Global Zero’s zero tolerance for Nukes

International Day for Elimination of Nuclear Weapons across the World


Global Zero voiced its opinion on the account of International Day for Elimination of Nuclear Weapons across the World on 26th September 2014.

With the presence of 16,000 nuclear weapons in the world, capable of devastating impacts, can we really breathe a sigh of relief, contentment and peace? In 1948, the first atomic bombings on Hiroshima and Nagasaki wiped out more 200,000 people in a moment and left behind lasting effects for the generations to come. With the advancement of Technology, such weapons are capable of 100 times more destruction; imagine if a single one were to be detonated in a populous city. The destruction will be of such magnanimity that the Japan atomic bombings would be dwarfed.

This leads us to the false sense of security that we depend on through such weapons; this security is so fragile that one does not even need such a weapon to bring the house of cards down. It is ridiculous to hold other nations hostage and expect to achieve peace and be able to resolve the conflicts. Just like my holding a dagger to your throat and expecting you to shower me with roses. This is fundamentally, logically and rationally wrong. Nuclear weapons promise no security what so ever.

In today’s world where several millions of people suffer globally and lack the basic necessities of life globally, is it not a waste of resources to depend on, develop and pursue such delusional ideas of security?  With these weapons the countries seek perhaps to become the “bullies” who get to have all the lunch from each kid in the school, but it is only natural for the bully to be the most hated person around as well. But sadly, this league of ‘Nuclear Super Power’ seems to be more important than ‘global security’ for the sake of (delusion of) ‘National Security’.

With conflicts between such powers on the rise, the Prime Ministers of both the states (India and Pakistan) are urged to seek a peaceful resolution and the Presidents of the “Super Powers” need to revisit the chapters where they, being the champions of “world peace” were supposed to dismantle such armaments and contribute to world peace through the only right way there is.

In my opinion it is due time that serious steps were taken for the eradication of nuclear technology from the world for the arsenals and weaponry and its use be restricted  only for the positive ends of this knowledge.

Global Zero is observing the Disarmament Week 2014 from 27th to 31st October; focusing on professionals, families, athletes, professors, politicians and friends for Global Zero.


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