now, no more those heavy ugly glasses in my life.


Hey where are your glasses? Have you got contacts? Said my friend. No! I have undergone Lasik surgery couple of month ago, and now, no more those heavy ugly glasses in my life.

This is the most common conversation I am having these days between my relatives and me and with those who are seeing me after couple of weeks.

Most of the people who already aware of the Lasik eye surgery might not found this article interesting, but I would recommend to continue reading my article who really wish to look the whole bright world without their expensive and heavy glasses with huge number in nearsightedness or in farsightedness.

Few months ago, I was a person wearing glasses with number of minus eight (-8.00) both eyes. And my glasses are horribly getting thicker and thicker since I started wearing glasses with a number, minus five (-5.00). I have this wish that someday I woke up and see the whole world with my naked eyes crystal clear. And suddenly my wish came true. How?

Yes Lasik eye treatment. I first heard of it two years ago, but at that time my parents were not confident enough to underwent this surgery as they thought in Pakistan this surgery may not be reliable enough, or they have not seen any successful case in their entire life.

Luckily, in early 2014 I met after eight years to my friend travelling from Australia to Pakistan after a long time without glasses, I saw him and we had a similar conversation, he told me that he got Lasik. And I felt an enthusiasm in myself to go for it and the biggest news for me is that he got Lasik from Karachi, Pakistan. The city I live in. I took the address of the eye surgeon, contact him the next day, set the appointment, and here I am writing this article with my lovely big eyes without glasses.

Guys trust me; it is the biggest thing in my live, no more glasses, and your life changes.

For those who want to know what Lasik is, I am going to write a brief detail about it and its procedure.

Lasik is more than 20 years old technology and it is most common in USA and Europe, however it is very expensive there. In Pakistan, it is not much expensive as compare to other countries; in fact it is cheapest here.

It is a normal 3 visits procedure. In your first visit, you will be undergone a Lasik eligibility test, that will take hardly 30 minutes.

Doctor will dilute your pupil by pouring some drops in the eyes, after 20 minutes your pupil will dilute. Doctor will examine your eyes either you are eligible or not? And you will be asked to go home in any case.

If your are a healthy person age between 24 – 30, 95% chances are you will be eligible for it, as in this age your cornea health is not much compromised, but there are other factors too, which your doctor will tell you.

If you are eligible doctor will set the date of surgery with you. On the day of surgery, doctor will confirm your cornea health and perform the surgery, which will hardly take around 20 minutes for both eyes. And Bam! You can see every thing clear, but, you will be asked to close your eyes for some time at least do not try to read sign boards on the streets while driving back to home of-course with your attendee, you will also be prescribed with some antibiotics and other drops to keep your eyes healthy.

Doctor will ask you to re-visit next day for final checkup. By the time you reach home you might feel some dusty feeling in your eyes, for that doctors suggest patients to have a sound relaxing sleep with eye pads already provided. Next morning when you woke up, you will see everything clear than never before.

That’s it. This is Lasik surgery.

Remember your choice of doctor matters in case of Lasik surgery. Do not get fooled by cheap advertisements. Select the doctor you trust and who is qualified enough to perform such kind of surgeries.

Keep this in mind it is a surgery and every surgery takes time to heal. So recovery period and to become independent from any medicine it will take around 6 months, in which you will be vising your doctor for regular eye check once a month. 6 months is the maximum time to heal, normally people recovered in two months.

For those having high myopia should consider at least once. Those who wants to know about my experience can comment here, I will explain you if you need any help and will share all the information I have regarding this surgery.

At least pass this information to those who are really annoyed by their heavy and ugly plus expensive eyeglasses.

Hope this article will help many.


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