Hamid Mir: your sister, Amna, is calling


Amna Masood Janjua is the ray of hope and icon of struggle for families of thousands of missing persons who are abducted and held without trial and without informing their loved ones. She was beaten up, dragged and thrashed in front of the Parliament with her hijab taken off as cameras flashed and millions of stunned people watched this live on their TVs. Geo was the first channel to show this torture as live broadcast. It was not Indian army, thrashing and stripping hijab of a Muslim lady, but this was our own beloved Pakistani security forces who expect every Pakistanis to love them.

Love cannot be commanded by uniform. It comes from the mutual love and respect. Instead of protecting its citizens, our security forces abduct them, forcefully disappear them and then beat and arrest the aggrieved families on the streets to silence their dissenting voices. And then men in uniform expect love and respect? My heart cries for Hamid Mir. Has he been here, he must have been standing tall with his crew amid baton charge and tear gas and would have again exposed the plight of missing persons families to the whole world.

Amna was tear gassed but I cannot hold my tears sitting in front of TV. May Allah bless Amina and Hamid Mir, our prayers are with you.



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