Common man thoughts on Education system of Pakistan


Today I met a person who is a driver and trying to educate his children in a private school. He was very upset today i asked him what happened dear. and then he burst out and shared with me his feelings about education system of Pakistan. His comments were as follows:

<ol><li>Why we don’t have similar education system in Government and Private Schools?</li><li>
Is there any Institution to monitor exploitation of Private schools?</li><li>
Is education a service to the nation or an industry? where schools owners run three to four different types of business e.g. Uniform Shops, Stationery Shops, and Transportation as well. He further said that this is where private schools exploit us the uniform which is available at a low cost in the market the dedicated shops of schools sell that uniform at a higher cost and we have no choice to buy from open market because of schools logo etc. Same is happening with stationery schools printed stationery is a new trend introduced by private schools and they charge much higher from the open market. additionally those note books are a good marketing tools of schools.</li><li>
Schools Van owners charge for even summer vacations. is this not an exploitation?</li><li>
A country which is facing education emergency, where it is very difficult to convince lower middle class to send their children to schools, If such exploitation continued that our education related indicator will further go down.</li></ol>

He asked me to raise a voice for his issues and request concerned quarters to look into this serious matter of general public.

[quote_center]By using social media forum I am requesting all my friends and family members please do raise your voice, please do write on this issue, please put these issues in the eyes and ears of our policy makers.[/quote_center]


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