that the Japan atomic bombings would be dwarfed.

This leads us to the false sense of security that we depend on through such weapons; this security is so fragile that one does not even need such a weapon to bring the house of cards down. It is ridiculous to hold other nations hostage and expect to achieve peace and be able to resolve the conflicts. Just like my holding a dagger to your throat and expecting you to shower me with roses. This is fundamentally, logically and rationally wrong. Nuclear weapons promise no security what so ever.

In today’s world where several millions of people suffer globally and lack the basic necessities of life globally, is it not a waste of resources to depend on, develop and pursue such delusional ideas of security?  With these weapons the countries seek perhaps to become the “bullies” who get to have all the lunch from each kid in the school, but it is only natural for the bully to be the most hated person around as well. But sadly, this league of ‘Nuclear Super Power’ seems to be more important than ‘global security’ for the sake of (delusion of) ‘National Security’.

With conflicts between such powers on the rise, the Prime Ministers of both the states (India and Pakistan) are urged to seek a peaceful resolution and the Presidents of the “Super Powers” need to revisit the chapters where they, being the champions of “world peace” were supposed to dismantle such armaments and contribute to world peace through the only right way there is.

In my opinion it is due time that serious steps were taken for the eradication of nuclear technology from the world for the arsenals and weaponry and its use be restricted  only for the positive ends of this knowledge.

Global Zero is observing the Disarmament Week 2014 from 27th to 31st October; focusing on professionals, families, athletes, professors, politicians and friends for Global Zero.

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you cannot judge anyone by the look on their face

There are good and bad people everywhere. Regardless of the religion, culture and country.

Even in the 21st century there are a million restrictions for the girls in our culture maybe other cultures too. Don’t dress up too nicely or people will think you are flirt, Don’t be outgoing, people will think your character-less. Don’t talk to guys, people will point and whisper behind your back “she’s a slut”. Don’t open your hair, eyes will follow you.. Take care when you go outside you can never trust anyone. you cannot judge anyone by the look on their face or they’re appearance. Although all these things are true, it restrains and limits us from a lot of things…a lot of productive things. Isn’t it everyone’s right to look and feel beautiful…and free? one feels imprisoned and like abilities are going to waste. first you are to go ahead of yourself and build your career and when you are just about to take a step ahead you are asked to stop because it’s suddenly more important what people think about every step you take.

People make up stories and rumors, even if you walk around in an “abaya”.

Stories will be there. it depends on the person listening and his state of mind, his perception, if he believes them or not. Fate is written, The rest you have to strive for. Since birth we do what we are told to do…before we can even say “mama”, our whole career and decisions of our lifetime are made by our elders. As we grow up we are fed the things we are supposed to do and how we are supposed to think, even before we earn to think on our own. It is an irony….that we are about to take only one step on our own, we are asked to stop right there. Maybe because the world has become very cruel and isn’t trustworthy. It’s like asking a kid to stop taking his first step to save him from injuring himself by falling from the stairs. But it feels like all your abilities have been entrapped inside a box, even before they could bloom.

Everything is written in fate. then why are we always so worried.

why do we have to think a 1000 times before taking a small step…even if it’s for the better. Is this what we girls are grown up for? to think as we are told to think and to lock up ourselves even before we can spread our wings..? Either due to shortage of resources…facilities…support circle…its a feeling felt by many.

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This seems to be the prime motto being followed by our generation today. Our lives revolve around eating junk and sadly if it doesn’t stop there won’t be any life to revolve. We wake up to our phones buzzing and ringing in alarm in the morning and we are in a hurry from the second we blink our eyes open. Who has time for a proper breakfast now? Well I’ll get a samosa from the canteen before the lecture, we say and the eggs and milk in the fridge feel neglected once again. Planning to have a good time with friends or family? Well that translates to eating stomachful of junk and adulterated food at a chic restaurant opened this month. It’s a race of who posts more delicious and junkier looking food on Instagram. And with Ramadan on the brink, the additional calories of junk that we add to our diet are limitless.

With the healthy habits that we have endorsed like sitting and using gadgets for hours without moving  and not walking around the block to get a recharge card but using a car or a bike, let me assure you that you are reducing your time on this dear earth. The fats and sugars that you consume from your luxurious food items never gets to burn out and stays inside your body weakening and crippling you from inside slowly. And offcource no meal is complete without a carbonated drink but wait ‘I drink diet soda!’, then I have news for you that it might reduce the sugar but doesn’t reduce the side effects to your kidney and endocrine system. So not only are you increasing your waistline, you are also risking your body metabolism and causing yourself a risk of early kidney and reproductive issues. Not to mention the rotting teeth from all that sugar you’re consuming. Some of us should even blame our bad skin to it.

