A Day in the Light

I still remember how it began..


All those things happen again and again,

I still remember how it began..

Trying to play nice,

Because of the sugar and spice..

But in the end it’s going to happen,

People will pass over slappin’..

Better stop your tears,

Because everyone is all ears..

They won’t let go of a chance to let you down,

They’ll just leave you to drown..

But you’ve got to float up even stronger,

Letting go and feeling lighter..

I’ve heard what goes up must come down,

What goes around comes around..

One day you will get your share,

No matter if no one cares..

When your heart is pure and true,

There’s no need to be so blue..

Go out and soak in the sun,

Your bliss and peace is about to come..

Hang in there without any fears,

Just wipe away all those tears!!


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