Childhood …………….part of happy life

Childhood memories are a treasure to everyone, it is very hard to forget each and every moment that happened during childhood.


Childhood is the best part of life. Everyone loves his or her childhood very much. Its because we have no responsibility during childhood. We just follow our parent’s instructions and give importance to them.

Most of the time we remember our childhood as we have enjoyed alot by playing with our friends and siblings. Many of us waited for the drama “AINAK WALA JIN”. We have also played “BADSHAH WAZEER CHOR SIPAHI GAME” with our classmates and also got punishments from teachers, punished along with our buddies is one of the best part that makes us smile.

Most of us also used to make holes in erasers while thinking intensively,collecting coins,playing with WATERFUL RING TOSS,waiting for WWF and buying magic pencil(having joker on the head) are such memories which we can’t forget.Actually,memories from early childhood are unforgettable.

[pull_quote_right]Elizabeth rightly said, There is a garden in every childhood, an enchanted place where colours are brighter, the air softer and the morning more fragrant than ever again.[/pull_quote_right]

Everyone likes their childhood and wish to go back there. Quarrels with siblings and waiting for turn of playing “BOUNCE” and “SNAKE GAME” in mobiles. Most of us made a kite of paper, i know because i used to make it. Childhood memories are really things that makes us happy and it is heaven on this earth.

Childhood is a part of life that creates beautiful memories. It is the time when everything was pure and simple. We weren’t worried about homework, there was no stress, no need to wakeup early, no exams, no problems in life. When i was little, i used to think that the moon followed me.


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