Oppression or Caution?

you cannot judge anyone by the look on their face


There are good and bad people everywhere. Regardless of the religion, culture and country.

Even in the 21st century there are a million restrictions for the girls in our culture maybe other cultures too. Don’t dress up too nicely or people will think you are flirt, Don’t be outgoing, people will think your character-less. Don’t talk to guys, people will point and whisper behind your back “she’s a slut”. Don’t open your hair, eyes will follow you.. Take care when you go outside you can never trust anyone. you cannot judge anyone by the look on their face or they’re appearance. Although all these things are true, it restrains and limits us from a lot of things…a lot of productive things. Isn’t it everyone’s right to look and feel beautiful…and free? one feels imprisoned and like abilities are going to waste. first you are to go ahead of yourself and build your career and when you are just about to take a step ahead you are asked to stop because it’s suddenly more important what people think about every step you take.

People make up stories and rumors, even if you walk around in an “abaya”.

Stories will be there. it depends on the person listening and his state of mind, his perception, if he believes them or not. Fate is written, The rest you have to strive for. Since birth we do what we are told to do…before we can even say “mama”, our whole career and decisions of our lifetime are made by our elders. As we grow up we are fed the things we are supposed to do and how we are supposed to think, even before we earn to think on our own. It is an irony….that we are about to take only one step on our own, we are asked to stop right there. Maybe because the world has become very cruel and isn’t trustworthy. It’s like asking a kid to stop taking his first step to save him from injuring himself by falling from the stairs. But it feels like all your abilities have been entrapped inside a box, even before they could bloom.

Everything is written in fate. then why are we always so worried.

why do we have to think a 1000 times before taking a small step…even if it’s for the better. Is this what we girls are grown up for? to think as we are told to think and to lock up ourselves even before we can spread our wings..? Either due to shortage of resources…facilities…support circle…its a feeling felt by many.


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