The façade

Do you feel what I feel?


I saw his eyes, there was a question

And then I tried to lessen the distance

His eyes asking, ‘do you feel what I feel?’

I closed my eyes and then I felt it for real

The agnony, the pain, the frustration

The tiring nights, the tension, the need for sedation

Th trying, the working hard, doing and hoping

The fear of loosing, the lost cause and smoking

I saw myself burning in the ashes

Experienced the fall from above and how life crashes

Felt the question rising in me, didn’t I work so hard?

Now I cant let anyone see, I have got pain to guard

The smiles to fake, the pride to awake

Yet from inside I know my life is at stake

The show of ‘leave me alone’, m not so weak

But with sorrow, every fibre of the muscles in my body shrieks

I felt it stabbing, the pain stabbing my heart

I looked at him, I felt so scarred


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