Youth perspective on Karachi Airport Attack


As the situation of the country changes my phone starts buzzing and my WhatsApp gets flooded. It’s true that everybody has their own views and opinions but what pisses me off is the fact that every other person I talk to has his or her own set of facts. One set of facts differs from the next I get to listen to.

Initially, it was hard to gulp down a torrent of facts all at once, but I soon realized all my WhatsApp conversations consisted of Perspectives, not facts!

Our youth has started feeding on perspectives, I’m not sure if it’s something good or bad, but by the look of it I feel sorry for people like me who are denied the truth. Which leaves us in a mess; thus we spend hours on social media and try to clean the mess we’re in by taking over arguments and trying to certify our individual perspectives. Which eventually leaves us with no time to contemplate over what we’re actually going through. This life of perspective is different for everybody, and thus further creates a colossal divide among us.

The cream of this nation needs to pop their bubbles of perspective, majorly because we have enough thinkers, speakers, bloggers and self proclaimed journalists. It’s time to stop talking and start searching for the truth, the thickly veiled truth; the truth that is screaming out to us. It is not about opening our eyes, it about focusing. We play games. Games of Perspective, games of blame, games of hide & seek. We burn. We scream. We shout. We shut down. We argue. We point. And at the end of the entire drama, we move on; we move on with our pathetic lives and pitiful perspectives.

I don’t know if this nation would ever get hold of the truth, whether it is the ‘TTP’, the so called ‘Modi Sarkar’, ‘Amreeka’, ‘Imran Khan’, ‘Jang Group’, or the other common round table conflicting issues. All I know is that our enemies feast on our differences and we have to make them starve to death!


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