Peshawar was not the last barrage on humanity

All we cared was our reputation on the internet


It was the night of 16th December last year when most of the people changed their Facebook display pictures to black and wrote aggressive notes on social media and many took part in the candlelight vigils as well. We thought and some believed that people are actually getting aware about the power of unity but unfortunately we were wrong. All they cared about were the likes and comments on their statuses, videos and selfies on social media. Peshawar attack was in top five trends till December 30th. The Christian community didn’t even celebrate Christmas because of Peshawar incident but people who took part in protests and vigils in support of the children died in Peshawar attack were blocked by containers to the Sea Side on new year’s eve but they managed to celebrate it anyway because Happy New Year was the trend those days and they didn’t want to miss any like or comment on their Facebook timelines, twitter accounts and Instagram profiles.

We all have recently seen few pictures of a boy hanging leafless in an Islamic Institution with his hands tied as well. I have no clue about the absence of those people who were bragging about Peshawar attack and about the the public execution of terrorists. News further told that he was a seven year old boy playing in front of his home in the evening when someone abducted him. He was later found in a mosque hanging from a fan on the second floor. Autopsy cleared that the juvenile was raped and then murdered. However Punjab Police have detained the prayer leader of that mosque along with another suspect for further investigation. I have noticed people complaining that the pictures are not so appropriate to share on social media as there are children using these websites too.

I have seen no aggressive notes, no sympathetic quotes on this issue so far. It is either because these hypocrites think that this is a usual thing in Pakistan and they have not even a minimal element of humanity left in them unless their own son or brother become a victim or it is because Imran Khan and Reham Khan’s wedding is much more important than the death of a child. Social media is full of this wedding posts that people don’t even have time to give their opinions on some other issues because this wedding is trending these days and they can’t manage to miss a like or a comment or a share on their post. A little hope that arose in the last ten days of December seems vanishing steadily. I thought we actually cared about humanity but all we cared was our reputation on the internet.


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