Friday, January 19, 2018

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Youth perspective on Karachi Airport Attack

As the situation of the country changes my phone starts buzzing and my WhatsApp gets flooded. It’s true that everybody has their own views and opinions but what pisses me off is the fact that every other person I talk to has his or her own set of facts. One set of facts differs from the next I get to listen to.

Initially, it was hard to gulp down a torrent of facts all at once, but I soon realized all my WhatsApp conversations consisted of Perspectives, not facts!

Our youth has started feeding on perspectives, I’m not sure if it’s something good or bad, but by the look of it I feel sorry for people like me who are denied the truth. Which leaves us in a mess; thus we spend hours on social media and try to clean the mess we’re in by taking over arguments and trying to certify our individual perspectives. Which eventually leaves us with no time to contemplate over what we’re actually going through. This life of perspective is different for everybody, and thus further creates a colossal divide among us.

The cream of this nation needs to pop their bubbles of perspective, majorly because we have enough thinkers, speakers, bloggers and self proclaimed journalists. It’s time to stop talking and start searching for the truth, the thickly veiled truth; the truth that is screaming out to us. It is not about opening our eyes, it about focusing. We play games. Games of Perspective, games of blame, games of hide & seek. We burn. We scream. We shout. We shut down. We argue. We point. And at the end of the entire drama, we move on; we move on with our pathetic lives and pitiful perspectives.

I don’t know if this nation would ever get hold of the truth, whether it is the ‘TTP’, the so called ‘Modi Sarkar’, ‘Amreeka’, ‘Imran Khan’, ‘Jang Group’, or the other common round table conflicting issues. All I know is that our enemies feast on our differences and we have to make them starve to death!

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Worried Farmer of Pakistan

You’re worried.

You are a four-acre land farmer, this year you had your lowest per acre yield, and you are worried.

So what do you do? You wake up (very) early in the morning, bathe, get dressed, offer prayers, go for a walk, come back home, get fresh (again), have a (huge, steel) glass of lassi, and go out (again), this time towards your dera. You ask your kaam waala to prepare huqqa for you, which he does, meanwhile akhbar wala hand you over today’s paper. You open the paper, first with both of your hands then you adjust yourself so that in your one hand is the nozzle of huqqa and in another, the paper. You bring nozzle close to your lips, but you don’t inhale anything because your eye’s stick at something important.

An article. This article. Written by, some unknown student from a college on the canal road, me. So before you start reading this “how-to” article, let me give you a short disclaimer.

“This is not just another “how-to” article. It is different, reading it will have consequences and doing what you read, will have ‘severe’ consequences; result of this will not be the responsibility of an author. If you think that ‘only’ reading it will change your life, please stop. Application is must. And, application without faith is ‘useless’. Happy Reading.”


Now that you are reading this sentence, indicate that you have somehow agreed to apply what you’ll read and especially you’re ready to face ‘the severe’ ones. So we’ll start like most other how-to articles do:

Step 1:

Buy a book, related to commercial farming. You must buy it in a language you understand the most. Read it. Read it until you think that you can’t understand any more.

Step 2:

Consult someone you think would know about this “farming”. Who? Remember that boy with tight pale yellow trouser and oily hairs? Good, summon him. The boy comes. You ask him to explain what you read since he is doing ‘something’ in “bi-aalagy” from somewhere. He begins:

Chacha jee, it’s a new and developing thing. People use hybrid see….

“Ha…brud”? You stop him, “what ha…brud”?

“Hybrid, means, umm, a seed, which is made up of two different seeds. Means, half Pakistani and half Chinese”. He tries to explain.

“Oh my God”, you’re shocked. But you continue, “you mean like….like…., God forbid. End is near. Get out, I will not use this ‘bi-sexual’, ‘multi-ethnic’, ‘mixed-religious’ seed. Do you have any idea, what type of kids will grow up in my home? Taubah, taubah (you touch your earlobes with your thumbs, as your arms make a cross). I don’t need such profit. I am happy with the loss.” You are upset and furious.

Boy tries to calm you down by handing you over a chilled glass of ‘rau’ (sugarcane juice). You drink it, in almost one sip. He then begins, again, this time speaking with caution:

Chacha jee, hybrid means it will have qualities of two varieties. Means, it will produce crops more in quantity and high in quality. You will have your yield “quaaad…rupled”, he emphasizes the last word.

Hain? Are you serious?” You’re shocked (again). But you need a proof, and that’s your right.

Step 3:

Boy gives you an address of one of the commercial farm, his relative owns. You go for a visit. Farm covers a vast area, workers are loading the harvest crop arranged in square-stacks on a trolley, as farm-owner gives them ‘un-necessary’, ‘un-wanted’ and perhaps ‘un-invited’ instructions. He then starts moving towards his office and asks you to follow him, with a wink.

You do. He sits right in front of you on a king-size chair, with his belly bulging out of his body and mustache getting loose from his skin.

