Darkness is not black, it is now red

A poem in light of the gruesome and insensitive attack on the school in Peshawar.


They tell me its okay and everything is alright
When all i see is blood and all i feel is fright
I hear them loud and clear saying it will change
But the chaos and pain are now beyond the range
If there was hope, some flicker of light or spark
Then know that for now, for today, it has gone dark
And darkness is not black, it is now red
Because my poor souls, my littles, they have all bled
May be the hope will come back tomorrow or some day
And in between broken-ness, there will be a shine and a ray
But know that, know that in your heart as a mark
That its lost today and it is dark
And tonight when i sleep, there will be no dreams
There will be suffocation as i hear the screams
And i hope you hear them too, yes YOU!
I hope you know what they are going thru
How could you look them in the eye and end that light?!
You cruel person! They were so little, didn’t even have a chance to fight


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