Hireonic – a solution disrupting the recruitment process launched at FAST

HIREONIC is an innovative online platform to serve the job market needs for computer science talent by creating a pool of highly qualified candidates, pre-tested for their qualifications and certifications


Fouzia is an HR manager and her daily routine revolves around flipping through resumes to match the candidates to the right vacancies. Ahmed is a final year coputer sciences student who is struggling to find his dream job.

A year ago, three final year students of FAST – NUCES, Talha Yasin, Umair Khatri and Usama Noman saw these two pain points and could relate to the problem on both sides of the table. As young entrepreneurs, they knew the problems the recruiter faced quite well, and as recent graduates themselves, they understood the troubles their batchmates had to go through to find appropriate jobs. This led the trio to transform their final year project into a business venture, thereby giving life to HIREONIC

[pull_quote_right]The start up is currently incubated at The Nest i/o, P@SHA’s tech incubator in partnership with Google for Entrepreneurs and Samsung, with a supporting grant from the US State Department. The Nest i/o proves to be a buzzing playground for the technology startups, providing them access to a network of entrepreneurs, established partners, angel investors, thought leaders, and industry stalwarts.[/pull_quote_right]

The venture’s mission is to streamline the job search and hiring process by connecting professionals and graduates to employers, acting as a key catalyst in driving Pakistan’s best computer science talent to leading software houses and corporations. The website functions as a series of qualification and logical tests culminating into interviews that candidates can register for free of cost. The prospective employers will then be able to see the pool of successful candidates prescreened for their aptitude and qualifications, and eventually find the right match

The founders of Hireonic feel that the venture makes a substantial difference to the ever-changing employment landscape. “Our innovative model reduces delays in hiring, creates transparency, and is available to the candidates free of charge. We are currently in talks with major software houses and corporations such as Systems Limited, TCS, Streebo, and Wavetec to take them on board.”
It has never been easier to get noticed and hired. All you have to do to get your dream job is to get registered on hireonic.com, appear for a series of tests to gauge your potential in the technology industry, and wait for the best opportunity to knock on your door


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