Vices or Virtues! What’s Your Choice?


Few days ago, while watching Boston Legal, I found answer to a very long debate! The debate that what people want?! The topic of this debate keeps on changing on time-to-time basis, for example, some time it becomes ”what women want?” Sometimes it get focused on men i.e. “what men want?” The most discussed and most prevalent one is “what youth wants?” All of these questions have multiple answers but they generally end up in two categories! The answers of first category are: Wealth, Attention, Power, Eye candy, respectively. While the second category answers it like this, Happiness, Loyalty, Affection, Knowledge! You could disagree with both of the point of views. The basis of these points of views are deeply stemmed in human behavior and how we decide what we want to do.

Let me give you guys a scenario, whenever I talk to the producers and/or directors of TV/News channels I always ask them to raise the standard/quality of their programs and the most repeated answer that I get is, “We are delivering what the public wants!” The same thing happens again whenever I ask people in the training and development industry, a.k.a Human Resource Development Industry a.k.a Industrial Psychology sector (the self-proclaimed trainers have no idea about the last two faculties) to keep their projects, programs and/or events ethical, they always come up with the same notion, “this is what public wants!” And by this they mean entertainment!

Entertainment that doesn’t stimulates their senses neither generate higher order thinking, it’s the cheap entertainment that is blocking the intellectual and human development of our society. Bluntly speaking, porn is also entertainment! However, we denounce it! Don’t we? However, we accept cheap jokes and Double entendre to be part of a learning and capacity-building program (i.e. a training or a conference), likewise we allow our politicians to be humiliated, because the anchors think, they are avenging them on behalf of the citizens.

The answer to this stupid notion that, “We deliver what public wants!” People always opt for two things, Cardinal vices, or Cardinal virtues! Vices are always more tempting! Whereas virtues are hard to swallow and even harder to digest! Every man out there wants to watch a girl dancing; even those who denounce it watch it secretly! So is this what you are going to arrange and/or deliver in your program? Whether it is a TV program and/or a conference. By doing so, each and every one who supports it, becomes a supporter of female objectification, such acts create the fallacy of “Eye Candy” which is now unfortunately has become a proper philosophy, followed by PR and HR firms.

Now if you want to act as conscienceless beasts then you are welcome to load your work with vices! You will always attract more and more audience! However, if you want to prove that you are a human then you will pursue and advocate projects that enrich and empower wisdom and intellect instead of just satisfying the carnal self!

The bottom line is stop contaminating the minds of youth with vices in the name of entertainment! Get a life! Get real learning and deliver real content! Content that could be considered a contribution towards the socio-economic development of your community not the other way around!


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