But why in my school? What did I do?

So excited for first day of school
I never knew the world could be so cruel
But here’s my story as it goes
I’ll lead you through it as the cold wind blows
Wake up ! Wake up !
It’s time for school,
Breakfast is ready, put on your shoes.
Mommy fixed my tie and tucked in my shirt,
Said take care don’t get into trouble.
Ring ! Ring ! Ring!
Goes the bell
I’ll see you soon Son” said mommy to her love
Little did she know he won’t be coming back
Part by part he’ll be thrown on a rack
She will have to bring him in a sack

It’s a lovely day I’m going to learn so much
I wonder what mommy packed me for lunch
Start of the day by the National anthem
I sang with all my heart for I love the anthem
People say the country will drown
But the thought makes me frown
For I will grow up to make it a better place
I will play my part in the chase

As the day goes by suddenly I hear
Shouting men and screams of fear
As I turned the corner I saw what was the fuss
Men with guns…that was the rush

But why in my school? What did I do?
How did I ever harm you?
Hush he said, as he held a gun down my throat…
For this is a war in which everyone is blinded

I closed my eyes and saw my mom
She was crying, worried at home
I wont be coming mom, you have to come and get me
Please don’t cry when you see me
I seem to have lost my shoe,
Please don’t be angry
Be brave as one day will come
God will undo what these men have done.

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