Fraud Bank transferred of PKR 248,500/-

Fraudulent activities by Bank officers


I, Muhammad Ali having CNIC # 42301-1871216-7 request you to please help me for recovery of Rs.248,500/- which was fraud transferred from my bank account # 13245444 NIB New Challi Branch. Below is the detail all facts that I want to share with you.

I have got a job opportunity on OLX and sent my CV to Mr. Mian Javed. He asked me to make an ID on messenger named ooVoo and then he took an online interview through that messenger and cleared me for the job of an accountant in his hotel named blue star at Barcelona spain.

After interview he told me to make passport and send your passport, CNIC and bank statement. I agree to send all the things and he said he will arrange ticket and visa for me.

After that he asked to open an account either in NIB bank or in Soneri Bank and said to arrange closing balance of Rs.500,000/-  so that he can make my strong statement for visa process. He also gave me contact numbers of those persons who were his representatives in Pakistan, their name and number are Mr. Muhammad Salman contact # 0342-2881519 and Mr.Ali Raza contact # 03124163754. Both were in touch with me for making my bank statement.

Next day he said to open an account specifically in NIB and I have done the same and deposited Rs.1,000/- as initial deposit. For closing balance I asked one of my friend to please give me some amount for closing balance and he arranged Rs.300,000/- and I immediately deposited the same in NIB at January 20, 2014.

Now at the time of opening my bank account I have instructed the bank very clearly that I don’t need internet banking for any transaction and they also agreed that you can check your form there is no tick on internet banking.

The same day when I deposited the amount I got a message from NIB at 1:00 AM that you are successfully logged in through internet banking, at same time I got another message that your IPin transaction code is ****. After one hour I got 3rd message at 2:00 AM that you are successfully logged in through internet banking. These total three messages that I received from NIB and then early morning I called to bank and asked my balance, they reported that your closing balance is Rs.52,000/- I asked about my remaining amount they said you have done two online transaction of Rs.200,000/- and Rs.48,500/- at 1:00AM and 2:00AM respectively. I immediately reached to bank and asked for detail.

They provided me my bank statement in which two transactions was held as mentioned above. I asked bank officials to stop this transaction or reverse it or stop the transaction of that account in which fund is transferred, then they demanded my request in written and I provided that request in written and got receiving from NIB.

After two days NIB called me at their head office where I met from Mr. Salman and Mr. Shams both are investigation officers, they told me that NIB has been sent 14 messages to your number from which 10 were transaction IPin codes but I received only 3 messages from which only one was transaction IPin Code. I told them to show me my number and all those 14 messages which were sent by NIB at my number, they refused to show me that detail. I asked them give something in writing but they again refused my request. Further they guided me that for every transaction and for activation of internet banking every time you will get new IPIN for performing online activities but I didn’t get these IPIN Codes. Furthermore when they provided me detail of the account in which fund was transferred, I inquired HBL and I have got information of that account from HBL that all money is transferred from that account too.

From that onwards I m continuously keep in touch with NIB but there is no response from their side.  One of their group member arrested and his story published on Ummat NewsPaperL

Muhammad Ali

KE 3586 6/5 4B New Basti Dehli Colony Clifton 

Cell: +92346-2773077


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