Meet The Wonderful And Marvelous Zuriel Oduwole

Her mission to rebrand remains firm and affirmative


Zuriel Oduwole1Can you remember all the amazing things you accomplished as a child? I bet you’d remember if some of those things were interviewing political leaders, speaking at international conferences, meeting former US president Bill Clinton or filming a documentary, right? Well for 11-year old Zuriel Oduwole, these are just some of the most notable things she can cross off of her bucket list.

Zuriel is an 11 year old American girl of Nigerian and Mauritian descent. She is currently in grade 8, and is working hard to accomplish her academic objectives. In an interview with a BBC Correspondent, she said “My education always comes first, no matter what”. She works very hard to balance her school projects with her extracurricular activities. During her free time, she says “She enjoys nothing more than to play her Nintendo Wii and board games with her family’

Zuriel made history as the youngest person ever to be interviewed by the popular and distinguished magazine, Forbes. Zuriel is more than just a girl with a dream. Zuriel Oduwole2Her motivation to create social change drives her to accomplish many worthy titles. Zuriel can be identified throughout the world as a remarkable youth activist, writer, interviewer, conference speaker and award-winning documentary/film maker. She has interviewed more than 10 current African Presidents. Zuriel is currently travelling the globe campaigning and raising awareness for her social cause ‘Dream Up, Speak Up, Stand Up’, where she inspires young girls to accomplish their mission.  Zuriel’s ‘Dream Up, Speak Up, Stand Up’ campaign is being used as a platform to showcase the influential work Zuriel is involved in around the globe.

Zuriel (which is Hebrew for ‘God is my Rock’) believes that paving the way, she will inspire many young girls to embark on a similar humanitarian journey. Zuriel Oduwole3As a young girl herself, she is concerned of the fact that not every young girl out there has the right to get an education or a chance to fulfill their dreams.

Publicized as the next Oprah Winfrey, Zuriel is committed to rebranding Africa by showing the positive things about the continent, and campaigning for girl’s education. Her mission to rebrand remains firm and affirmative: “When I watch the news, I find that most of the news about Africa was always negative, so I thought I could show something that was positive like a successful revolution”.


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