DEMOCRACY, Curse OR Blessing?

political crisis and its solution


Suffering from writer’s block, I realized that the only way to overcome it is to unlatch my laptop’s flap and start typing, but what? I needed a topic and a hot one that deeply relates me, and the people I am constantly surrounded with. I finally started pondering over latest topics, went through gossip columns, celeb magazines but the only topic I could fathom was the one mentioned above.

After weeks of research, I concluded that the place we currently breathe in cannot be referred as a country but a maze with numerous paths and channels. Every individual is walking on a path he finds the most suitable among all. A Country, dear readers, is a place where every person is bound with certain rules which are mandatory to follow or else suffer the punishments laid by the laws but as for our country I never saw a LAW and hardly any punishments. Murderers and Rapists are respectfully released by our courts and when they get tired of pissing their humiliation across the society, they decide to contest for our SO CALLED ELECTIONS and not-so-surprisingly win and end up as our leaders representing the nation internationally.

I thought countless times about the root of our problem and every time I wind up blaming the system. Democracy, my friends, is not the problem. In fact if our country’s system was actually based on true democracy I wouldn’t have ended up writing this article. The problem is this deteriorated, hideous, meaningless and absurd system bended and molded by a minute yet powerful portion of our population, valid enough to fill up their own pockets. M. A Jinnah a.k.a Quaid-e-Azam laid down a structure which suited the country sublimely but somehow we ended up only remembering his date of birth, death and famous quotes while forgetting the vital parts.

Democracy has always been a controversial issue in Pakistan. A wide range of people still believes that democracy is the sole solution of our problem, well let me tell you that a wide portion of our country’s population are maniacs because they never got the awareness to judge what’s best for them and form their opinion accordingly. You all might wonder why, well the answer lies around you folks, cast a glance on our literacy rate and I bet you’ll know why.

Our politicians and analysts don’t get this simple thing that in order to make Democracy bear fruits we’ll have to educate. Let’s take a very common example; if 10 illiterate men are asked to choose a leader among them they’ll end up making the most illiterate of them their leader and that is exactly what our problem is.

Dear readers, let’s not forget the sole purpose which backed the creation of our country. Islam was the solitary motive behind the creation of Pakistan, and it is our responsibility to ensure that any system introduced in this land does not contradict the teachings of our religion. And as far as my memory and knowledge serves me, our Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H) was not a democrat but a socialist. I know that right now the incident of Battle of Ahzab (khandaq) might have floated up to your minds and I am please to clear the false mess in your heads that have been leading you astray for long.

Dear readers, just before the Battle of khandaq, our Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H) announced that the Muslim soldiers will face the Quraish outside Medina but many companions including Hazrat Omar and Hazrat Ali wanted to fight the enemies inside medina ensuring its (Medina) safety. When an argument arose, our Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H) decided to carry out a referendum. Now most people believe that every single person participated in this referendum which is untrue, only learned companions of the Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H) were allowed to put forward their opinion and when the majority favored in facing the enemy inside medina Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H) agreed to this decision.

Dear readers’, running a country is not an easy job to do, specially a country like Pakistan whose geographic and strategic position is mouth watering. And if this decision is given to a bunch of people, literate enough to write their own names, then only Allah knows what future holds for this land.

Recent political crisis in Pakistan did a great deal to support my argument since our highly esteemed and literate political leaders put forward such assertions that made our country’s leadership standards crystal clear. A little while back I overheard a political debate on TV where an MNA (not mentioning any name) argued that he signifies the fact that elections 2013 were rigged but he will stand beside the government to safeguard democracy. This clearly shows why the word democracy holds such significance for our politicians. They solely use this word to fulfill their own wants and widely neglecting the poor and needy.

Dear Friends, by writing this article I don’t intend to hurt or accuse anyone but to throw a spotlight on some vital and basic aspects of our country’s issues and its solutions. I hope you all enjoyed reading it and somehow convinced by my arguments and if not I hope you find the answers you all are looking for.


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