Dire need of Parental Counseling needed in Pakistan

Children become what they see. If they are violent or if they are replying back with harsh words it’s because you provoked them to do so!


Teenagers these days seems frustrated and angry, nobody recognizes the noise behind them. Do you know why each of them is called fanatics? Does anyone care why they are so rebellious? Why do they lock themselves up in the room?

It’s my due request to all parents; don’t give a birth to kid unless you’re not ready to give him a proper brought up. Gen Y is totally different from the generation born 20 years ago, they won’t take your shut up call, they will test their freedom and will show you what worse they can do. It starts from childhood, a mother is always concerned about what her child would eat, what he would study, but she would not see how he feels. Children are forever the reflection of their childhood and teenage phase; it’s hence important to tell them what is right and wrong and must list out all reasons why one should not go for wrong options and why truth is more beautiful.

Children counselingJob description of parents is something to watch out, the world has evolved technology, teenagers have different lifestyle, and they have got different activities to engage themselves, they have different thoughts about different issues. Most of the time children are neglected by their parents because of continuous comparisons, it is really frustrating for a teenager who thinks that his dignity is all based on his grades he scores, and the way her parents compare him from his cousins makes him hate his cousins even more. Have you ever realized it why it is so hard for a teenager to cope up in a mundane routine? That’s because one lacks self identity and worth! Have you ever told your daughter that she is the prettiest girl she ever saw? Or have you told her that she is brave enough to fight with everything? Have you ever been her support? Picking up a toddler from the floor after he gets tripped is not what we call support, giving them confidence to cope up with emotional downfall is what one could define support. It’s sad to see girls being quite about child abuse; up to 90% of the children doesn’t share these complications with their parents.

True parent live with their children’s dreams, they support them, they are like their best friends, have you ever noticed why do they prefer smoking and drugs? That’s because they lack social acceptance, they don’t have any identity, and they find recognition among friends by doing odd things. Our teenagers are confused as hell! They have no passion points at all, that’s because they lack options and chances to explore the world, we give them limited options to look after, and parents also choose the level of freedom for their children on their own? What horrible life one could live if his or her freedom is decided by third party?

Girls here are stopped to go out for a walk; they are not allowed to attend weddings of their friends or any other hangout, why? Because, it’s not suitable for a girl who belongs to a respectful family to go out this much frequently? But it is completely okay for a boy to step out of home without seeking permission and he can stay out all night smoke joint and you will never know about it, seriously? Mind slavery is reaching at its peak; we are still living under the fear of “log kya kahaingay?” We blame our kids for their genders; we discriminate them and divide roles and reward them accordingly. Why don’t we stop believing that living with restriction is the right way to live, why can’t we just live in the moment with our kids and form a friendly bond with them so that they could tell you about their fears and agony, it is not easy for a teenager to manage his physical and mental changes, he gets exposure towards different things, which gives them some harsh reality checks about ugly truth existing in our society. Break ups and betrayal by friends shatters them the most, nothing else in the world seems much more depressing than this one. It is the time when parent should sit with them as a friend and listen to them, because basic problem with teenagers is nobody understands them truly, thus t is the time to break the mirror, and one should move and take initiative and go beyond one word answers. Don’t make them hate you, make them love you so that they never leave you again. Speaking about being friendly and open minded I truly do not mean that parent should be liberal enough to give extra ordinary freedom to their children, it’s just that one should tell them about morality and fine line between right and wrong, and why one should always choose the right option.[pull_quote_right]Namrah Sikander, Age 22
from IoBM(Institute of Business Management).
Wants to discover advertising and NGOs as a passion point[/pull_quote_right]

It is high time to create proper institute which could teach parents how to deal with their children. One should know how to fill the communication gap. These teenagers are far more advanced than our elders, they know much more about the world, let them speak, let them have a chance to show their own potential, just take off all layers of permission from girls and gave some trust on them and let them step out of their home and follow their dreams, they will surely not disappoint you for being a girl.
By Namrah Sikander


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