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Data and Design Connect! by Pakathon


Pakathon was launched in 3 cities (Boston, Lahore and Islamabad) in September, where there were 250 + attendees for our events and 30 projects. We partnered with groups from Harvard, MIT, Tufts, BU, Suffolk, Oxfam, HDF, LUMS and NUST, and our panel of judges provided $10K in seed money.

Our mission is to connect entrepreneurs, researchers and technologists from Pakistan to those around the world to create projects and companies that can make an impact. We host events and meet-ups both online and offline to foster these connections because we believe that geographical boundaries should not limit us in realizing projects that can make an impact in Pakistan and the world.

We are now bringing Pakathon to Karachi, Pakistan’s largest city! “We have been working with some of the most prominent public sector organizations over the past few months and are excited to launch the Data and Design Connect! Create a software application for Aman/Civil Hospital to aid hospitals coordinate, help TCF reach schools in remote villages, visualize K-Electric’s theft challenges by using advanced analytics or use design thinking to help NOWPDP make a Pakistan that is accessible for the handicapped

How This Works

1.     Organizations provide us a problem they are facing

2.     The Challenges are publicized through the launch event in Karachi and through our chapters in Pakistan and North America

3.     Judging criteria is:

a) Originality of solution

b) Ease of implementation

c) How well does the project solve the problem?

4.   Winner is finalized by the prescribed deadline and  prizes will be awarded to winning teams!


April 10th– May 9th: Register your team online. The ideal team will have 4-6 people from different backgrounds (technology, design, business, engineering and so on) and from different cities. If you do not have a team, don’t worry; you can use our facebook page to connect with and meet people by listing your idea and the skills you are looking for

Each team needs to have at least one member in Karachi. 

May 10th: Launch event at Aman Tech in Karachi, where representatives from organizations present their problems to all teams in detail and elaborate on judging criteria. Networking after the event, where interdisciplinary team formation will be supported and organization representatives will answer questions. 

May 10th- June 13th: Teams will work on solutions to the problems. There will be opportunities to meet the organizations for assistance throughout the month. Teams with mult-city members should coordinate virtually to collaborate. 

June 14th:Final submissions due. 

June 21st: Closing ceremony, prize distribution and ideas discussion.

Event is open to anyone from any city in the world, but you must have at least one team member in Karachi. 

Registration and details about the challenges can be found here:


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