Story of Brighto Art Competition Winner


It was 24th May 2014 when I went to expo center Karachi in order to get some information regarding admission in MPHIL/MS through “express education expo“. After visiting hall 1, I went to see stalls of some more universities in other hall and I saw a very different atmosphere there. There was music competition, modeling, prize distribution ceremony for position holders for universities all over Karachi including IBA, ICMA, DOW, Karachi University, Hamdard, Bahria, Urdu University etc. I saw that one third of the hall was occupied by canvases and a huge number of artists were working on it. (it was Brighto Art Competition)

I asked from the management that “what’s the way to participate in this art competition”?

They replied that “they all are registered students from the universities who are participating here”.

I asked “if somebody having deep interest in arts, cant he participate”?

They replied “that people have wasted our canvases” and they showed some pencil sketches to me and said

“people were going to make this on our canvases which is not acceptable”.

I asked “can I also have a paper and pencil?

They replied “sure”

I started sketching on paper and after I completed half sketch they said “stop” and asked to one of their volunteer to provide me a canvas immediately. It was 5:00 pm and I have 3 hours to complete my painting. I worked hard on it and at 7:30 pm they said “Kazmi Sahab! You have just 30 minutes now”. I was concentrating on my painting as it was my first experience on canvas and I didn’t had any prior experience or training. Suddenly I heard “stop! Your time is over” and at that time painting was just 40% completed. Marketing manager of bright paints (one of the core sponsors of that competition) saw my painting and said “Kazmi Sahab! I think you are going to do something. Leave your painting here and visit here tomorrow at 9:00 pm” (it was a 2 day competition and thanks God they allowed me extra time)

From the start of day 2, I received a very good response from brighto management, visitors and students who appreciate me, took snaps with me. I make a hiker tying to climb a mountain and the message behind was for all of the students there to fight for their career.

At the end of day 2, my painting was qualified in “Best 25” and I along with other artists standing beside the stage. It was a very honorable moment for me. They were calling names one by one and I was I it afraid as 3 of them left now and they didn’t called my name. Suddenly I herd they were saying “now we will call the 1st position holders and they are 3 artists”. I was excited when they call my name and the whole crowd was calling my name and express news also covered the moment for the news.

As per bright paints, they may call me for further competitions and projects in future.


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