Career planning for students: Whats important?


In my personal experience i have seen majority of the students looking for “the most paying” trend or “a field with most job openings”, but both of these factors have a very short term drive in the industry and none of these are guaranteed to give you success. In my opinion, the major factor having an effect on your decisions should be one’s very own self and their interests. As a student one have the best chance to not only select a career of your choice but he or she should be committed to get excellence in that area, because it is the only thing that can make guarantee success regardless of “scope” and it can keep you in a “wanted” position always regardless of the competition.

Technology based IT and automation industry is still in its beginning and it is seen as providing a very long term scope, but this is not end of the world. Although Technology is a major factor that is driving the career opportunities and opening new dimensions but still there are lot of other area which are do not have a direct impact, there includes:

  • Hotel/Restaurants and other areas related to food chains
  • Dresses/Jewellery and related jobs and business
  • Entertainment industry
  • Automotive industry
  • Cash and carry / grocery
  • Services Industry from construction to saloon


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