1800 Year Old Craftsmanship for Gentleman’s Shoes by Markhor

Shoes carry modern designs and centuries old indigenous craftsmanship


It was very first begin with the small town of okara, Pakistan. When some of the self motivated skilled craftsmen started to work in local workshop on comparatively low wages and less resources but with the firm belief of move on and set the name

They noticed that all their costumers inspired by their homemade leather goods and this  positive response lead them to introduced their talent at international level .


They launched Markhor with the backers from kick starter the right platform to originate their ideas .

Team Markhor possesses the trendy and modified variety of shoes for gentleman. Markhor provides you the quality style and comfort it offers simple and consistent designs with enormous range of classy wears!

Their productions The derby, Black loafer & Mark loafer are the major milestone.

This massive title may not comprise the total facts and figures about the total production as they have really profound impact on economy.

After working for over 8 months they have launched our first shoe line on Kickstarter. Back them.


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