Self Reflection: A healthy Habit

Seek knowledge from within you


How often do we find time for our own selves in our busy lives? In trying to observe and understand everything around us what we neglect is our self, a little me time can help make up for it. Solitude awakens the soul, enlightens the darkest part of you. It brings you light in places where you are dark, like you have just been a flying speck and suddenly it kindles the fire in you and makes you a firefly that burns from within.  Like a candle enlightening a dark room, it brings the frozen parts of you warmth and blows cool breezes into the parts where you have been burning.

The goal is not to seclude one’s self from company altogether, but to find a balance between getting to know others and getting to know your own self. Most of us are scared of being alone because when you’re alone and not talking to others and discovering them, we are compelled to know and discover ourselves and all the angels and demons inside of us. Those demons are what scare us but there’s no real victory if you don’t conquer your fears like Plato once said “For a man to conquer himself is the first and noblest of all victories”.

If you want to be ‘someone’, get busy but if you want to be ‘yourself’, stop right before getting busy and look into you. Finish the battles inside of you before you rage war against the foes of the rest of the world.

Give yourself time, even if it is less in quantity, infrequent or hard. No matter how much you think you’re sinking, you will come out of it a warrior if not a champion and a warrior is better than a coward.

Seek knowledge from within you; start with yourself and move forward and then no obstacle will look big enough to hinder your way to your share of excellence.


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