Eploring The Soul

Let the ecstatic peace grip your SOUL


We don’t consider but the reality is, there is a difference between expire & old, as close & sealed, as still & doing nothing, as mingle & attend, as reading & learning, as simple & common , as understanding & knowing, as caring & concerning, as observe & keen, as enjoying & celebrating, as emotions & feelings, as distances & separation, as pranking & hurting, as thoughts & memories, as relations & possessions, as wondering & walking, as hiding & avoiding, as winning & conquering, as regrets & disappointments as blue & sky, as real & facts, as missing & lose, as success & excellence, as hope & wish, as free & independent, as complex & difficult.

So sometimes words can act and sometime acts can speak, why we fail to judge the situation or situation is the correct word for all the above feelings? even when the answers lies with in us, so what’s the mess created for all about? let’s conclude things for our better survival, sometimes we feel things closely other time they hurt more even they are apart, may be its all about the aspect of time sometimes its in your favor while the rest its on my side.Then why don’t we act according to our genuine thoughts at times? Huh but above all there is another thing I forget to mention its nothing but fate, sometime its good to express but sometime its good to act wise.

Sometimes we experienced things while the next moment we are the source of getting experienced for someone, Sometimes we do things for the sickness of someone while sometimes we do things to avoid sickness from someone ,is it necessary to live your life for someone? or sometime we prepare ourselves to be lived for someone? Sometime we want to become a part of people we love but the one who cares us, who likes us whose life colorless without us they deserve the best because they love us.

Why we fit ourselves forcefully to someone’s life rather than become a part of someone who desires keep your mind spiritually clean and your heart naturally pure, sometime we move to escape reality other time reality move apart from us and we live in fantasy world, surely we will eternally survive in some other world then why to make a pleasureful journey a complex one, just Make strong spiritual contact and let the ecstatic peace grip your SOUL…


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