With the junk like pizza, burgers, fries etc containing cholesterol and saturated fatty acids, we are at higher risk of developing heart problems than ever before. But hey ‘I can’t live without a big Mac and a coke! Maybe I can cut down some of the years in my age.’ Let me help you envision yourself in a few years from now and may be that will make you think the next time you crack open a soda can or take a bite of your delicious Double Decker. Not trying to be a pessimist but for a fact you are going to have early heart problems, with collapsed kidneys, rotted teeth and be infertile and there’s no way that you can avoid it because junk food is your life and exercise is for diabetics right? But that’s okay because with the frequency that you consume soda, diabetes is inevitable and may be then you will consider exercising.

Oh and did I forget to mention that the food which is now your prime diet lacks all the nutrients that you need to stay healthy, fit and you will find yourself chronically fatigued and unable to do the daily tasks. The purpose is not to send you in a depressive state but to give you a wakeup call! Know your body and what it needs. Only you can keep yourself healthy, break the stereotypical youth image of junk consumption and don’t let advertisement of ‘Is main hai kuch baat’ fool you. Choose your food wisely as it will define you in ten years time when you’re either a healthy productive individual to the society or an intubated and medicated heart patient. Develop habit of a morning walk, switch your junk food with a healthy alternative and try to celebrate with a non-food reward with your friends like a healthy sports game. As they say “You are what you eat”, so don’t be fast, cheap, easy or fake. EAT HEALTHY, STAY FIT!

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Seek knowledge from within you

How often do we find time for our own selves in our busy lives? In trying to observe and understand everything around us what we neglect is our self, a little me time can help make up for it. Solitude awakens the soul, enlightens the darkest part of you. It brings you light in places where you are dark, like you have just been a flying speck and suddenly it kindles the fire in you and makes you a firefly that burns from within.  Like a candle enlightening a dark room, it brings the frozen parts of you warmth and blows cool breezes into the parts where you have been burning.

The goal is not to seclude one’s self from company altogether, but to find a balance between getting to know others and getting to know your own self. Most of us are scared of being alone because when you’re alone and not talking to others and discovering them, we are compelled to know and discover ourselves and all the angels and demons inside of us. Those demons are what scare us but there’s no real victory if you don’t conquer your fears like Plato once said “For a man to conquer himself is the first and noblest of all victories”.

If you want to be ‘someone’, get busy but if you want to be ‘yourself’, stop right before getting busy and look into you. Finish the battles inside of you before you rage war against the foes of the rest of the world.

Give yourself time, even if it is less in quantity, infrequent or hard. No matter how much you think you’re sinking, you will come out of it a warrior if not a champion and a warrior is better than a coward.

Seek knowledge from within you; start with yourself and move forward and then no obstacle will look big enough to hinder your way to your share of excellence.

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It was 24th May 2014 when I went to expo center Karachi in order to get some information regarding admission in MPHIL/MS through “express education expo“. After visiting hall 1, I went to see stalls of some more universities in other hall and I saw a very different atmosphere there. There was music competition, modeling, prize distribution ceremony for position holders for universities all over Karachi including IBA, ICMA, DOW, Karachi University, Hamdard, Bahria, Urdu University etc. I saw that one third of the hall was occupied by canvases and a huge number of artists were working on it. (it was Brighto Art Competition)

I asked from the management that “what’s the way to participate in this art competition”?

They replied that “they all are registered students from the universities who are participating here”.

I asked “if somebody having deep interest in arts, cant he participate”?

They replied “that people have wasted our canvases” and they showed some pencil sketches to me and said

“people were going to make this on our canvases which is not acceptable”.

I asked “can I also have a paper and pencil?

They replied “sure”

I started sketching on paper and after I completed half sketch they said “stop” and asked to one of their volunteer to provide me a canvas immediately. It was 5:00 pm and I have 3 hours to complete my painting. I worked hard on it and at 7:30 pm they said “Kazmi Sahab! You have just 30 minutes now”. I was concentrating on my painting as it was my first experience on canvas and I didn’t had any prior experience or training. Suddenly I heard “stop! Your time is over” and at that time painting was just 40% completed. Marketing manager of bright paints (one of the core sponsors of that competition) saw my painting and said “Kazmi Sahab! I think you are going to do something. Leave your painting here and visit here tomorrow at 9:00 pm” (it was a 2 day competition and thanks God they allowed me extra time)

From the start of day 2, I received a very good response from brighto management, visitors and students who appreciate me, took snaps with me. I make a hiker tying to climb a mountain and the message behind was for all of the students there to fight for their career.

At the end of day 2, my painting was qualified in “Best 25” and I along with other artists standing beside the stage. It was a very honorable moment for me. They were calling names one by one and I was I it afraid as 3 of them left now and they didn’t called my name. Suddenly I herd they were saying “now we will call the 1st position holders and they are 3 artists”. I was excited when they call my name and the whole crowd was calling my name and express news also covered the moment for the news.

As per bright paints, they may call me for further competitions and projects in future.



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