Importance of early child education

Awareness of early child development.


First idea regarding this massive note is that the early years defined as from zero to age eight these are the building blocks of lifelong. Moreover researchers have learnt that human brain developed the vast majority of its neutrons and is at its most receptive of learning in fact the intake of new information is critical to the formation of active neutral pathways, moreover it’s the well known fact that the first two years of schooling plays a constructive part . This improves the efficiency of the schooling and saves money by reducing repetitions and early dropouts and also enhancing completion rates and achievements.

At actual level early years of schooling develops early sense of fluent reading , calculations , problem solving and think critically.There should be expansion of quality for early child education programs marginally. Preschool has an integral part of education systems globally.

These quality education program are must be operated by trained professionals this is the reason why Montessori Teacher Training Programs are introducing world wide for the awareness of early child development. Early grade investment will improve learning outcomes and efficiency at every level of education systems . Education reform shows that children enrolled in these programs are more behaved and occupy higher scores of IQ. Likewise it’s shown that children enrolled in Head start programs learns quicker than children not enrolled in these programs.

Moreover, its the natural phenomenon among children that they learn more intellectually along with physical activities and this will systemically provide in day care centers . Although infants always prefer that they possess the quality time from their parents’ routine .

The research detailing these benefits was completed during the 80’s. In addition to benefiting children experiencing normal development, it was also shown that children with learning or other physical disabilities benefit immensely from kindergarten education. Also, children with parents highly involved in their kindergarten education do not experience the same positive results from Head Start programs as children coming from homes where it’s not as much an emphasis. Children taught how to speak a second language during their early developmental years are also in a better position to learn English at a young age.

However, there is not one-size fits all instruction best suited for all children. While some children benefit immensely from pre-school, it may not be the best educational setting for other children. In most cases, children benefit most by receiving educational instruction from their parents. Parents must evaluate a child’s unique personality before determining which program is best suited for a child since not all programs benefit children the same way.

Furthermore this is really wide observation that children with head start programs can enter in their practical phase more intellectually also achieve their goals and set an exemplary lifestyle.


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