Eat Fast, Die Young



This seems to be the prime motto being followed by our generation today. Our lives revolve around eating junk and sadly if it doesn’t stop there won’t be any life to revolve. We wake up to our phones buzzing and ringing in alarm in the morning and we are in a hurry from the second we blink our eyes open. Who has time for a proper breakfast now? Well I’ll get a samosa from the canteen before the lecture, we say and the eggs and milk in the fridge feel neglected once again. Planning to have a good time with friends or family? Well that translates to eating stomachful of junk and adulterated food at a chic restaurant opened this month. It’s a race of who posts more delicious and junkier looking food on Instagram. And with Ramadan on the brink, the additional calories of junk that we add to our diet are limitless.

With the healthy habits that we have endorsed like sitting and using gadgets for hours without moving  and not walking around the block to get a recharge card but using a car or a bike, let me assure you that you are reducing your time on this dear earth. The fats and sugars that you consume from your luxurious food items never gets to burn out and stays inside your body weakening and crippling you from inside slowly. And offcource no meal is complete without a carbonated drink but wait ‘I drink diet soda!’, then I have news for you that it might reduce the sugar but doesn’t reduce the side effects to your kidney and endocrine system. So not only are you increasing your waistline, you are also risking your body metabolism and causing yourself a risk of early kidney and reproductive issues. Not to mention the rotting teeth from all that sugar you’re consuming. Some of us should even blame our bad skin to it.

With the junk like pizza, burgers, fries etc containing cholesterol and saturated fatty acids, we are at higher risk of developing heart problems than ever before. But hey ‘I can’t live without a big Mac and a coke! Maybe I can cut down some of the years in my age.’ Let me help you envision yourself in a few years from now and may be that will make you think the next time you crack open a soda can or take a bite of your delicious Double Decker. Not trying to be a pessimist but for a fact you are going to have early heart problems, with collapsed kidneys, rotted teeth and be infertile and there’s no way that you can avoid it because junk food is your life and exercise is for diabetics right? But that’s okay because with the frequency that you consume soda, diabetes is inevitable and may be then you will consider exercising.

Oh and did I forget to mention that the food which is now your prime diet lacks all the nutrients that you need to stay healthy, fit and you will find yourself chronically fatigued and unable to do the daily tasks. The purpose is not to send you in a depressive state but to give you a wakeup call! Know your body and what it needs. Only you can keep yourself healthy, break the stereotypical youth image of junk consumption and don’t let advertisement of ‘Is main hai kuch baat’ fool you. Choose your food wisely as it will define you in ten years time when you’re either a healthy productive individual to the society or an intubated and medicated heart patient. Develop habit of a morning walk, switch your junk food with a healthy alternative and try to celebrate with a non-food reward with your friends like a healthy sports game. As they say “You are what you eat”, so don’t be fast, cheap, easy or fake. EAT HEALTHY, STAY FIT!


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