Baad-shaao”, he begins. “It is not a very easy thing, but not that difficult as well. You will have to work very hard, but not that hard. Get a license, import this seed, bribe two or more officers, and you’ll be fine. But not that fine because after harvesting, you might or you might not have any customers. People, you see, have no faith in ‘ha-brid’. They think it is not very healthy, they are right, but not that much. Look at me, he rubs his belly, I’ve been eating it for two years now. Bass, the first investment is a problem then it will be alright. 120 tons/acre. Imagine.” He stops, as if he hadn’t spoken for years.

You wonder how he can be so confusing, so irritating, so quiet and so fat at the same time.

Step 4:

120 tons/acre were the only words you liked from his mouth, and they keep echoing in your head. So you decide to give it a try. You go to the bank and withdraw your savings. Then, you head towards the market and buy enough ha-brid seed for one acre. You’ve bought seed for ‘only’ one acre, firstly because it will save you from ‘sarkari afsars’ hungry for bribes, as you’ll remain un-noticed. Secondly, you’re only just trying. Thirdly, you still don’t think that a ‘bi-sexual’ (even if it is a seed) will change your fortune.


Step 5:

You sow it, according to the guidelines given to you by that yellow-pant wala boy and that ‘belly-ous’, oxymoron-state-of-mind farm owner. You’ve spent almost all of your savings and you want a miracle.

Step 6:

Miracle does happen. Your acres with ‘uni-sexual’ seed, gives you 60 tons altogether. And, your ‘multi-ethnic’ acre, alone, gives you 96 tons. You’re joyous. You feel guilty, for whatever words you used against this ‘incredible’, ‘invincible’, ‘multi-factorial’ golden seed.

Step 7:

You go to market to sell your crop. A black, fat, oily broker greets you with a sweaty hug, diffusing a huge amount of under-arm smell onto your white cotton suit. You lose your olfactory sense for a while, and when you re-gain it, you hear him saying:

Lo jee, 1100rs/ton for ‘original’ and, umm, chal koi nai, you are my ‘wadda’ brother, 160rs/ton for ha-brid.”

For a moment, you can’t believe what you heard. The rate is too low, it won’t even cover your expenses, and you will have to take loan for next year to sow your crop. You decide to talk to other brokers, you get different, strange, and even in-appropriate, R-rated replies, some of the censored, GP-13 answers are:

“No license, no trade”. (For a while you think, he is asking for your driving license.)

“One acre, only, you must have to be Sharmila’s brother to trade with me.” (His condition is strange because you are a Punjabi, he should have named some Punjabi politician, for feasibility, at least.)

“75rs/ton, full and final”. (You feel more insulted than being the brother of a Sindhi politician).

So, you go back to your ‘nikka’ brother, and hope to bargain. But before you start, he speaks, spraying thousands of his salivary germs at your face:

Wadday bai jee, since you didn’t trust me, the rates have changed. 950rs/ton for the original, and 105rs/ton for the ha-brid. Manzur ae te, maal krwau load (Should I start loading the crop)?”

You open your mouth for saying (in fact requesting) something, but you don’t. In spite of this, you just nod. The last line of my article’s disclaimer knocks at your head “and application without ‘faith’ is useless.

Step 8:

Next year, you take loan. Buy ‘original’ seed, and cultivate it. Abusing the ‘bi-sexual’ one throughout the process. And, pray that you don’t have to be worried to read any other article from someone like, me.

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There was a time when we used to know our neighbor and we used to have great personal relation with them in-fact our most close friend are neighbor where we used to play with each other, where we share our problems not even that much in-fact the most active people for helping each other are our neighbor.

On the other hand sometime I used to remember the naughty thing we used to do, Specially while playing cricket and when ball goes in another neighbor and whole team is thinking how to get ball in afternoon time, where that anti will shout on us but in the end she will give the ball and saying next time if you through the ball you wont get it ! what a days, still remember the moment of child hood and so the relation we build with each other as one & remember on 9-10th Moharram we used to cook niaz and we all never see difference of Shia or Sunni we just be all get to gather as one one for the respective events and guess what we all act on wedding of our neighbor as the wedding celebration is going in our home. Did you remember ? the days of happiness and unity we used to have.

however we used to know that they are our neighbor ,but in today time when we used to go out we don’t even know who is neighbor nether we don’t have that kind of relation with them we used to have in early time. Any religion teach to build good relation with your neighbor, share your happiness and so sadness because they are the one will be there for you on right time when you in need.

Close your eyes for 1 min and just remind your old days with the relation we used to have with our neighbor.

What happen now ? Why don’t you know your neighbor? Why don’t your know are they in any problems?

If you give respect you will get respect, and so if you care for some one you will get care, its just every person have its own way of caring.

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Few days ago, while watching Boston Legal, I found answer to a very long debate! The debate that what people want?! The topic of this debate keeps on changing on time-to-time basis, for example, some time it becomes ”what women want?” Sometimes it get focused on men i.e. “what men want?” The most discussed and most prevalent one is “what youth wants?” All of these questions have multiple answers but they generally end up in two categories! The answers of first category are: Wealth, Attention, Power, Eye candy, respectively. While the second category answers it like this, Happiness, Loyalty, Affection, Knowledge! You could disagree with both of the point of views. The basis of these points of views are deeply stemmed in human behavior and how we decide what we want to do.

