Sarsabz o Pursakoon Karachi

Green Karachi, Clean Karachi


Let’s Own Karachi, Be a part of Sarsabz o Pursakoon campaign and identify an area within their jurisdiction where plantation can take place, Whether a large plot school factory community center masjid restaurant, Any place you will be able to monitor growth. Government Will do it on its own lands like parks and roads

They will provide the plants in collaboration with the Forest department so only eco friendly plants are grown in Karachi instead of quick growing but harmful ones like the Conocarpus you see all around
Government’s commitment is sourcing the right plants and civil society will play their role by planting them in the areas band taking care of them.

We have seen the wasted tree plantation schemes of government when it does not involve the citizens, No one takes care, That’s why they are calling on youth groups and communities to take part in an activity of which they will be the ultimate beneficiaries.

This is not just a campaign with a photo sessions but with long term positive results for our city.


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