Forgive Yourself!

keep doing mistakes, keep learning from them


Dawn of every morning teaches us to give a new start to the continued journey. We need break after every tiring trip, to rejoice and to restore the vitality. Helping us to recollect all the random thoughts and focus our goal. Different tools and practices had been widely practiced and advised to do it. Still we need more.

In the series of expectations starting from others to ourselves – made us forget to breathe deep, feel pleased, reflect the light inside and to express the life within. we even forget that the mistakes we made helped us to reach this status we have. Simultaneously, these mistakes made us strong, more skillful, more intelligent, fairly expert in some tasks, and able to foresee.

Like many of us, while pondering what am I, what I want, achieved, lost or gained, I often forget one thing…. The most powerful and impactful i.e. “Forgiveness for self” Many of us openly forgive people around them; Letting them go … Leaving behind a Lesson for our lives, showing our strength to keep them along with their forgotten past.

Do you feel so strong enough to forgive yourself for anything bad happened in past? If not, then without giving a second chance – you are unknowingly affecting something incomparable and precious for you i.e. your Confidence and Energy.

When mistakes are unforgivable they became crime, locking up all your strengths within. It’s just like carrying out death sentence for your creativity and unique personality traits. At the end making you mentally disturbed, unfocused, unhealthy, and full of confusion with fear to move on.

Let the regrets cleaned out of your heart forever as no one else can do it for you!! This will make you light, bright, confident, strong and even more productive and somewhat perfect. Treat each mistake like a new chapter, read it and close it as the only thing to be kept with you is its MORAL.

So, keep doing mistakes, keep learning from them and set your mind and soul free by forgiveness!!!


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