Let me give you guys a scenario, whenever I talk to the producers and/or directors of TV/News channels I always ask them to raise the standard/quality of their programs and the most repeated answer that I get is, “We are delivering what the public wants!” The same thing happens again whenever I ask people in the training and development industry, a.k.a Human Resource Development Industry a.k.a Industrial Psychology sector (the self-proclaimed trainers have no idea about the last two faculties) to keep their projects, programs and/or events ethical, they always come up with the same notion, “this is what public wants!” And by this they mean entertainment!

Entertainment that doesn’t stimulates their senses neither generate higher order thinking, it’s the cheap entertainment that is blocking the intellectual and human development of our society. Bluntly speaking, porn is also entertainment! However, we denounce it! Don’t we? However, we accept cheap jokes and Double entendre to be part of a learning and capacity-building program (i.e. a training or a conference), likewise we allow our politicians to be humiliated, because the anchors think, they are avenging them on behalf of the citizens.

The answer to this stupid notion that, “We deliver what public wants!” People always opt for two things, Cardinal vices, or Cardinal virtues! Vices are always more tempting! Whereas virtues are hard to swallow and even harder to digest! Every man out there wants to watch a girl dancing; even those who denounce it watch it secretly! So is this what you are going to arrange and/or deliver in your program? Whether it is a TV program and/or a conference. By doing so, each and every one who supports it, becomes a supporter of female objectification, such acts create the fallacy of “Eye Candy” which is now unfortunately has become a proper philosophy, followed by PR and HR firms.

Now if you want to act as conscienceless beasts then you are welcome to load your work with vices! You will always attract more and more audience! However, if you want to prove that you are a human then you will pursue and advocate projects that enrich and empower wisdom and intellect instead of just satisfying the carnal self!

The bottom line is stop contaminating the minds of youth with vices in the name of entertainment! Get a life! Get real learning and deliver real content! Content that could be considered a contribution towards the socio-economic development of your community not the other way around!

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Have you ever felt pain of earning money?

I suggest, you should try giving TIP to an old age ( 60+) Waiter at any Restaurant.

I just gave 35 rupees ( left over from bill) as tip today at Lunch, the way he looked me, smiled and Thanked ( I just can’t express that in words), I guess we don’t know the VALUE of 1 Rupee – Honestly for us even Hundred Rupee note does not means a worth.

After that Moment, I just realized, Why I spent 365 PKR on just a Burger which instead I could had in 150 or may be 50 rupees too.

I promised to myself I shall never de-value money like this again.

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Youth is valuable asset for the nations youngsters play key role in the progress of their country. progress

of nation can be estimated by presence of productive skill full and healthy youngsters. But most nations

can not progress even containing population. Why? What is the reason?? Youth is like a boat in the sea

for the progress of the nations. undoubtedly progress of nations dependent upon youth. But youth is

also facing some problems. If there problems are not resolved youth can bring the country on the brink

of destruction instead of being symbol of progress. youth is facing problems in many regions of world.

due to these problems unable to be part of country progress. these problems are handcuffs for youth.

youth backs are bent under the weight of these problems like an old man holding a stick. Which deprive

youth for being a healthy and productive individual of society.

We hear about the selling of narcotics in bar and drugs bases out but this curse now easily available in

educational institute which is a huge problem destroying the youth. These narcotics are easily available

in different educational institute world wide gangs are working to supply narcotics in educational

institute. Their gang members take an admition in these institute and then make them addicted to these

narcotics like chars, affiem, bear are supplied to students. Usage of these drugs are causing disease

in students. Developed countries are also not free from clutches in these gang. European countries

youngster are using these drugs due to family and relationships problems. In Asian countries youngster

are using narcotics due to unemployment. Issues cause by usage of drugs is not limited to their personal

life but also destroying the whole society when youngster become addicted of narcotics they become

restless. Money is necessary for acquisition of drugs. Youngsters steal money and also involved In other

crime to get the money. They become unable to get further education and due to criminal offences

they try to escape from police. It is said that if you want to destroy any nation destroy their youth. And

it is may be a key reason in the destruction of youth world wide. Now a days trend of sheesha is also

becoming popular in youngsters. Youth is using sheesha (flavored hukkah) for enjoyment or as a fashion

or a status symbol. Parents and other family members play an essential role in the character building of

their child. If they take interest and keep a strict eye on their children’s daily activities and their friends

circle. Religious education can also be help full. Parents should also focus on the development of moral

value in their children. They should be friendly with their children. So the children especially youngster

will discus their problems with them and they do not find a buddy out side the home. Government

should take step to control these evil force who are destroying our youth by providing narcotics. Policies

should be make against them and properly implemented so can focus their study and keep them self

away from such activities. And take part in the progress of their country.




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