Alive or Dead Let’s Decide At First

Being alive in a broad sense means you are happy and contended with your life


If one wants an explanation of life it’s a huge debate. Life is all about having faith,a faith which remains at it’s place despite of facing so many cruel waves. Yes I know how it feels when things go wrong, I know how it feels when hope seems to be your worst enemy and disappointment comes to meet you without knocking your door, I know how it feels when you can”t find peace without bursting into tears and your soul like a slave caught under the toe like a thunderstorm, I know how it feels when heart wrenching darkness capture you and throw you out into the thorny garden, in short so many bad things happen to you that you start losing faith.

a31376abb82b6ccae6db8e9041f1f498On the other hand I also know times of pure joy and happiness and keeping my mind set on those I can make through all of the hard times because faith is a way beyond imagination,a shadow beneath an old wrinkled tree,a shinning star residing somewhere in our hearts,a magical spark that invade your inner being with grope for hope,a firm belief on the existence of supreme authority,a sea with faithful nature despite of having so many cruel waves.All we need to do is to kill sharp cravings of life at the edge where our strength bows down with sparkling faith and live a happy and contended life.

imagesLet faith be the killer of all the painful sorrows and deep grieves that eats you up.As Martin Luther King said and i quote “Take the first step in faith,you don’t have to see the whole staircase,just take the first step!” Crave a tunnel of hope through the dark mountain of disappointment. Start accepting the things with a belief that you are not alone on the way to life.If the world weakens you with harsh words move on believing that creator is with you.Those who appreciate you are always there for you and those who demoralize continuously adopt measures to disgrace you so kill them with your kindness and reach your destiny.Hey there you are alive.! The world is just a temporary land where we all are just wanderers , what we need to learn is to struggle hard in a nutshell without any aim of show off. Believe me if you do this you are on top to the sky.Lets live our life and crave a remarkable story in the history which could left a deep mark of inspiration for the future generations.


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