The Inspiring Hannah Godefa

"I created a resource mobilization project called Pencil Mountain that has delivered over half a million school resources to Ethiopian children," Hannah Godefa


As a child, have you ever been asked what you wanted to be in the future? Your answer most probably leaned towards ‘To be rich’ or ‘To be a pilot’ or ‘To be successful’ – all short yet very distinct dreams that we all aspire to fulfill.

This young girl was quite different.

You hear about people like her once in a blue moon.

What 16-year old Hannah Godefa wanted to do as a child was improve people’s lives by providing them with basic educational facilities… and indeed she did!

She believes that every child deserves the right to education and more than just believing, she campaigns.

Her most famous campaign ‘Pencil Mountain’ has delivered more than half a million books, pencils and school materials to children in rural Ethiopia. She has been featured on the Huffington post, Ethiopian Press, Global Post, the Guardian and the like.

Hannah has been appointed as UNICEF’s Youth Ambassador for Ethiopia as well as Canada for her remarkable efforts in charity work and various fundraising efforts. She is also been named Goodwill Ambassador of Human rights.

Hannah has met Canada’s prime minister, Stephen Harper and the Ethiopian prime minister, Hailemariam Desalegn. She is an idol to many including myself, and she continues to spread her humanitarian efforts into making this world a better place to live in.

You can contact Hannah Godefa directly on her Facebook page: Hannah Godefa


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