JI, PTI rated as most Democrated Parties while PML-N, PPP least

In a report published in December 2014 regarding an Assessment of Internal Democracy of Major Political Parties of Pakistan by PILDAT which has been prepared by analysing eight (8) major political parties of Pakistan. The scores assigned to the selected eight political parties, the list of parties in the order of most democratic to least democratic include the JI (56%), the PTI (49%), the ANP (46%), the JUI-F (43%), the NP (43%), the MQM (42%), the PPP(34%) and the PML-N (32%).

In brief, the Jamaat-e-Islami has been rated as the most democratic party. Apparently, regular party election, regular change in top leadership, lack of dynastic leadership in the party have favoured the party to be rated as the most democratic.


Constitutional provisions and on-ground practices of the 8 parties have been studied by PILDAT
based on thirteen (13) indicators from an indigenously developed Assessment Framework.

However, if we disregard Jamaat because of its unique and somewhat restrictive ways (Limited Membership based on extensive scrutiny; No candidature or election campaigns allowed during party election etc.), the PTI emerges as the most democratic party. Open and keenly contested party election at all levels in 2012-2013 and regular core committee meetings have apparently favoured PTI to become the second most democratic party.

[quote_box_right]PILDAT is an independent, non-partisan and not-for-profit indigenous research and training institution with the mission to strengthen democracy and democratic institutions in Pakistan[/quote_box_right]

In a relative sense, the PML-N has been rated as the least democratic party followed by the PPP which is rated as the second least democratic party among the eight parties evaluated. Lack of regular party election, lack of regular meetings of party bodies such as CWC and NC, visible trends of dynastic party leadership and no change in top party leadership for the last many years seem to be the factors which adversely affected the democratic credentials of PML-N. Almost similar factors impacted the democratic credentials of the PPP.

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