Independence Day is fun day for us!

Usually we don’t go with actions instead of a talk guns!


On this auspicious day here is a piece I thought I should share with my people.

As we all know we celebrates 14 august with passion and dedication. When August comes we charge ourselves for an independence day. We talk about how we got Pakistan how our grandparents fought for our mother land and etc etc.

But… I’ve been observing still we only speaks instead of doing or act something original ……!!!

We talk on Electronic media:

On 1st august till 14th on every channels everywhere we see patriotism. National songs, flags, headlines, patriotic news, patriotic programs and etc…

We talk via print media:

On 1st august till 14th in every newspaper we see patriotic pictures, quotes, headlines, news, interviews, short columns or stories about our national heroes and etc…

We talk on social media:

On 1st august till 14th on every Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and everywhere we actively taking apart by postings, quoting, sharing national songs, hashtags and etc.

Likely more ways we celebrates this auspicious day but here are my few questions:

  • Do we really celebrates this day or it’s just a trend to celebrate like other occasions?
  • ·         Are we really united under this flag?
  • ·         Do we follows those points on which we got independence?
  • ·         Do we really think we are playing our part in this so called united country?

And with these basic questions I’ve more to ask but I won’t as I get same cliché replies as we used to.

Because! Usually we don’t go with actions instead of a talk guns!

Yes we celebrates this independence by hanging out and partying all day and night and I’m sure we only take it as a “shugal” week.

I’ve a right to do “Shikwa” to my people that why we have been divided from each other by following different routes for fame? Just because of we see lots of fame there? Why we avoid to do such actions and fulfil that causes behind the creation of this land.

Have you read Iqbal? Here are just 2 quotes in thousands I thought I should share.

He says:

“Rise, for a new age dawns; your era begins in East and West”

He was quoting about new era in which we are suffering the same differences we had before the separation. How can we fulfil his dreams? By following these so called ridiculous trends?

One more quote from Sir, Iqbal:

“Whatever the eye is seeing cannot be described by the lips, I am lost in amazement as to what the world will become! The night will eventually disappear by sun’s appearance! This garden will be filled with Light of Tauhid (Oneness of God)”

When I was reading these lines and thinking that Mr. Iqbal was quoting Islam and predicting about our current scenario. But unfortunately we couldn’t reach his dreams yet! And acting as a joker by celebrating this auspicious day with trending and avoiding to do such acts Pakistan formed for.

Please be original!! Let the time begin… Play your to part to make this land original. Don’t just celebrate or ridicule these precious days with your fun but celebrate every day as an independence day and do something original for this mother land. Our grandparents fought for this land not for our fun. Please live and let the others live with originality.

If we want our Jinnah’s Pakistan so, only we have to be united by being original instead of dividing in different groups.

Last but not the least feel that patriotism like those people who fought for this land.

Please for God sake!

In the end A Very Happy Independence Day to all J

Pakistan Zindabad !


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