Green wave

Its been rightly quoted 'sound mind has sound body


Undoubtedly a healthy environment is a basic need to survive robustly . We often show our less concern towards fresh surroundings . unfortunately some might find firmly agree that environment is less important than economy if that so then count the money while holding breath . Now let’s surf a slot on how we treat this vital blessing , if something we own we admire how we show care towards ? Indeed behaviours are the reflections of living this same trait aligned with our environment which depends on us much we depends on it .

Nature is a vital blessing for mankind and such bounty never take for granted . We should try not to spoil it by any means and acknowledge our generation to do the same  because this might indicate our sence of duty as its starts privately and ends socially  why we feel shy to take an initiative regarding better mindset and prosperity , or all these benefits relates to some other living being ? if that so then probably it’s our turn to play the part regardless of expecting .


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